Monday, November 23, 2015

Fam Bam! - November 10, 2015

Hello my wonderful family!
So this email is going to be pretty short because Sister McGregor and I decided to record videos every night for y'all so that you would know all about our day and what has been happening here in Ocala. I hope y'all enjoy them. We had a blast making them and laughed so much that we cried! This is a daily occurrence with us though. When ever we have a bad day we just pull out our funny videos and just watch them and laugh, it always makes things better! They also have been keeping us up way past bed time... Our bad! We just get laughing and next thing we know it's super late!

So transfers happened. I am happy to report that I will be staying here in Ocala with Sister McGregor! Yay!! Heavenly Father does answer prayers! Haha not only will we be staying here in Ocala we will be covering Ocala 1st and 2nd ward! What!!? And we will be in a trio..
What!!!? Sister Clemens who is currently serving in Ocala 2nd ward will be joining us because we are one sister short in the mission right now.. Hopefully it will be a good transfer and we can all become best buds! At least that is what I am crossing my fingers for! Good news is we will have a car full time! Yay! Finally no more biking and walking! Although I may still need that so I don't get fat! Haha!  Not to much has happened. 

We set a baptism date with Tony our investigator! Yay!!! We set it for December 12th! So pray that we can keep this date! I sent a video about this already so I won't say to much about it.

Um, I also sent a video about this dog named bug... Hahaha you'll all laugh when you see the video! Anyways, he lives in our complex and in the mornings while we are studying he comes past our back porch and we like to tap the glass and scare him! These are the lamest stories in my email this week but once you all watch the videos you get the good stories.

So I also sent you a video of us pretending to make cookies.. Yeah, we like to make the elders think we can cook so we always give them treats members give us or this time we got cookies from the store and gave to them! Haha we are the best sisters ever and all the elders just love us!

We have been doing service every Thursday now for a place called interfaith. It's an organization that helps out the poor and homeless.  They give out food and clothes and  other things. It has been real nice serving there. That was where we got our cookies from this week!  Haha

That's about all I have to say because my videos say it all. Hopefully they all send cause they are hilarious! I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I can't wait to hear from y'all and get more letters! I really appreciate all the letters I get! Lately none of them have been from family... What is this?!

Anyways, love you all! Miss you! Stay safe and make good choices!
Love your favorite missionary!
Sister Webb


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