Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Florida: hot, humid, and lots of lizards!! - June 1, 2015

Hello family!!
It was so great to hear from ya'll! I officially made 
it to Florida!! Yay! And I've survived my first 
week!!! Yay!! I want to let ya'll know especially 
mom and dad that I am doing 100 times better 
than I was when I talked to you at the airport! 
When I was talking to you I just wanted to say 
"come pick me up, I'm done.. I can't do this!" 
But I am so glad I didn't! I am loving every 
minute of this now!!! Well, I am serving in 
Jacksonville! I am currently serving in the 
Mandarin 1st ward!! Now before you have 
a panic attack like I did let me explain 
that it is not Mandarin Chinese.. It is mandarin 
like the oranges! Haha when I first found out that 
was where I was going I thought I would have to 
learn Chinese! Haha my companion is Sister
Sorensen! She is from Orem, Utah. She is super 
good at singing and has been out for about a year 
now! We are whitewashing this area so we both 
keep getting super lost and it's been rough trying 
to get hold of all of our investigators and meet 
all the ward members! We have had to drop a 
lot of investigators this week. I think the other 
sisters were just holding on to them for the 
numbers...Most of them are really not interested.
Well I will tell you about my first day miracle 
this week. We dropped our stuff off at the 
apartment and then went out tracting.  We had 
about 15 minutes before we had to go to our 
dinner appointment so we each decided to 
pick a house. Well Sister Sorensen's house 
was no success.. I chose a cute house that had
an American flag out front. I was sure if they 
loved America they had to love Jesus as well.. 
Haha well we met Robby at this house and 
we were able to share a message about the Book 
of Mormon and gave him a copy and he invited 
us back! Yay! My first investigator!! Well sad 
news about Robby.. We went back to his house 
yesterday for our appointment and he didn't 
answer so we tried calling him and he had 
given us the wrong number..haha oh well! 
I invited some guy named Tim to be baptized! 
We found him on the street.. Of course 
he said no..,haha oh well, at least I invited him
to be baptized!
We do a lot of service! On the first night we 
went and cleaned an inactive lady in the wards 
home. She is on hospice so she can't do it
herself. We cleaned bathrooms and then cleaned 
out a room full of junk.. And finally vacuumed 
the house. It looked so good when we were done! 
The next day we went to our investigator Lianne's 
house. I am pretty sure she just used the 
missionaries for service cause she had us cut out 
glitter lettering for tee shirts she was making and 
then hardly let us give her a lesson.. We are 
probably dropping her this week.. And then on 
Friday, we went to the church and cut fruit for a
ward members wedding. We also helped set up 
and decorate for the wedding on Saturday. Oh 
and on Saturday we had a ward bbq! It was
great! I was able to meet lots of ward members 
and they had sweeto burrito! It was yummy!!
The ward members are so good at getting 
involved in the missionary work which is
great! Ok so funny story about the first night 
here. So we were driving home that night and 
Sister Sorensen's GPS had died so we were 
trying to use a little map on the iPad when 
that died as well..We were totally lost! It's 
my first day in Florida and her first day in 
the area..Haha let's just say we ended up 
about 20 minutes outside of our area
and we didn't make it home until 10:30.. 
Haha let's just say the power of prayer works 
cause we managed to find our way home!!
Let me tell you all about the weather here...
It's sooooo hot!!!! When we get up it is 
usually 85 degrees already!! By noon it is 
usually 95 degrees or hotter! And then it 
usually cools off again to around 85 when 
we go home at night.. Not to mention the 
humidity!!!! Oh boy!! It makes it even hotter!! 
Everyone keeps telling me that this is nothing 
and the humidity will really hit come July... 
I am not looking forward to that! Haha I may
just die!!
There are so many lizards and frogs everywhere!!! 
I jump every time one runs out in front of me on 
the sidewalk! And I usually have to refrain from 
screaming! Haha hopefully I get use to them 
quick! Oh and I can no longer do my hair 
straight.. It's too humid! I am now going with 
the all natural curl look. Which is just a wavy 
frizzy hot mess!  Haha
So let me tell you about church yesterday! I got 
welcomed into the ward by being asked to speak 
in sacrament meeting! It went good! I spoke on the 
light of Christ! I did get out of singing yesterday. 
I was suppose to sing in sacrament meeting as 
well...But that will happen soon cause my 
companion loves to sing! 
We had 4 investigators at church yesterday!! 
Yay!!  Andrea is 14 she came with her school 
teacher who is in our ward! We are going to 
get permission from her dad to start teaching 
the lessons to her after school at the ward 
members home.  Aldion is our next investigator 
who came to church and brought his
girls who are 9 and 10 years old. So they are 
our other investigators. Aldion is from Albania! 
He just moved here 3 weeks ago so his English 
is very little and it was quite a trick to 
communicate with him! We are planning to 
get Google translate and hope his daughters 
can help translate our lessons for us! Otherwise 
I will be learning Albanian in the next few days! 
Haha Aldion has already read the Book of 
Mormon when he was living in Albania 
and knows it is true!  So hopefully we have a 
baptism real soon for him and his daughters 
Angel and Anjeza! They are so sweet and I am 
so excited to teach them!!
I know I just complained about the heat but I 
get so cold here too!  Everyone keeps their house 
at 68-72 degrees so I freeze! At night I sleep in 
sweats and a long sleeve shirt and socks and 
then I have 2 blankets on my bed! Hahaha I need 
my 90 degree apartment back! Haha I probably 
look ridiculous because it is really not that cold 
but ya'll know how I am and I am always freezing! 
Hopefully I get use to all this heat though! It 
really hits you when you walk outside and
instantly start sweating! Haha
Ok so my final miracle story happened last night! 
We were out tracking and we needed to find 2 
new investigators so we could meet our daily
goal as well as our weekly goal! Well it was 
about 8:15 and we were having no success. 
People either were not home or just not interested
and slammed the door in our face. Finally I 
decided that we should go try visiting one of the 
new investigators on our list that we had not
met yet. Her name was Tiffany. Well we got to 
Tiffani's house and she was not home... But Jemere 
and Ray were her friends who were their and
let us talk to them! Jemere is this big black kid 
who had tattoos all up his arms, his pants were 
at his ankles and he had an afro with a pick in his 
hair and kept telling me all about the hood.. Haha 
Ray was really nice he had tattoos as ell but he 
had a real religious background and know lots 
about Jesus Christ already! Well we shared
about the Book of Mormon and Jemere kept 
asking questions regarding the Plan of Salvation. 
We showed him a video on our iPad and then out
of no where he started to tell me about the time 
he got shot in the mouth and lost his tooth and 
the bullet came out his right cheek! I was trying 
not to laugh and the only thing I could think to 
say was "you are so lucky to be alive, God really 
does love you!" Haha anyways 8:50 started to 
roll around and we needed to head home so I 
invited them to meet with us again for another 
lesson and a church tour. They said yes!! 
Success!!!! I call this my 8:50 miracle! We were 
able to quickly put their lesson for the night in 
and we managed to meet our goals!! Yay!
Well that is all of my crazy stories for the week. 
Nothing else exciting has happened.
We are an iPad mission. I should be getting 
Facebook with in the next month. They took all 
missions off of Facebook but we will be one of
the first to get it back!
Mom, you will probably get a bill for my iPad.. 
Just use to money in my savings to pay for it!
I didn't have to buy a bike I managed to get one 
for free from another sister going home. The brakes 
are broken so I just have to go get that
My new address is 3900 Oldfield Crossing Dr. #613
Jacksonville, Florida  32223
I sent letters today but I may have put them in 
the wrong box to be mailed.. So if they don't come 
sorry! I am a blonde and really having
a ton of blonde moments! Haha
Mom could you please find the book called 
"Power of Everyday Missionaries" it's by 
Clayton Christensen. I want to read it and it is
approved for my mission!
Here is the address for my missions blog:
It is for all the moms to keep up with the mission. 
I think they posted some pictures from my first 
day if you want to check it out.  I think that is 
about it! I love you all and can't wait til I can hear
from all of you again! Oh and my p-days are 
Monday's! Have a good week!
Linsey I am so excited for you! I hope you got 
everything worked out with finding someone to 
marry you!! Good luck! I wish I could be there!!
Mom, make sure to take Hunter on a date! And get their 
address! I want to write Hunter!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Webb
Ps I hope you get all my pictures :)


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