Monday, June 6, 2016

Pics & Videos - May 2, 2016

So this is Brother Randolph.. He is pretty cool! We have been teaching him for the past 4 months but he has been taught for years now. He always has a cigarette and beer in his hand but is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet! I'm going to miss those suspenders!
This is me and the tin man one of the elders named.  Elder Lewis made it for Brother Randolph. Brother Randolph thinks I am Elder Lewis's future wife so he had me sign the tin man and take a picture with it!
My good-bye picture with Nicole and Nathan Acosta! They are the cutest kids in the world!
Saying good  by to Sister Acosta!! I'm going to miss her so much!
Me, Sister Nohns and Jonathan
Sister Nohns and I
Here is a picture of me licking a pan in public while doing service! Haha
Mississippi hillbilly videos
This is the last district photo we took. Elder Bore died this transfer and went home. So we had a funeral!


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