Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello Family! - June 21, 2015

I hope ya'll are having a great week! I've had a pretty good week! This letter may be a little small because not much has happened this week and I have to get my bike fixed today so I can start using it. The Lord is truly testing me. Last week I was super homesick, this week it was just super hot and miserable... It hit 116 degrees this week!! And to top everything off, we got a call on Tuesday morning from the elder in charge of the cars and he told us that they are cutting back on cars and that we will be loosing our car and have to start biking... I think I may die!!! We have been driving around 35-45 miles a day and now I will have to bike that in the 100+ heat?? Man, the Lord really does have a sense of humor.. Haha so ya'll can keep me in your prayers that I don't die.. Especially cause ya'll know how well I ride a bike... And put me in a skirt on top of that and it's going to be one comical week! Haha 

So we mostly did a lot of service earlier this week for ward members. We helped an older lady box things up in her house to move and then helped her clean out her garage so she can have a yard sell.. Let's just say some people keep the strangest things! Haha the other service that I did earlier this week was juice a huge box of grapefruits. It was a very sticky activity. I had sticky grapefruit juice all over me by the end and oh boy did my arms feel the burn the next day from hand squeezing all of those grapefruits! Haha 

So on Monday I had the funniest thing happen to me while we were out tracting! So we run into this boy who is probably like 10 and he wants to show us this huge cockroach type bug that is dead on his neighbors drive way. Haha so we look at it and we start talking to him and ask him if he thought his parents would be interested in us coming by sometime to share a message with them. He was like, "my mom would probably be interested but my dad will say no because my grandma is visiting and she does not speak English. So he would have to translate the whole thing for her." Seconds later the dad came out and starts watering his lawn and he basically said the same thing the little boy said he would say. So we start walking away and I get so excited that there is an older lady walking up the street and we will be able to stop her and share a message. Well we get super close and I say "hello" and she just keeps walking and doesn't even acknowledge that we are there... I thought it was super strange so I kept talking to her and asked if we could share a message with her. By this point the little boy and the dad are laughing hysterically at me. The dad then just says she doesn't speak English but we can keep trying if we want. And the little boy looks at me and says, "That's my grandma!" Haha boy did I look stupid!! Haha but at least I gave everyone around me a good laugh! Haha 

On Tuesday we were able to teach Heidi again! We taught her the word of wisdom and she loved the lesson! She says that she always wants to be as healthy as she can so she is going to quit drinking tea and start living the word of wisdom! It was an amazing lesson! We had to move her baptism date to July 12 because she has not been able to make it to church yet. But we are planning the 12th for a beautiful baptism day! I can't wait! 

I got the package from Racheal's family this week! I loved it!!! All the pictures and letters cheered me right up! It was probably one of the highlights of my week! It was just the cutest package ever! So thank you! :) 

So on Wednesday night Sister Sorensen and I had the wonderful opportunity to have two dinners... I thought I was going to explode! So every Wednesday night we eat at the Matzke home. They are a recent convert family to the ward and they feed us faithfully every week. And on top of that someone else in the ward had signed up to feed us.. So at our first dinner we had steak, stuffing, veggies and coconut cream pie. And then straight from that dinner we went to the other members home and they fed us pasta with chicken and garlic bread and then made us green smoothies for a treat! I could hardly walk when it was time to leave because I was so full.. We got double scheduled again this Wednesday so it looks like I will be privileged of having two dinners again! Haha the funny thing is most nights we don't get fed and we have to eat at home.. Oh and while I am on my food topic, I finally had yummy Mexican tacos!!!! A member took us to this cute little Mexican restaurant the other day for dinner and they had steak tacos so I had to get them.. They were good! Definitely not like my street tacos back home but better than nothing! Haha I have been so sad that there are no taco stands here... :( 

Well, we were able to go visit Aleidon and his family this week. We were able to have their girls read the restoration pamphlet and teach them some of the principles in it and commit them all to come to church on Sunday! Our efforts are finally starting to pay off!  Yay! And my Albanian is coming along as well. I can now say thank you in Albanian and a few other words! Aelidon said that we can teach them English and his girls will help us with Albanian so I guess that's what we will have to do in order to get our lessons in with them. Haha

So I told you last week about Brother Matthews and how he is this old man in our ward who is the choir director. Well we stopped by his house this week and he says to me, "Sister Webb, I hear you have been keeping a secret from me.. Someone told me that you can sing!" Haha I assured him that I don't sing at all but he wouldn't believe me and he is having me sing in church. And to top it all off he wants me to sing the alto part... I have never sang in church in my life!! Let alone I don't sing alto cause it is too low! Haha hopefully the ward can invest in earplugs before next week when I sing in church! Haha I also sang in the ward choir this week for sacrament meeting and Father's Day! There are like 5 people in the ward choir so it has been real interesting.. Haha especially cause most of us can't sing! Haha 

So we have had two miracles happen this week! So on Thursday night we were out tracting and we met Vincent! He was just sitting on his porch and we walked up and started talking to him about the Book of Mormon. Well we were able to get a whole lesson in and he was really interested and said we could come back, and. That he had been looking for a church he could start attending! What a blessing! We had been having no success in finding people this week... 

The other miracle we had was on Friday. So after our weekly planning we decided that we needed to go visit some people who we were unable to get a hold of. We I got this feeling we should go visit this lady named Erica. We had tried visiting her a couple of times. The first time she told us she was way to busy and shut the door in our face. The second time they came to the door looked through the curtains and then refused to answer the door. They even came outside and when we tried to talk to them they refused to acknowledge us. So when I got this feeling we should go visit them I thought I had gone crazy!! Haha well, we get to her house and Erica's answers the door and invited us right in. We start talking and we decide to just start in on a lesson before she kicks us out. Well that lesson was amazing and the spirit was so strong! Erica said how she wanted to come to church and then we invited her to be baptized at the end of the lesson and she said yes! We said a date for her on July 5th!! Wow! We were planning to drop her and then we got a baptism date out of it! Lesson learned! Always follow the promptings you receive no matter how crazy they may seem! 

So last week I shared with you about Sister Roberta, I am still laughing about her. We went to visit her this week and the first thing she asks us is why we are not wearing the scrunchies she gave us in our hair... Hahahaha I tried to say it was a wear your hair down day and that is why I didn't have mine in but she told me that was not a real thing.. Haha we are going back to see her this week so it looks like I will be having an 80's day and wearing a scrunchie! Haha

This week I was able to go to a member in our wards home to help them practice for the ward choir song. They are the craziest family and it turned into a giant karaoke night! Haha we jammed to hymns all night! We didn't make it back home til 10... I'm such a rule breaker... Don't worry I repented of that though! They are the family that I held the bird at their house. Well this week their son comes out holding s giant snake!! I have never been that close to a snake ever! I wanted to scream! Haha he asked if I wanted to hold it but I chickened out! I have decided that I will have to get brave and hold it the next time I go though cause it will make an epic picture! So get ready for that! 

Oh another funny story we had tracting this week, so me met this older guy named Lebarron, he was just sitting on his porch having some beer... we taught him a full lesson on the restoration and he was answering all of our questions and it was going so great and he wanted to read the Book of Mormon and learn more so he said we could come back some time. Well, we got his number and we called him the next morning to set up a time to teach him again.. He must have been so drunk cause he couldn't remember who we were and why we would be calling him.. So, sadly we dropped him cause he said he wasn't interested.. But it was really funny teaching him. 

That has basically been my week! What a week full of adventures! Wait til next week when I share all my biking adventures! Haha 

This gospel is so amazing and so true! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here on a mission and serving Heavenly Father's children here in Florida! I may be hot and miserable but I know this is where I am meant to be and that the Lord is truly preparing people for me to teach! I know that the Book of Mormon along side the Bible are the word of God and that as we read them we can come closer to our Heavenly Father and strengthen our testimonies. 

I challenge all of you to read in the scriptures every day! It has become such a blessing in my life! Before my mission I hardly ever read them and I can see such a difference in my life already from just reading them every day! 

I love you all and miss you tons! 

Love, Sister Webb :) 

This week's pics! - June 21, 2015


Me & Sister Sorenson

Go Justin Bieber!

Rockin' the tunes in the car! - June 21, 2015

A package from Racheal's Family! - June 21, 2015

Tracting in my first trailer park! - June 21, 2015

I went out tracting in my first trailer park! It only had dirt roads and was pretty ghetto and scary but we were able to meet a new investigator so it was totally worth it! His name is Chris and we are meeting with him this week!  I also had to send this picture to prove that I don't always look homeless in all of my pictures :) 

Food! - June 21, 2015

Some of the crazy food I had to eat this week.. It was noodles with potatoes, crab, chicken (at least that's what I am hoping it was) and hot dogs.. It was really interesting and I had to gag it down! 

Bird! - June 21, 2015

Here is the cute little bird that I held! I may have laughed and cried and screamed a little as I tried to hold it but I managed to hold it! I knew my momma would be so proud of me!

Olivia & Sister (Sherry) Warner - June 21, 2015

This is Carolyn's friend Sister Warner! She is so nice and fed us dinner this week! Carolyn this picture is for you! I thought you would like it :) 

Monday, June 15, 2015

1 month down, 17 to go! - June 15, 2015

Hello Family! 
Let me first start off by saying, I have officially made it 1 month!!! Whooo! I had a kinda rough week.. Linsey thought she would be sad that I wasn't at her wedding but man did it really hit me on Wednesday and I got pretty down and homesick.. All I could think about was the wedding and the whole family being together. But I am better now! So let me tell you about all of my crazy adventures for the week.

On Monday i got to eat dinner with the Warner family. They are friends of the Barnes family so it was so nice to eat with them! We joked around and talked for a while it was great! It was nice being with someone who knew people back home! 

So most of my stories this week will involve eating so brace yourselves because that is mostly what I do. Eat and teach! Haha so on Tuesday we had dinner at the Ellis home. They are the sweetest family! They basically had a zoo at their house though! They had dogs, fish, a parrot, turtles, and then they found some bird outside that had a broken wing and they nursed it back to health, oh and they had snakes! Well they brought out this bird and asked if I wanted to hold it... I was terrified but I said yes. Haha remember a few months ago when the birds flew into our back door and I couldn't even open the door to see if they were ok I just watched them through the window.. Yeah i was just as scared this time! Haha but I am proud to say I held the bird and of course I made them get a picture of it so I had proof that I am not a baby anymore. Although I may have screamed just a little when I went to hold it and it started to move.. Haha 

That night we found a new investigator while we were out tracting! His name is Ben and he is a dentist!! It made my day being able to talk gospel and dental to someone! Haha 

Sister Sorensen sang in church on Sunday so we spent a few afternoons practicing her song at the Matthew's home. They are a sweet old couple in our ward. They joined the church about six years ago and are so strong in the gospel. Brother Matthews likes to ask us difficult questions to see if we know the answer, just in case an investigator asks us the same question. Haha he is a funny old man and jokes all the time. He is from Wales so he has an awesome accent as well. I had to laugh when I found out his name is Dave Matthews though. Haha while Sister Sorensen practiced her song at their house I played with their little granddaughter Paisley. We made crowns and played doctor and princesses. It was fun! 

I have not told you about brother Wink yet, he is our ward mission leader and he is amazing! He joined the church about 3 years ago and is so strong and dedicated to the missionary work in the ward! He is so involved in everything we do and is always so concerned about our investigators and all the less actives in the ward. It is so great! 

We had zone conference this week! It was an amazing meeting! I learned so much! We had a big talk on charity which was cool because I had been studying charity in my personal studies this week! We talked about understanding who we are and how by doing so can humble us and bring us to be more charitable! We talked about how we can better love others. I learned that in order to love others we must love ourselves first! This is so true! I have been working on loving myself more as well as continually striving for that love for those around me! There were two quotes I loved, 
"Each one of is is irreplaceable, God did not create us to fail!" This one helped me better realize the importance of just being me! God created me to succeed and I need to just trust him that I will :) the second quote says, " We never fall in love, we must create it!" -Elder Bernar. I just love this! I think I have gone my whole life just expecting to fall in love with someone but never realized that it takes effort and we must do our part in creating the love. Anyways it was an amazing zone conference and I learned a lot that I can apply to myself to come closer to my Heavenly Father and better serve the people here on Florida! 

We were able to teach Paula again this week! She is so amazing! I think I told you last week about our miracle with meeting her. Well this week we taught her the restoration and she was so excited to learn! We pulled up to her house and she was already waiting outside for us. She instantly told us how she had gone to lunch with her boss who was a member and he answered lots of her questions. She also said how he gave her a Book of Mormon and had written his testimony in it! It was amazing! I just wanted to cry i was so excited for her!! We taught the lesson and it was amazing! The spirit was so strong! I invited her to baptism at the end of the lesson and she said yes! She is going to read the Book of Mormon more and then we can set a date! She came to church yesterday and loved it!! She is so amazing and I can't wait to keep teaching her and seeing how the gospel is changing her life! 

So last night we decided to go visit this inactive sister in our ward. She goes by Sister Roberta, she is like 90 and the craziest old lady ever! I love her! She reminded me so much of Grandma Webb! Haha so we get to her house and she doesn't realize we are new sister missionaries. So she asks us what we have been up to so we tell her. We then ask her how she has been. She starts to tell us how her dog bubbles died yesterday.. She then is like "remember the one dog I had that was real cute and fluffy?" Haha we didn't have the heart to say no so we were like yeah we do! Haha she then starts to tell us how the dog had stomach cancer and died and then she starts show us this photo album full of pictures of the dog.. Haha and then to make things funnier she tells us how the dog is now in the process of being cremated! At this point it was taking all I had not to just burst out laughing! I was almost crying cause I was trying not to laugh.. Haha after that she was like "well, enough about me, what's new with you?" She asked us this question about 10 times and we just kept telling her the same answer. Haha she then got off on this tangent about how we shouldn't throw anything away because everything can be recycled and used for something. She then made us follow her to her covered patio where she had boxes full of light bulbs she was cleaning and painting and turning into decorations and Christmas ornaments.. Haha after that she showed us her birds and she kissed them and made me pet them and then asked if I wanted to kiss it.. Haha I kindly said no.. Haha then she took us into her bedroom and she starts showing us baby blankets she made. And pot holders she made out of scrap material and then she made these weird angel pins out of old ribbon.. And then.. She makes me pull this box out from under her bed and in it was toilet paper holders that she had made to look like creepy old lady mice.. Haha instantly she asked us if we still have ours at home... And instantly I am reminded of the first day I got to my apartment and went to the bathroom and there was this creepy old lady mouse toilet paper holder on the toilet and I had thrown it out to good will..cause it creeped me out! Haha I instantly felt bad and lied to her and said yes we had it and we loved it! She then pulls out this long stick of hair scrunchies she has made and asked if I wanted some. I said sure and took one.. That was apparently not good enough because she gave me two more! Haha and the whole time she just kept explaining that we shouldn't throw anything away because look at what we can make! Haha the whole time I was trying not to laugh! It really reminded me of grandma! Haha I wanted so badly to share with her all about grandma and how I had received many gifts from recycled things! Haha she is a cute old lady though and I can't wait to go back to see her dogs ashes! 

So some more funny stories for the week. I learned to never eat the lunch meat you find in the fridge... I was so hungry and we didn't have much food but I had some bread and I found some lunch meat ham in the fridge but I wasn't sure how long it had been in there because it was in there when we moved it. Well I did the sniff check and it smelled ok and it looked ok so I started eating it on my sandwich and it tasted a little funny but I ate it anyways. Bad idea!!! I got so sick from that!!! I thought I was going to die!! Nothing is worse then being outside in the heat, your stomach is churning and then you start to get what I like to call the poop sweats! Hahaha I had to hold it for an entire hour until we were able to get home from our lesson we were having outside in the 100 degree heat! I thought I was going to die! So lesson learned, never eat old things you find around your house! Haha 

Another story, so I had been using this hand soap in my bathroom for about a week and could not figure out why it was not lathering up every time I washed my hand.. Well it took about a week and one day I was reading the bottle as I washed my hands and realized it said hand lotion instead of soap.. Hahaha yes, I am truly starting to get blonder and blonder out here! And my hair is really starting to show it. It is getting blonder and blonder every day! Well I hope those stories made ya'll laugh! 

I am also starting to pick up on all of the southern talk. I now say: ya'll, and wooder instead of water. Haha 

So we have still been trying to teach Aleidon. It has been quite the struggle.. The language barrier is so tough and he doesn't like us to use google translate. So I have been studying up on my Albanian words lately. We went over this week and taught him and his family English! It went pretty good! Hopefully he will let us teach him again real soon! 

Heidi is still on track for baptism on the 28! So cross your fingers that she will still be ready! 

It is still super hot here and only getting hotter! This week it hit 110 degrees and everyone said that it will only get worse! I've been trying to jog in the mornings to wake up and it is just miserable. Not to mention I only have sweats to exercise in.. Haha 

Well that is all I have to say about this week.
I'm so glad to hear Linsey's wedding turned out amazing! I am still sad I missed it but the picture really helped! :) 

Have a wonderful week! I love you all and miss you all like crazy!! 
Love Sister Webb 

(Note from Carolyn:  Olivia sent pictures and descriptions this week but the pictures didn't come through.  Darn!  I sent a note to her so I'm sure she will send them next week.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Zone P-Day - June 8, 2015

We just finished an amazing p-day with the zone! We had hot dogs for lunch and then played volleyball, basketball, water balloon volleyball, and tie dyed tee shirts! What a great day!
I hope ya'll enjoy the email and pictures! I will message ya'll again next week!
Love you and miss you!
Have a great week!

Sister Webb :)

Welcome to Jumpsuit June! - June 8, 2015

It was so good to hear from all of you this week!! I'm sorry to hear that the A/C went out but really I'm not that sorry! I am in hotter then 90 degree weather everyday! With humidity on top of that! Although I am starting to get use to the heat and humidity! So this week was such an amazing week full of so many miracles! This week we were able to find 5 new investigators and were able to set 2 baptism dates! I was getting so frustrated at the beginning of the week because we were not having very much success finding people and teaching lessons. Seriously every door we would knock on would tell us they are already religious and believed in Jesus and were already saved. It's tuff. Well like I said, I was getting frustrated and a little discouraged. Then I remembered that I need to trust in the Lord and have more faith. That night I prayed so hard to Heavenly Father telling him that I know I need to trust him and I was willing to do so and have the faith that we could find new investigators to teach and that I did have the faith! Well that prayer was seriously a good 20 minutes I swear and I had such a good talk with my Heavenly Father. I felt so much better afterwards. The next day we went out tracting and I again prayed and told Heavenly Father that I had the faith and to lead us to the elect people who were prepared to hear our message. Well that day we found 3 new investigators!!! What a miracle! My faith was getting stronger and my hopes were getting higher! 

We met Heidi Batzka she is a young mom who lives in our apartment complex. Her husband is Albanian. Apparently I am meant to teach the Albanians! Haha we were able to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ and invite her to baptism! She said she wanted to be baptized and we set a date for June 28! Now she just has to come to church the next 3 weeks so she can be baptized then! 

We also went out tracting after dinner that night and met Jim and Paula! It was such a neat experience!! We knocked on the door and Jim answered. We talked to him for a few minutes when he invited us to sit on his porch and talk while he smoked.. Well we started talking about the Book of Mormon and all the sudden his wife Paula came out! We then started talking to her about the Book of Mormon and testifying of it. She told us how her boss was LDS and he had tried inviting her to church but she hadn't managed to go yet. She told us how she had stopped going to her church a while back and how she had felt like something was just missing in her life ever since she stopped going. We talked to her about church and before we could even finish she asked us if she could come to church on Sunday!! What?? Crazy! We gave her all the information on the church and set up a time to come back and teach her another lesson on Friday! Sadly she had something come up yesterday so she did not get to come to church, but we are still teaching her and Jim Friday night! Ok so by this point I was so pumped! 

We went the next day to some of our potential investigators and we met Anna. She is from Purerto Rico. We taught her the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and she was so interested and invited us to come back and teach her again! 

We met Bill. He is an older man. His wife died about a year ago. We were able to teach him a little about the plan of salvation and he invited us to come back and teach him! Holy cow!! 

Oh and then while we were tracting on saturday night we met Fred who was an older gentleman who was at a party at his friends house but let us teach him about the Book of Mormon and some of the restoration. He also invited us back for another lesson! 

Our final investigator for the week is Andrea! She is the cutest girl ever! She is 14! We have not been able to teach her a lesson yet but she has come to church 2 weeks in a row now! At church yesterday we were able to teach her a little bit and she told us she knew from the first day she came to church that it was true and she had been reading the Book of Mormon and she knows it's true and can feel the spirit so strong when she reads it. As she was talking the spirit was so strong! She was crying I was crying.. Haha it was so great! We invited her to be baptized on June 28th. She said yes and she would talk to her parents! So hopefully everything work out because she is so prepared and ready!!! 

We were able to go teach Aleidon and his girls earlier this week.... What a hard lesson!! First off he doesn't speak much English so it made it extremely difficult. He did not want us to use our google translate.. So we tried teaching him the restoration. He told us that he does not want us to teach him. He wants to learn everything for him self. He knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph smith was a prophet. As we tried to tell him about prophets today he said there were none. As we bore our testimony to him about modern day prophets he stopped us half way through and told us we were wrong.. The ended our lesson with a prayer. We prayed for him that he might be able to find a job and he stopped us mid sentence and said no do not pray for me.. What a hard lesson. He said he would come to church Sunday but then didn't come so we will see what happens.. The language barrier had made it extremely difficult to teach him. We have been praying a lot for him and that he will have a softer heart and come to find that there are modern day prophets.

This week we were able to invite 22 people to baptism! And 2 of them now have dates!! The Lord truly does watch over and bless us when we put our trust in him and have faith! 

It has been such a good week! On Friday we celebrated inviting 21 people to baptism by getting ice cream from McDonald's! The best part was the nerdy boy at the drive up window we gave him a pass along card with our name and number on it and oh my, his face was priceless! He just got this huge smile! Haha I laughed for like 20 minutes about it! 

I have never been so tired in my life!!! I am realizing the truth when people say good missionaries are always tired! Every time I sit down on something remotely soft I start to fall asleep and do the head bob.. Haha most mornings I almost fall asleep while exercising as well as in morning studies.. It has been such a struggle. Church is the worst cause it has soft seats! Haha 

The bugs are so bad here! My bug spray is not even working!! I have like 20 mosquito bites on each leg!! Not to mention I found a dead cockroach in our apartment and there are still millions of lizards! Hopefully I can get brave and catch one so I can send a picture home! 

We had president interviews again this week. It was nice to talk to him again and get to know him better. 

We just finished Mighty Miracle May and have started June off my calling it Jumpsuit June! Hopefully our baptisms pan out and we can get them done in Jumpsuit June! 

One of Carolyn Barnes friends is in my ward! I was so excited to find that out! It was great to talk to them! We are going for dinner tonight to their house! I am really excited! 

Speaking of dinner.. I had my first fast Sunday yesterday and after fasting all day we went to dinner at a members house and they fed us salad.. I hate salad. (It's like eating weeds) then we had pesto pasta which was good besides the fact that it had cherry tomatoes in it... as well as shrimp.... I was dying... salad, shrimp and tomatoes all in one meal.... It was a rough meal. Luckily I managed to eat it all! Nothing like fasting all day for things you hate! I am really learning to eat what I am served though! Haha 

That is basically all I have been doing this week. Can you believe by the end of the week I will be at my one month mark??!! Time is flying!!!! It seems like just yesterday that ya'll were dropping me off at the MTC and now we are already 1 month down!!! Woot woot!! 

I hope ya'll have an amazing week! I can't wait to hear from you again! I will keep an eye out for all the letters and packages! 

I love and miss all of you so much!! I am still praying that Nathan will get that job! :) 
Love ya'll,
Sister Webb 

Eating frozen yogurt - June 8, 2015

Me & Sister Sorenson - June 8, 2015

21 Baptism Invitations Celebration - June 8, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Letters and Packages - June 1, 2015

You can send packages straight to my apartment! Same with letters and what ever. If you send them to the mission home I have to wait til I go there to get them..
Love you!

Sister Webb

P.S.  My physical address is listed to your left on this blog!

Florida: hot, humid, and lots of lizards!! - June 1, 2015

Hello family!!
It was so great to hear from ya'll! I officially made 
it to Florida!! Yay! And I've survived my first 
week!!! Yay!! I want to let ya'll know especially 
mom and dad that I am doing 100 times better 
than I was when I talked to you at the airport! 
When I was talking to you I just wanted to say 
"come pick me up, I'm done.. I can't do this!" 
But I am so glad I didn't! I am loving every 
minute of this now!!! Well, I am serving in 
Jacksonville! I am currently serving in the 
Mandarin 1st ward!! Now before you have 
a panic attack like I did let me explain 
that it is not Mandarin Chinese.. It is mandarin 
like the oranges! Haha when I first found out that 
was where I was going I thought I would have to 
learn Chinese! Haha my companion is Sister
Sorensen! She is from Orem, Utah. She is super 
good at singing and has been out for about a year 
now! We are whitewashing this area so we both 
keep getting super lost and it's been rough trying 
to get hold of all of our investigators and meet 
all the ward members! We have had to drop a 
lot of investigators this week. I think the other 
sisters were just holding on to them for the 
numbers...Most of them are really not interested.
Well I will tell you about my first day miracle 
this week. We dropped our stuff off at the 
apartment and then went out tracting.  We had 
about 15 minutes before we had to go to our 
dinner appointment so we each decided to 
pick a house. Well Sister Sorensen's house 
was no success.. I chose a cute house that had
an American flag out front. I was sure if they 
loved America they had to love Jesus as well.. 
Haha well we met Robby at this house and 
we were able to share a message about the Book 
of Mormon and gave him a copy and he invited 
us back! Yay! My first investigator!! Well sad 
news about Robby.. We went back to his house 
yesterday for our appointment and he didn't 
answer so we tried calling him and he had 
given us the wrong number..haha oh well! 
I invited some guy named Tim to be baptized! 
We found him on the street.. Of course 
he said no..,haha oh well, at least I invited him
to be baptized!
We do a lot of service! On the first night we 
went and cleaned an inactive lady in the wards 
home. She is on hospice so she can't do it
herself. We cleaned bathrooms and then cleaned 
out a room full of junk.. And finally vacuumed 
the house. It looked so good when we were done! 
The next day we went to our investigator Lianne's 
house. I am pretty sure she just used the 
missionaries for service cause she had us cut out 
glitter lettering for tee shirts she was making and 
then hardly let us give her a lesson.. We are 
probably dropping her this week.. And then on 
Friday, we went to the church and cut fruit for a
ward members wedding. We also helped set up 
and decorate for the wedding on Saturday. Oh 
and on Saturday we had a ward bbq! It was
great! I was able to meet lots of ward members 
and they had sweeto burrito! It was yummy!!
The ward members are so good at getting 
involved in the missionary work which is
great! Ok so funny story about the first night 
here. So we were driving home that night and 
Sister Sorensen's GPS had died so we were 
trying to use a little map on the iPad when 
that died as well..We were totally lost! It's 
my first day in Florida and her first day in 
the area..Haha let's just say we ended up 
about 20 minutes outside of our area
and we didn't make it home until 10:30.. 
Haha let's just say the power of prayer works 
cause we managed to find our way home!!
Let me tell you all about the weather here...
It's sooooo hot!!!! When we get up it is 
usually 85 degrees already!! By noon it is 
usually 95 degrees or hotter! And then it 
usually cools off again to around 85 when 
we go home at night.. Not to mention the 
humidity!!!! Oh boy!! It makes it even hotter!! 
Everyone keeps telling me that this is nothing 
and the humidity will really hit come July... 
I am not looking forward to that! Haha I may
just die!!
There are so many lizards and frogs everywhere!!! 
I jump every time one runs out in front of me on 
the sidewalk! And I usually have to refrain from 
screaming! Haha hopefully I get use to them 
quick! Oh and I can no longer do my hair 
straight.. It's too humid! I am now going with 
the all natural curl look. Which is just a wavy 
frizzy hot mess!  Haha
So let me tell you about church yesterday! I got 
welcomed into the ward by being asked to speak 
in sacrament meeting! It went good! I spoke on the 
light of Christ! I did get out of singing yesterday. 
I was suppose to sing in sacrament meeting as 
well...But that will happen soon cause my 
companion loves to sing! 
We had 4 investigators at church yesterday!! 
Yay!!  Andrea is 14 she came with her school 
teacher who is in our ward! We are going to 
get permission from her dad to start teaching 
the lessons to her after school at the ward 
members home.  Aldion is our next investigator 
who came to church and brought his
girls who are 9 and 10 years old. So they are 
our other investigators. Aldion is from Albania! 
He just moved here 3 weeks ago so his English 
is very little and it was quite a trick to 
communicate with him! We are planning to 
get Google translate and hope his daughters 
can help translate our lessons for us! Otherwise 
I will be learning Albanian in the next few days! 
Haha Aldion has already read the Book of 
Mormon when he was living in Albania 
and knows it is true!  So hopefully we have a 
baptism real soon for him and his daughters 
Angel and Anjeza! They are so sweet and I am 
so excited to teach them!!
I know I just complained about the heat but I 
get so cold here too!  Everyone keeps their house 
at 68-72 degrees so I freeze! At night I sleep in 
sweats and a long sleeve shirt and socks and 
then I have 2 blankets on my bed! Hahaha I need 
my 90 degree apartment back! Haha I probably 
look ridiculous because it is really not that cold 
but ya'll know how I am and I am always freezing! 
Hopefully I get use to all this heat though! It 
really hits you when you walk outside and
instantly start sweating! Haha
Ok so my final miracle story happened last night! 
We were out tracking and we needed to find 2 
new investigators so we could meet our daily
goal as well as our weekly goal! Well it was 
about 8:15 and we were having no success. 
People either were not home or just not interested
and slammed the door in our face. Finally I 
decided that we should go try visiting one of the 
new investigators on our list that we had not
met yet. Her name was Tiffany. Well we got to 
Tiffani's house and she was not home... But Jemere 
and Ray were her friends who were their and
let us talk to them! Jemere is this big black kid 
who had tattoos all up his arms, his pants were 
at his ankles and he had an afro with a pick in his 
hair and kept telling me all about the hood.. Haha 
Ray was really nice he had tattoos as ell but he 
had a real religious background and know lots 
about Jesus Christ already! Well we shared
about the Book of Mormon and Jemere kept 
asking questions regarding the Plan of Salvation. 
We showed him a video on our iPad and then out
of no where he started to tell me about the time 
he got shot in the mouth and lost his tooth and 
the bullet came out his right cheek! I was trying 
not to laugh and the only thing I could think to 
say was "you are so lucky to be alive, God really 
does love you!" Haha anyways 8:50 started to 
roll around and we needed to head home so I 
invited them to meet with us again for another 
lesson and a church tour. They said yes!! 
Success!!!! I call this my 8:50 miracle! We were 
able to quickly put their lesson for the night in 
and we managed to meet our goals!! Yay!
Well that is all of my crazy stories for the week. 
Nothing else exciting has happened.
We are an iPad mission. I should be getting 
Facebook with in the next month. They took all 
missions off of Facebook but we will be one of
the first to get it back!
Mom, you will probably get a bill for my iPad.. 
Just use to money in my savings to pay for it!
I didn't have to buy a bike I managed to get one 
for free from another sister going home. The brakes 
are broken so I just have to go get that
My new address is 3900 Oldfield Crossing Dr. #613
Jacksonville, Florida  32223
I sent letters today but I may have put them in 
the wrong box to be mailed.. So if they don't come 
sorry! I am a blonde and really having
a ton of blonde moments! Haha
Mom could you please find the book called 
"Power of Everyday Missionaries" it's by 
Clayton Christensen. I want to read it and it is
approved for my mission!
Here is the address for my missions blog:
It is for all the moms to keep up with the mission. 
I think they posted some pictures from my first 
day if you want to check it out.  I think that is 
about it! I love you all and can't wait til I can hear
from all of you again! Oh and my p-days are 
Monday's! Have a good week!
Linsey I am so excited for you! I hope you got 
everything worked out with finding someone to 
marry you!! Good luck! I wish I could be there!!
Mom, make sure to take Hunter on a date! And get their 
address! I want to write Hunter!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Webb
Ps I hope you get all my pictures :)

Service - June 1, 2015

 Service night at Lianne's house. These were the glitter letters I cut out for the tee shirts.
More service cutting put letters. This is sister Sorensen!

Tracting - June 1, 2015

This is me knocking doors and sharing messages about the Book of Mormon! Oh and this is the sweet skirt I found in my apartment! Oh and don't judge that I am gaining weight! Hopefully I stop doing that!

Sister Sorenson and I - June 1, 2015