Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! - November 23, 2015

Dearest family!

How are y'all this week? From all the emails it sounds like you are doing great! This week has been a pretty good week. It went by so quickly! It seems like just yesterday that I was emailing you.
So here is my week in a nut shell. 

On Tuesday we had zone conference.  It was up in Gainesville and we had to be there by 7:30. This meant we had to wake up early... I hate doing that! Well both my companions wanted to get up at 5... Let's just say I laid on my bed until 6 and realized we had to leave in 10 minutes! Haha luckily I showered the night before! To top off having to get up early we had to get flu shots at zone conference! Seriously I thought I was going to die! I'm happy to say I only cried a little bit! Haha just kidding!! I'm tuff and I didn't cry at all! It may have been the fact that all the elders were sitting there waiting for their turn after me. I didn't want to look dumb so I held back my tears! Haha 

Zone conference was really good! Most of the trainings were on becoming a consecrated missionary.
I took plenty of good notes! I am actually giving a training tomorrow at our district meeting on becoming a consecrated missionary. I'm not looking forward to it.. But oh well I love doing tuff things! Haha after our district meeting we did trade offs. I was in Ocala with Sister Clemens and Sister Bolos, who is our sister training leader.  Sister McGregor stayed in Gainesville. That was a fun trade off. I was assigned to be the designated driver for the day. Um let's just say, I think my driving could use some improvement. I guess not driving six months will do that to ya! Haha The next day we did trade offs again and this time I went to Gainesville. The ride to Gainesville was ridiculous! It is about a 45 minute drive from Ocala to Gainesville. It took us almost 4 hours to get home!! About 3 miles from our exit we hit traffic because there was a wreck and we got stuck in it for 3 hours! It was a pain! We missed all the appointments for the night on top of that. We left at 5:30 pm from Ocala and made it to Gainesville by 9:22 pm. 

The next day we did some fun things. Well some tuff things and fun things. For exercise they go to the college stadium and run the stairs! Let's just say I thought I might have a heart attack right then! But I survived!  The next tuff thing I was faced with was street contacting or what they like to call turlington.. Basically you go to the campus and there is a section where it is ok to hand out cards and things to people in between classes. Well you basically just do it on your own without your companion and it is just super awkward and intimidating and no one wants to listen to you so you basically just have to chase people down and keep talking while they walk away. Or you get to talk to the few people who do stop and talk but they just want to bible bash you..Haha!  Let's just say I am so glad I don't have to do that on a regular basis! After we did that for about an hour, it was time for the fun! We did service on the campus for I think it was called Stop Hunger or something along the lines of that. We put together meals for the homeless. It was a lot of fun! 

Later that night I came back to Ocala. We had a lesson with Tony. He is still doing great and is so excited to get baptized. After his lesson we always play volleyball! I am really improving my volleyball skills out here. We play on p-days with all the elders and then we play on Thursday nights with the 3 wards.  Let's just say I'm going to come home a volleyball pro!

Friday was weekly planning. It wasn't as bad as last weeks planning but that is probably because this week I just gave up about half way through and left a few blank spots on the schedule... Don't worry though, they are quickly getting filled in as we set return appointments with people! The hardest day to plan this week was Thanksgiving.. Let's just say we will be having a brunch at someone's house around 10. We have a dinner appointment in the 2nd ward at 1. We have a dinner appointment in 1st ward at 2 and then another dinner appointment in 1st ward at 3! Basically I'm going to gain like 100 lbs this Thanksgiving. Everyone wanted to feed the missionaries for Thanksgiving because we are still having people invite us over! 

Oh before I forget, mom I am so happy to hear that you fed the missionaries this past week! I expect you to feed them a lot more!  Like weekly or at least once a month! That goes for everyone who reads this email! I expect all of you to be feeding the missionaries!!

We spent all day Saturday working in the 2nd ward area. We had some members take us out to dinner at a restaurant called Pig and Cattle.  Haha it was so stinkin good! It was a bbq place. I got a rack of ribs and mmmm.... They were delicious! Later that night we went to the church for a "Minute to Win it" night put on by the second ward. It was a lot of fun! They just split us up in teams and had a bunch of "Minute to Win it" games. Of course I got nominated to do the game where you put panty hoes on your head and try to knock down water bottles.  Luckily I dominated at that game and won!

Yesterday we had church. It was good but long. We had to be at church at 7:30 for ward council and then we went to both wards and didn't get done with church until 2! Talk about a lot of church! But I guess that's all I every really do is church things now. I've forgotten what it feels like to just have a normal life! Haha! We had a really good lesson with La'lesha last night. We have been trying to see her a few times a week because she is just going through a lot right now. We showed her the Mormon Message called "Our True Identity" and then we each took a piece of paper and we had Lele write who she thought she was and then we each wrote who we thought she was. It was really good.
It is so sad to see when young girls don't know who they are and just feel alone in the world. We just helped La'lesha know how much we loved her and how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her as well! It was the best!

That's about all we have been doing. Today we went to Goodwill and I bought another outfit. I bought another black skirt and this really ugly pink grandma looking shirt. Mom, I don't even think you would wear it because it is so ugly. But the mission is cracking down on dressing appropriately and so let's just say this little missionary needs some looser shirts.. Haha either that or I have to wear a cardigan with everything and some days it is just too hot for that! It has finally started cooling down these past few days. I think it has finally got in to the 60's and I'm freezing!!

Mom and dad, I've loved getting your quotes every day! They are very inspiring. In fact I was going to use one of them in my training tomorrow! But I loved last nights quote from mom about just being grateful! That was actually my goal for the week was to recognize and be grateful for the blessings I have in my life! I thought I would share a few of them with y'all. I am so grateful that I made the decision a year ago to serve a mission. I never thought I would serve one and I think lots of it was because of pride. I didn't want anyone to think I was going because I was old and couldn't get married but seriously this has been the best decision of my life! I have never grown so much spiritually or emotionally in my life. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the atonement that I can use each and every day to make myself a better person. If it wasn't for the atonement I definitely would not be where I am today! I'm grateful for a loving family who has been so supportive of anything I do. You all have been such wonderful examples to me growing up and I hope y'all know how much I still look up to each one of you! I'm grateful for the best parents I could ever ask for! I am grateful for the nightly emails I get from you everyday full of love and support!
And I am so grateful to know that you will be there for me no matter what! Well my list could go on and on but I am tired of emailing so I am going to stop.. Haha Have a wonderful week! I love you all!

Sister Webb

P.S. Only like 4 weeks and I get to talk to y'all!!! :)


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