Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! - November 23, 2015

Dearest family!

How are y'all this week? From all the emails it sounds like you are doing great! This week has been a pretty good week. It went by so quickly! It seems like just yesterday that I was emailing you.
So here is my week in a nut shell. 

On Tuesday we had zone conference.  It was up in Gainesville and we had to be there by 7:30. This meant we had to wake up early... I hate doing that! Well both my companions wanted to get up at 5... Let's just say I laid on my bed until 6 and realized we had to leave in 10 minutes! Haha luckily I showered the night before! To top off having to get up early we had to get flu shots at zone conference! Seriously I thought I was going to die! I'm happy to say I only cried a little bit! Haha just kidding!! I'm tuff and I didn't cry at all! It may have been the fact that all the elders were sitting there waiting for their turn after me. I didn't want to look dumb so I held back my tears! Haha 

Zone conference was really good! Most of the trainings were on becoming a consecrated missionary.
I took plenty of good notes! I am actually giving a training tomorrow at our district meeting on becoming a consecrated missionary. I'm not looking forward to it.. But oh well I love doing tuff things! Haha after our district meeting we did trade offs. I was in Ocala with Sister Clemens and Sister Bolos, who is our sister training leader.  Sister McGregor stayed in Gainesville. That was a fun trade off. I was assigned to be the designated driver for the day. Um let's just say, I think my driving could use some improvement. I guess not driving six months will do that to ya! Haha The next day we did trade offs again and this time I went to Gainesville. The ride to Gainesville was ridiculous! It is about a 45 minute drive from Ocala to Gainesville. It took us almost 4 hours to get home!! About 3 miles from our exit we hit traffic because there was a wreck and we got stuck in it for 3 hours! It was a pain! We missed all the appointments for the night on top of that. We left at 5:30 pm from Ocala and made it to Gainesville by 9:22 pm. 

The next day we did some fun things. Well some tuff things and fun things. For exercise they go to the college stadium and run the stairs! Let's just say I thought I might have a heart attack right then! But I survived!  The next tuff thing I was faced with was street contacting or what they like to call turlington.. Basically you go to the campus and there is a section where it is ok to hand out cards and things to people in between classes. Well you basically just do it on your own without your companion and it is just super awkward and intimidating and no one wants to listen to you so you basically just have to chase people down and keep talking while they walk away. Or you get to talk to the few people who do stop and talk but they just want to bible bash you..Haha!  Let's just say I am so glad I don't have to do that on a regular basis! After we did that for about an hour, it was time for the fun! We did service on the campus for I think it was called Stop Hunger or something along the lines of that. We put together meals for the homeless. It was a lot of fun! 

Later that night I came back to Ocala. We had a lesson with Tony. He is still doing great and is so excited to get baptized. After his lesson we always play volleyball! I am really improving my volleyball skills out here. We play on p-days with all the elders and then we play on Thursday nights with the 3 wards.  Let's just say I'm going to come home a volleyball pro!

Friday was weekly planning. It wasn't as bad as last weeks planning but that is probably because this week I just gave up about half way through and left a few blank spots on the schedule... Don't worry though, they are quickly getting filled in as we set return appointments with people! The hardest day to plan this week was Thanksgiving.. Let's just say we will be having a brunch at someone's house around 10. We have a dinner appointment in the 2nd ward at 1. We have a dinner appointment in 1st ward at 2 and then another dinner appointment in 1st ward at 3! Basically I'm going to gain like 100 lbs this Thanksgiving. Everyone wanted to feed the missionaries for Thanksgiving because we are still having people invite us over! 

Oh before I forget, mom I am so happy to hear that you fed the missionaries this past week! I expect you to feed them a lot more!  Like weekly or at least once a month! That goes for everyone who reads this email! I expect all of you to be feeding the missionaries!!

We spent all day Saturday working in the 2nd ward area. We had some members take us out to dinner at a restaurant called Pig and Cattle.  Haha it was so stinkin good! It was a bbq place. I got a rack of ribs and mmmm.... They were delicious! Later that night we went to the church for a "Minute to Win it" night put on by the second ward. It was a lot of fun! They just split us up in teams and had a bunch of "Minute to Win it" games. Of course I got nominated to do the game where you put panty hoes on your head and try to knock down water bottles.  Luckily I dominated at that game and won!

Yesterday we had church. It was good but long. We had to be at church at 7:30 for ward council and then we went to both wards and didn't get done with church until 2! Talk about a lot of church! But I guess that's all I every really do is church things now. I've forgotten what it feels like to just have a normal life! Haha! We had a really good lesson with La'lesha last night. We have been trying to see her a few times a week because she is just going through a lot right now. We showed her the Mormon Message called "Our True Identity" and then we each took a piece of paper and we had Lele write who she thought she was and then we each wrote who we thought she was. It was really good.
It is so sad to see when young girls don't know who they are and just feel alone in the world. We just helped La'lesha know how much we loved her and how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her as well! It was the best!

That's about all we have been doing. Today we went to Goodwill and I bought another outfit. I bought another black skirt and this really ugly pink grandma looking shirt. Mom, I don't even think you would wear it because it is so ugly. But the mission is cracking down on dressing appropriately and so let's just say this little missionary needs some looser shirts.. Haha either that or I have to wear a cardigan with everything and some days it is just too hot for that! It has finally started cooling down these past few days. I think it has finally got in to the 60's and I'm freezing!!

Mom and dad, I've loved getting your quotes every day! They are very inspiring. In fact I was going to use one of them in my training tomorrow! But I loved last nights quote from mom about just being grateful! That was actually my goal for the week was to recognize and be grateful for the blessings I have in my life! I thought I would share a few of them with y'all. I am so grateful that I made the decision a year ago to serve a mission. I never thought I would serve one and I think lots of it was because of pride. I didn't want anyone to think I was going because I was old and couldn't get married but seriously this has been the best decision of my life! I have never grown so much spiritually or emotionally in my life. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the atonement that I can use each and every day to make myself a better person. If it wasn't for the atonement I definitely would not be where I am today! I'm grateful for a loving family who has been so supportive of anything I do. You all have been such wonderful examples to me growing up and I hope y'all know how much I still look up to each one of you! I'm grateful for the best parents I could ever ask for! I am grateful for the nightly emails I get from you everyday full of love and support!
And I am so grateful to know that you will be there for me no matter what! Well my list could go on and on but I am tired of emailing so I am going to stop.. Haha Have a wonderful week! I love you all!

Sister Webb

P.S. Only like 4 weeks and I get to talk to y'all!!! :)

Pictures & video - November 23, 2015

My Flu Shot
We are at a Asian noodle house. It was interesting.. This was my food.
Here is the "Minute To Win It" game I played!
This is how we always get through weekly planning... Food and laughing so hard because of our ridiculous faces!
These are the pictures of my zone!

6 months down!!! I'll be home next year!! - November 16, 2015

Dear fam-bam,
I am doing good.. Physically I am good, mentally I am good, emotionally I am good. Well that about sums it up..

I hope y'all enjoy all the dumb videos I sent home. This week I made sure they were all short enough to send! I am so sad that last weeks didn't get to send. I will have to send home my usb with all my pictures and videos on them soon so yous can see them! 

Well this week has been quite an interesting week being in a trio... Like I said last week we have to cover both wards now which means we are covering all of Ocala which is huge!!! But the good thing is we have the car full time and with covering both wards we are being fed basically every night this transfer! And lots of our dinner appointments were double booked so we moved them to lunch appointments! I've hit the jack pot in the food department! Haha 

So our new companion is Sister Clemens. She is 19 and is from LeGrand Oregon. She is pretty quiet and keeps to herself most of the time so it may be slightly hard for her because she has two loud mouths for companions.. Haha but we have been doing our best to include her in everything!

It's finally starting to get cold here. It's usually in the 80's during the days now but it cools down to the 60's at night which is freezing!! I may need to buy some tights soon! I sleep in sweats now!

Um basically this week we spend all day Wednesday moving Sister Clemens things from her apartment to ours. It was long and boring.  Thank goodness for Brother Tompkins and his son Jack who helped us move her bed!

On Thursday we had an awesome lesson with Tony.  He is so solid! He has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and has been praying to find his answer! He can't wait to be baptized and loves every lesson we have with him! He always comes with a ton of great questions too! This week we taught the plan of salvation and it was just so good! Brother Tompkins was able to come teach with us as well! He is just awesome!

Mom and dad, you better email him back!! Oh and by the way. He is not the ward mission leader. He is just basically the best member here in Ocala! Him and his family are amazing! Anyways, after our lesson we played some volleyball. It was awesome! We have gotten so many people to come out and play on Thursday nights that we now have 4 teams and each time it just keeps getting more and more people! It's the best!!

On Friday we had weekly planning. It was a killer to get everything all planned so we could cover both wards and use our miles effectively. It was so stressful that I ended up eating lots of candy to get through it! Haha later that night we went to a less actives house in the 2nd ward and it was quite the lesson! First off we had the lesson in the dark.. Secondly her house smelled of pee... And finally about half way through the lesson Sister Clemens flicks something off of my skirt and instantly I knew it was a roach!!  Ahhhh!!! I was dying! At one point the lady walked out of the room and I instantly just jumped up and started freaking out! Haha quite an experience!

Saturday we had stake conference. It was good. It was up in Gainesville. We road with the Tompkins and after that they took us out for pizza! Mmmm! I sent a video home about that though.. Haha Sunday was also stake conference so we went back up to Gainesville.  

Gainesville is about an hours drive from Ocala. So we have to bum rides off of the members to save miles on the car. This time we rode with the ward mission leader and his wife, the Voyles! They are great!

Well, that basically sums up the week! Nothing to exciting happened. I hope y'all enjoy my videos and my pictures! I can't wait to hear from y'all soon! This week we should have lots of adventures! We are going up to Gainesville tomorrow for our zone conference. We have to leave at 6:30 though!! Kill me now!  That means I will have to get up at 5:30!! As you may have been able to tell from my pictures I have become very lazy in getting ready and I mostly wear buns because I would rather lay in bed in the morning keeping warm than to get ready.

I may need to get my priorities straight! Haha Anyways, have a wonderful week! I love you all and miss you like crazy! Only like 5 1/2 weeks and I get to talk to yous!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

Love yous!
Sister Webb

Ps.. I made it six months!!!! Whoooo!!!!!

Pictures - November 16, 2015

This is what depression looks like... I pretended to be depressed at the beginning of the week..
Me eating Wendy's before our nightly devotional on Tuesday.
I needed some whip cream after that.
I ate my pumpkin pie cake for breakfast.
I like to eat in bed sometimes as well. This was the other morning when I woke up starving and needed a piece of bread! Haha
This is us eating our 10:30 snack on the floor and waiting for our cake to bake!
There is something missing from this Christmas picture... Oh right, there is no snow! Christmas can't happen with no snow!! But look how big this tree is!!

We went to Burger King and I made them get hats! Haha of course we had to get a picture of it!

This is what I call comp. unity! We all matched for stake conference!
:) we are so cute!!
Look at the size of that leaf!! It's as big as me!!
Sister McGregor and me taking our glamour shots!
We just like to be fools and mess around. Look I'm a walrus! Haha

Videos - November 16, 2015

This is a lovely video of the skirts and shoes I got last p-day! I may be a slight shopaholic... I feel as if I need to buy something new every week.. Haha it's becoming a problem!
This video is one sister McGregor made on Tuesday night. I was doing our first nightly devotional and I was going to sing a song but I couldn't ever get it right! Haha
This is an explanation of why I am getting fat. It's 10:30 and I am eating food, not to mention I had Wendy's like 2 hours earlier.. And we are baking food on top of that! We are fat! This we min and sister mcgregors last night just the two of us..
This video is just us being dumb before bed!
This is what it looks like when you are lacking sleep and you are pretending to be black! We think we are pretty funny!
This is a video to make Racheal feel better about being pregnant. I think I am bigger then her! We eat so good here!!
This is a video of me jammin out to my apostate music in the car..  Although I totally mucked it up because I was on the wrong verse..Haha don't judge my amazing singing skills!
This is the final video of the week. We came out one morning and there was just a crane chilling on our car! Haha it really freaked me out!

Sorry all my videos were kinda dumb. I think they are funny! We watch them almost every night and just die laughing! Haha

Fam Bam! - November 10, 2015

Hello my wonderful family!
So this email is going to be pretty short because Sister McGregor and I decided to record videos every night for y'all so that you would know all about our day and what has been happening here in Ocala. I hope y'all enjoy them. We had a blast making them and laughed so much that we cried! This is a daily occurrence with us though. When ever we have a bad day we just pull out our funny videos and just watch them and laugh, it always makes things better! They also have been keeping us up way past bed time... Our bad! We just get laughing and next thing we know it's super late!

So transfers happened. I am happy to report that I will be staying here in Ocala with Sister McGregor! Yay!! Heavenly Father does answer prayers! Haha not only will we be staying here in Ocala we will be covering Ocala 1st and 2nd ward! What!!? And we will be in a trio..
What!!!? Sister Clemens who is currently serving in Ocala 2nd ward will be joining us because we are one sister short in the mission right now.. Hopefully it will be a good transfer and we can all become best buds! At least that is what I am crossing my fingers for! Good news is we will have a car full time! Yay! Finally no more biking and walking! Although I may still need that so I don't get fat! Haha!  Not to much has happened. 

We set a baptism date with Tony our investigator! Yay!!! We set it for December 12th! So pray that we can keep this date! I sent a video about this already so I won't say to much about it.

Um, I also sent a video about this dog named bug... Hahaha you'll all laugh when you see the video! Anyways, he lives in our complex and in the mornings while we are studying he comes past our back porch and we like to tap the glass and scare him! These are the lamest stories in my email this week but once you all watch the videos you get the good stories.

So I also sent you a video of us pretending to make cookies.. Yeah, we like to make the elders think we can cook so we always give them treats members give us or this time we got cookies from the store and gave to them! Haha we are the best sisters ever and all the elders just love us!

We have been doing service every Thursday now for a place called interfaith. It's an organization that helps out the poor and homeless.  They give out food and clothes and  other things. It has been real nice serving there. That was where we got our cookies from this week!  Haha

That's about all I have to say because my videos say it all. Hopefully they all send cause they are hilarious! I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I can't wait to hear from y'all and get more letters! I really appreciate all the letters I get! Lately none of them have been from family... What is this?!

Anyways, love you all! Miss you! Stay safe and make good choices!
Love your favorite missionary!
Sister Webb

Pictures - November 10, 2015

We were so happy we achieved all but one goal!
Our District
 Sugar glider fun!!
 It's a baby sugar glider!! I want one so bad!!
It started moving and was really scary!
Pig tail party!!
Our yummy cookies we pretended to make for the elders! Haha
Bed time photo

Videos - November 10, 2015

Bun day
Our Bug
The second half our our bug video because it was getting too long.
Sister Nay spent the day with us. This is what we did after our studies! We sure love our Nutella and Oreos!
Our "homemade" cookies! We really got them from the homeless shelter we volunteer at! I think the homeless eat nicer then me!
Our magic trick which I couldn't do... Haha

Monday, November 2, 2015

Soaking up the sun and laughing the days away! - November 2, 2015

So first off our two baptism dates dropped us this week! That was a bummer! But oh well! I already am over it! I'm glad to hear that y'all are having a good week and that you had a fun Halloween!

So here is a funny story for y'all. It happened last Monday night.  This just shows the dumb things Sister McGregor and I do together all the time. So Monday night we are so excited because we just did a golden hour and I don't remember if I told you about our reward system for golden hours or not but I will tell you now. So if we do a golden hour which is knocking doors for an hour. We get to reward ourselves with ice cream! If we fail to do a golden hour we have to wake up 30 minutes early, at 6:00, and go running for an hour instead of just exercising for 30 minutes. Anyways, back to my story. We were so excited that we had just done a golden hour so we were riding to Wendy's to get ourselves a frosty. Well we are laughing and joking around and we see this lady sitting on the corner on the curb. All our windows are up and we are joking and Sister McGregor yells out, "Hey, do you want to be baptized?" Of course this lady can't hear us and we just think we are so funny. Well apparently the wheel had started to turn at this point and we basically just run on top of the gutter...Haha our bad! We are in complete panic but decide we still need a frosty and we will check the damages of the car later. We get our frostys and totally forget to check the car to see what damage we caused and just went straight inside for the night. The next morning we come out and are trying to hurry because we are running late to district meeting. Well I am backing the car and when I go to get in I notice that the front tire on my side looks kinda funny. I then realize that we are missing a hubcap.. Haha so I calmly open the door and say, "ummm... We are missing a hub cap!" Haha we then start panicking and we have to drive back to Wendy's to see if it is still there and hope it is in once piece, if it is there. We were so worried that we would have to call president and explain that we lost a hubcap because we were trying to invite someone to baptism.. Haha luckily we go to the spot where we hit the curb and sure enough there is the hub cap sitting at the bottom of this hill buried in some leaves. Lucky for us it was still in one piece as well. Ok so now we found the hub cap, it's raining, we are running late and we have to get this stinkin' hubcap back on so no one will notice what we did! So we just start trying to kick it back on! Haha that is a lot harder then you would think! Especially in a skirt! I'm happy to say we successfully got the hub cap back on and all is well. We recorded a video for y'all so you could hear us tell the story! It's a lot funnier in person!

Tuesday we had trade offs. They were really fun! I went up to Gainesville. I learned how blessed I am to not be serving in the YSA ward! Haha oh my, I'm the same old person who thinks every boy is hot stuff. Not to mention it was awkward when we are knocking doors and I'm pretty sure almost every guy who opened the door was just super attractive and standing there in nothing but his underwear! Man, and I'm just expected to share the gospel with them... Talk about tuff!
Haha but yeah, that is why Heavenly Father keeps me out of the singles wards and in family wards with old men! Haha our trade off was really good though. We taught a young man named Louis. He is 18 and is going to be baptized in 2 weeks! My favorite part about our lesson was when we were talking about the priesthood and he said how excited he was to get baptized so he could get the priesthood and be able to bless others with it! What? Who says things like that? He is amazing! After our lesson with Louis we just knocked doors for about 3 hours.. It was rough but taught me to love knocking doors! We saw the sweetest thing while doing our golden 3 hours. We knocked on this man's door and shared with him about how the gospel can bless families. We left him a restoration pamphlet. He didn't seem to interested but we did our job by inviting him. Well like 10 minutes later we walked past his apartment and you could see in and he was reading the pamphlet we left him! It was the sweetest most precious moment! Haha

So on Wednesday we went out with the ward mission leader and his wife to visit the sweetest couple in our ward. Their names our the Kalmar's. Brother Kalmar is recovering from a stroke so he has not been able to make it to church much. They own a fairly large property.  I think they said it was 20 acres! They use to buy and sell race horses. They have a race track on their property that is 3/4 of a mile and their stables are currently housing 30 horses! They showed us this picture of a race horse they sold that they got $2,700,000 for it!!  What?! Crazy right! I have decided that I need to get into the race horse business! Anyways, they are like the best people ever! They are from Utah originally and they are planning to sell their house here and move back home to Payson so they can be closer to family. They are like my new grandparents on my mission. Brother Voyles is our ward mission leader who took us and he brought them the sacrament that day as well. It was so sweet. Brother Kalmar just got super emotional as he told us how much he appreciated it and how he just wants to take his wife to the temple again! We went and saw them again on Halloween.  It was so nice. We had lunch with them and just visited and got to know them better. We invited them to come to church on Sunday and guess what?? They came!! It made me so happy!!! Brother Kalmar asked for my parents address so he could have his wife write you! So I will get it to him soon and then be prepared for a letter from them!

Wednesday night was our trunk or treat. It was combined with all three wards. It was a lot of fun just seeing all the cute kids dressed in costumes and then passing out candy to them. All the missionaries just parked next to each other and passed out candy. It was great! They had a cake walk and lots of cup cakes for everyone as well!

So on Thursday we usually have volleyball if we can get an investigator there. This week we were lucky enough to get one. I don't know if you remember a few weeks ago when I told y'all about JQ who was a less active member that we came in contact with. Well anyways her husband Tony is a non-member and we have been inviting them to volleyball for a few weeks. Well this week they came! It was great! Brother Tompkins showed up as well and he just clicked with JQ and Tony so well. We had a great time playing volleyball. Afterwards Brother Tompkins invited JQ and Tony to a baptism that he was speaking at on Friday night. The said they would come which meant we were able to go as well. Tony asked Brother Tompkins what he would have to do to be baptized! And then at the baptism he told his wife hopefully his would be next! What?? People just keep falling into our path wanting to be baptized! Miracles!!

Well, for Halloween we spent our morning and afternoon  out visiting people. We were trying to use up as many miles as possible because it was the last day of the month and we still had 600 miles left. We visited everyone who lived out in the middle of no where! After that we just went to dinner at a members and then by six o'clock we were not allowed to go out knocking doors we needed to be in members homes or teaching lessons to investigators in their homes. Well, we had no lessons scheduled so we ended up just driving and then we stopped and got Cold Stone! I deserve the best companion of the year award! I took Sister McGregor on a date to Cold Stone and used my gift cards I've been hoarding forever! It was so yummy! We took some photos and videos for y'all as well! I hope y'all laugh as much as we did!

Well that's about all that has been happening around here. Mom and Dad I just want to say that y'all are seriously the best! Thank you so much for the email every day this week! I loved it! It was almost as good as talking to you on a phone! So keep them coming because I love them and check my email everyday just to get them! So next week is transfers! Can you believe it has already been six weeks? What is this!? Just so y'all remember my p-day will be on Tuesday next week!  Pray that me and Sister McGregor will stay together here in Ocala because we love it here together! I hope y'all have a great week! It sounds like y'all had a good Halloween! I was so sad that I didn't get to go trick or treating this year... This was the first year in my life that I didn't get to go! Haha im glad Racheal let all the kids go! Don't worry when I get home I will take all the kids out for y'all.

Love and miss y'all tons and tons!
Sister Webb

Pictures and Videos - November 2, 2015

Cold Stone!
Trunk or treating!
This is how we study! Nutella all the way baby!
This picture is priceless!
 This is what Ocala looks like once you get out past the houses!
One of the best videos ever!!!
So this video is so funny I hope y'all get a good laugh. This is typical Sister McGregor and me. Things like this happen daily! Also my video about our hub cap falling off is to long to send so I will make a shorter one and send it next week!
We went on a stud hunt for Halloween!
Our Halloween candy!
We took pictures at the park today! And a video! Enjoy!
We did kart wheels at the church today. I totally hit the net! Haha