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Hendricks is on fire! - September 12, 2016

Hello family!
This week was probably one of the best weeks I've had in a long time!  We had transfers and my new companion is Sister Clay. She is great!  She is from Gilbert Arizona. We have been working so hard and doing a lot of finding but I don't think I have laughed so much since I was in Ocala! I can already tell these next 6 weeks are going to be great!

So let me just tell you the highlights of the week. Wednesday was transfers so I said goodbye to Sister Ruesch and Sister Clay and I started off for an adventure. So on the way back to our area I'm giving her a run down of all the people we are working with and some of the crazies in the ward.. I'm sure by the end she was wondering what kinda place she had just been called to serve in. Hendricks is pretty ghetto and full of the crazies but I love it! So by the time we got back to our area we had both come to the conclusion that Hendricks just needs a lot of help. It is dead and things just need to change.  Well, I told her all of that and she just went along with it. So we began the transfer with a lot of finding.

We had a huge miracle happen on Thursday! So we were in this apartment complex looking for a less active who the ward had asked us to go see.  We were having no success at trying to find her apartment. So we decided it would be best to knock a random apartment and ask if they knew where it was. So we come to the apartment and there are no numbers on any of the doors. We knock and Mike answers. So let me take a moment to describe Mike to y'all. So he is in his early 30's he has long curly nappy hair that was longer then mine. He answered the door shirtless and he had blood shot red eyes. So this first impression kinda worries Sister Clay and I and we introduced ourselves and started to talk about the Book of Mormon to him. It turns out his grandma was a member and his best friend growing up is a member. So he was pretty familiar with our beliefs. We were still hesitant to keep going but he told us he wanted to talk so he went and put a shirt on and we taught him the entire restoration, read with him some of 3 Nephi 11. And we invited him to church. Not only did he say yes to church he set a return appointment as well! Ok so fast forward to yesterday, Mike came to church!! He stayed all 3 hours and then stayed an extra hour for a baptism!! It was awesome! And he confirmed his own appointment for Tuesday! We are so excited to go back on Tuesday. We plan to invite him to baptism for October 16th!

Ok so more exciting things that have been happening here in Hendricks since transfers. So we have decided that we wanted to focus on four less active families to help reactivate them. So we decided to ask members of the ward council who they knew that we could work with. We had dinner with the Young Women's president on Friday and she gave us 4 families to try and then text us back the next day to give us like 3 more! Then we hit up the ward mission leader. He gave us 3 more names!
Talk about hitting a gold mine! We also set up with the ward mission leader about doing a "Meet the Mormons" fireside this month and he is totally on board! We are going to find some members to share their conversion story and then show a few clips from Meet the Mormons! I'm pretty excited!
We have found so many people in the past few days while we have been trying to contact all these less active families! It has been great!

We have had some interesting goals to go along with our finding to keep us excited and motivated. So earlier this week one of our golden hour goals was to find twins. We knocked and knocked and finally on Saturday afternoon we were trying to contact a referral and we saw these two young women who were wearing matching outfits and they were twins! 

Our second goal for the week I set and that was to find a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt who would let us into his house. We looked for this man for 3 days straight. Most days we knocked for half the day. But last night at 8:30 we decided to try one more less active before we went home. We knocked on the door and the husband who was a non member answered the door wearing a Hawaiian shirt and let us in!

Miracles are happening here in Hendricks!

I'm trying my hardest not to scare my companion or kill her with all the finding we are trying to do. I don't want to waste a single moment of these last two transfers and I've realized at some moments I've become a little crazy. Last night I wanted to skip dinner so we could go knock doors... I know this might come as a shock to most. Usually I'm the one who hates knocking and I never miss or shorten my meal times! But time is running out and I'm determined to work as hard as I can!

That's about all that is going on here. I hope y'all have a wonderful week and that y'all are enjoying the good weather. I am jealous about that! It's still in the 90's here almost every day and only cools down into the 80 at night. I definitely will freeze when I come home. I hope all goes well with finishing the stairs at home. I can't wait to see all the changes! Anyways, I love and miss y'all!

Sister Webb

P.S. I just got a hair cut and cut straight across bangs... I'll send a good picture next week once I figure out how to do them!

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Pics - September 12, 2016

Me and my baby at transfers!! We are still praying that a miracle will take place and she can be my companion for my last transfer!!
This is the picture that Sister Ruesch drew of me. She shadowed my face in compliments. Kinda strange but it was so sweet of her!

What a week! - September 5, 2016

Dearest family,

Florida never ceases to amaze me! I am seriously loving every minute of my mission! This week was a crazy but awesome week! So before mom has a panic attack I'm still alive and survived the hurricane if you could even call it one. There was a lot of wind and rain but nothing bad at all. In fact I wanted so badly to go outside and play in it.  They made us stay inside on Thursday evening but other then that by Friday morning we were back out knocking doors. 

Also, I'll give y'all my update on my ankle since I went to the doctors. So my Achilles had a tear in it but it must have been from awhile ago because there is a lot of scar tissue and extra skin trying to build back over it to help protect it. Also, they told me they found a small cyst there as well but they said that was nothing to be worried about. They said with some physical therapy and taking it easy I'll live! Haha but they also told me that my white blood cell count is unusually high so they will be monitoring that as well. I am just falling apart out here! But I'm happy that I can finally get this all taken care of and get out of pain! I have a picture of all the results that the mission nurse told me to email home so y'all will know exactly what's going on but there is the rough summary of it all.

I'll just briefly go through my week. Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer and then afterwards I had a trade off with the YSA sisters. Sister McConnell came to our area with me. She has been out for about six weeks. It was fun to do a trade off with her. She is seriously so sweet!

On Wednesday we went to the Mandarin district meeting and finished up our trade off. Sister McConnell gave her very first training! She did awesome! Of course the night before I gave her all my notes and helped her write it! But she did great! 

After that we had lunch with all the missionaries and then went to start another trade off this time with the Jax South sister training leaders! What a great trade off! I went with Sister McGregor!! Man, the trade off just made me miss being her companion! She is the absolute best! We didn't want it to end!

Thursday we ended our trade off by going to Palatka's district meeting! Finally the trade off ended and I had to go back to reality.  Thursday's night was when the storm hit so president called and told everyone to stay inside for the night. We spent the night doing our weekly planning.

Friday I had my doctor's appointment and then we just went out and about knocking doors and seeing people.

Saturday was transfer calls. I will be staying here in Hendricks as the sister training leader but I will be getting a new companion!! Yay!! I am so excited! Her name is Sister Clay but that is as much as I can tell you until next week! I've only met her once! This next transfer is going to be great! I am so excited and pumped to make these last 12 weeks the best weeks ever!

That basically about sums up my week. I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Love and miss y'all!

Sister Webb

Pics - September 5, 2016

This photo just explains my district so well. We are all a bunch of weirdos!
Sister Tui and I!
My trade off with Sister McConnell.
Sister McGregor and I! She goes home in 4 weeks! What will I do with out her?
Sister Ruesch and I
This is our photo from MLC with Elder Klebingat.

Best trade off of my life! - August 29, 2016

Here's an update on my week.

So Monday was pday. We didn't really get to do to much because I had doctors appointments. So I went and did my blood work test and I don't know what that lady did to my arm but she gave me a bruise that starts half way down my forearm and goes past my elbow! It was super swollen for the first half of the week but the swelling has gone down and the bruise has finally started going from black to turning yellow. 

So this week my goal has been to try to follow the spirit and to be exactly where  the lord would have us be. We have seen some awesome miracles this week from doing this. So Monday night we knocked some doors and then I just felt like we should go see a member we are working with named Sster Cone. So we show up at the rehab center she lives at and we get there to find her distraught and in tears. It was awesome to see how she needed us at that moment and the spirit guided us there.

On Tuesday we had another experience like that. We were going to try to see our investigator named Jerry and we had a member out with us and the appointment fell through. So again I felt like we needed to go see another member we are working with and bring the member to that.  So we went to see Sister Capwell and it was awesome! She had a ton of questions that Brother Hays was able to answer and she just really appreciated the company and said we were an answer to her prayers that night.

Wednesday is where my week got exciting but super crazy. So we started our morning off by going to the Jax Beach district meeting. It was one of the sister's birthday so we had made a cake and brought it to her.  After that we had trade offs with the Mandarin 1st sisters. What a trade off! I went with Sister Tuivailala and let me just tell you, she is the best! 

So we start our trade off pretty normal we did some service for one of the members and then after we went to dinner at a members home. After dinner is where our trade off begins to get very interesting. So we start to drive to where we are going to do our golden hour and the check engine light comes on and the car just has like zero power. So I pull over and we call the elder in charge of cars. He tells us that we need to drive the car home immediately and don't drive it again until morning and to drive it straight to the shop to get it looked at. So by the time we get the car all the way home it is like 8:20 and we figured by the time we walk to the houses in their area it will be time to come home so we decide it is best to knock the houses in the elder's area right behind their apartment. To make this long story short no one was very nice on that road. We got every door slammed in our faces and to top it all off an old man brought his gun to the door and told us to leave. So by this point we are like, ok we are done we are going home! 

So we go home and in the morning we do just what we are told. We take our car to the shop. The shop is about 5 miles from their apartment. So the people there tell us that it will probably take like 2 hours before they can get to our car... We didn't know what to do because we were too far to walk home and the only member who could give us a ride was busy until around noon. This is where my poor judgement may have come in. We decided that we would walk across the parking lot to the Whole Foods store and walk around. After being there for about an hour we decide we would get some lunch and hopefully the car would be fixed by then and we could go home. So we walk down the street and eat lunch and during lunch they call us and tell us that the car is under warranty and we need to go pick it up and drive it across town to the car dealership so they can fix it. So we do that and we end up getting stranded there for another hour until Sister Johnson was able to come to our rescue!

What a day right? Well it's not over, so sister Johnson takes us back to her place and we do "service" for her. We pretended to help her clean out her junk room. We didn't get too far with that because she wouldn't let us throw anything away! My favorite part was when I found a few feather boas and some tights that had a cougar with diamond eyes on them.. I jokingly asked her why she had those and if they were part of a Halloween costume.. That may have been the worst question to ask because she the proceeded to tell me that she had bought them when her husband was alive and that they were so they could have some fun..Yuck! I may have been scared for life that day! 

After we did service we assumed we would not have the car for the rest of the day so we had Sister Johnson drop us off over by where we would be eating dinner so we could knock doors over there. Well, we had been knocking for about 20 minutes when they called to tell us the car was finished. So we called Sister Johnson again and she came to the rescue yet again and took us to get our car! Talk about crazy 2 day trade off!

Friday we had MLC. It was awesome! We had Elder Jörg Klebingat from the Seventy come and speak to us! He is awesome! He is originally from Germany. So we have this senior couple in our mission right now named the Rails and they were living in the same Ward in Germany at the time that Elder Klebingat was baptized and they were at the conference and Elder Rail walked in and Elder Klebingat paused mid sentence and started asking what he was doing here. He finally pauses the whole meeting so he can go say hello to Sister Rail. This was my favorite part. Sister Rail sees him and says "well I'll be damned" haha so he comes back in and shares this with all of us. Yeah, never thought I would hear a general authority swear! MLC was great though, he taught us all how to become better leaders and really stressed the importance of knowing the scriptures. He taught us how to memorize scriptures easy and told us that we need to have hundreds of scriptures memorize not just a few. Nothing else too exciting happened that day.
Saturday I went and got my MRI. That was a long experience. I will be going to the doctor this Friday for my follow up where they will go over my blood work test and my MRI to see what they can do for my ankle and what is wrong with it. Thankfully that topical gel they gave me for the pain is working wonders and I haven't been in pain all week! 

Ok, one of the best stories happened on Saturday night. So we went back to the rehab center to see Sister Cone and she really wanted a blessing so we call the zone leaders and they come by around 8:50 to give her a blessing. She explains to them that a year ago she had a stroke and she wants to ask to be healed because her right leg and hand are still numb. So the elders go ahead and give her a blessing and at the end of the blessing so says, "I feel like I can walk again." I was thinking she meant she felt like she would be healed and over time she would be able to walk. I was wrong. She instantly starts adjusting her bed so she can get out of it to try walking. Now let me just explain Sister Cone to y'all. She probably weighs about 400 lbs and hasn't walked in over a year. So she started to tell the elders that if they will help her she wants to try walking right now... Haha the elder's faces were priceless! They calmly explain to her that it would be best if the nurses came in to help her as well. So she instantly wants us to go get the nurses because she is sure she has been healed and can walk again. I could hardly make it out of the room with out bursting out laughing. This lady has some great faith!

Unfortunately none of the nurses wanted to come at 9:20 at night to help her out of bed to try to walk. So we promised that we would all come back first thing in the morning to help. Well we got there Sunday morning and she was sound asleep. So we will never know if she can walk. Sister Ruesch and I are going to go with her to her physical therapy this week to see if she can walk. It is going to be quite the experience! I think the elders are more excited about this than anything. They have called us like 5 times since to ask if we went back to see Sister Cone and if she has walked yet! Haha 

Well, I hope y'all have a wonderful week! This is the last week of the transfer! That means only 13 more weeks! What a bitter sweet thing that is! Thanks for all the emails! I love and miss y'all so much!


Weekly photos - August 29, 2016

Sister Tui and I! She is the best!
It wouldn't be a trade off in Mandarin without a picture with Sister Johnson!
Look at the baby pineapple i found!
We had a little fun on the playground toys.. Haha
Just me riding a whale, no big deal!
This is what my arm looked like a few days after I got my blood drawn.. It looks nice and yellow now! Haha

Cockroaches, trade offs, and Dr. Appointments - August 22, 2016

Hello family!

First things first, mum getting the "your missionary is come home soon" letter should not have been the highlight of your week. I believe that I sent a letter to you and dad last week and that should have been better! Haha naw, I'm only kidding! I'm getting pretty excited to come home. I am sad that I won't be home until after thanksgiving so I will unfortunately miss out on all the midnight shopping with y'all but I do expect y'all to buy me some clothes so I can come home and wear something nice! Haha as for having thanksgiving dinner when I get home I would love to do that!

Well I will tell y'all all about my week. It was a week full of trade offs and Doctor appointments. But we did have some good moments to mention. 

So Monday night we had the singles FHE dinner to go to! That is seriously the best thing ever! Who would have guessed eating with all the old single people of the ward would be so much fun! Most of them are in their 90's and still kickin!

Tuesday we had zone conference. It was  awesome! They had us do an awesome role play on door approaches and boy was it fun! The new approach we have been taught to use is introducing ourselves as messengers sent from God or Jesus Christ and then to asks them a "did you know question". Like did you know that our Savior Jesus Christ appeared to the Americas and we have tangible evidence of that? The question helps you lead right into teaching the restoration. It's been awesome! I did have quite a shock at zone conference that I was not ready for. So when you come to your last zone conference they let all the departing missionaries bear their testimonies. Well, I go home with one of the zone leaders and he had told me the day before not to worry because there is still a zone conference in November and we would bear our testimony then. He was wrong! We have our mission tour in November so this was the last zone conference before I go home.  Let's just say I cried the whole time I bore my testimony! But I still have 3 more months so nothing to be to sad about! 

After zone meeting we had a trade off with some sisters. It was a long trade off. They had been having some problems so we ended up having to do a two day trade off with them. It was good though. I stayed in Hendricks with Sister Hibbard who is a new missionary still in training and sister Ruesch went to the other area. We had some awesome miracles that happened on the trade off. We found a new investigator named Dequan and set a baptism date with him. Sadly he is in his 20's and we will be referring him to the YSA sisters. 

We had an awesome lesson with our baptism date Deanna. We taught repentance to her so she could fully repent before baptism. She is doing awesome! She quit smoking cigarettes last week and is now working on getting off the e-cigarette. She has a solid baptism date for September 25! We are so excited!!

Friday I had my doctors appointment. I'm not sure how to say it went.  We were hoping that it would be a quick easy visit that they would just confirm that I had Achilles tendonitis and then prescribe me physical therapy. Well that is not exactly what happened. They are concerned with the lump I have on the back of my ankle. They say that it's not common for tendonitis. So they have requested that I get a MRI and I also have to go get blood work done to make sure that there is no underlying problems with  me... Luckily the MRI was approved by the missionary medical. The mission nurse told me they hate approving them because if the MRI shows anything too serious or they recommend surgery then they usually send the missionary home. So now I just have to pray that all will be ok and that my physical therapy will be enough to cure this! On a good note they gave me this awesome topical gel to put on it that has been really helping with my pain!  I'm getting all the blood work done today and then later this week I will probably go for the MRI. So mum, I need you to make sure I have money in my account because each doctor visit I go to its a 10 dollar copay. Also I ran out of money for the month so I will need to use my home card next week for groceries.

We had another trade off on Friday after the doctors appointment. This time we had it with the Arlington sisters. I went to their area with Sister Mansfield. It was fun! She use to be my sister training leader when I was in Ocala. So yeah, it was a very easy and relaxed trade off.

My final story happened on Saturday night. So we get in for the night and we are getting all ready for bed so Sister Ruesch is in the bathroom and I walk in the bedroom I was grabbing something off my nightstand in the dark when I saw a giant black spot under the window sill. I knew this was not good so I turn on my lamp to see a giant cockroach under the window sill right above my pillow! I wanted to die!!! So I go and start banging on the bathroom door and in my high pitched voice I am trying to tell Sister Ruesch that there is a cockroach and she needs to kill it. By this point I have stripped all of the blankets off of my bed and pulled the mattress away from the wall. Sister Ruesch is just laughing and wondering why I can't just kill it myself. Well, she agrees to smash it but ends up knocking it on the floor so we both are screaming. The second time she tries to hit it it flies up at our faces and finally I put a shoe on and just smashed the little bugger into the carpet. It made for a funny moment.
We recorded some of it so y'all will be able to see it! The rest of the night I was so paranoid that there were going to be cockroaches in my bed with me. Luckily that is the first one we have ever seen and we haven't seen any since!

Well that concludes my week! I will let y'all know how everything with the doctor goes when I know! I have my blood work appointment this afternoon, I will be going for the MRI later this week and then I have physical therapy next Monday and another doctors appointment to follow up with everything on the 2nd of Sept. So yeah, I'll keep y'all updated. I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I love and miss y'all a bunch!

Sister Webb
Ps. We are starting our 100 day count down!! :)

Videos & Pics - August 22, 2016

Cockroach videos
Our zone and zone conference
Sister Ruesch and I
3) Sister Tui and I! I just love her!
My trade off with Sister Hibbard
Our trade off selfie
My trade off with Sister Mansfield
This is a photo of LJ. She is almost 9 years old and her family is less active but over the past 3 months we went each week and taught LJ the lessons and Sunday she got baptized!! It was so cute! She is such an example to her family and hopefully she can help them get strong in the gospel!
I just got my blood work done.. The lady stuck me in the right arm and either missed or didn't want to admit it so she said the blood wasn't coming out fast enough. It wasn't coming out at all... So she had to pull it out because my arm was turning blue from it and then stuck me in the left arm to get the blood. When the elders saw my arm they told me that just because it was p-day I still need to lay off the drugs.. Haha oh elders they think they are so funny!

Weekly email- August 15, 2016

Hello family!
Here's the latest on what's been happening here in Jacksonville. It's still super hot but luckily it has started to rain almost every day.  That makes it cool down from about 100 to about 96. Haha but hey, I am not complaining because 96 feels amazing! The other day it cooled down to around 85 and there was a slight breeze and I was so cold I got goose bumps! Haha Your probably saying to yourself right now that nothing to exciting must have happened to me this week if I am just talking about the weather but actually lots happened this week so here we go.. 

So, sad news first. Basically I've been sick almost all week so that's been miserable. I don't know what is wrong but anytime I eat anything I get super sick so I've put myself on a new diet called try to eat as little as possible. It might actually help me to loose some weight! Haha 

Second, we had to drop our investigator named Mustafa. There was to much of a language barrier and he could not understand half of what we were trying to teach him and he was unwilling to commit to come to church. That's about all the sad news that I got.

Ok, now on to the good stuff. So let me tell you about all of our investigators we are working with. So first we have Rachel. She is so cute, she doesn't know how to read so we are slowly teaching her how to read by helping her read the kids Book of Mormon. It has been great! My favorite is going to her house and she has this cat named Jaggy Poo.. Haha just the way she calls him is the best! 

Next we have Jerry. Ok he is one of my favorites! He is in his 60's and he is like tooth pick skinny. He has hair that is longer then mine usually it is in a ponytail every time we see him but when we went over on Friday night he opened the door and I almost didn't recognize him because he had his hair down, he was in jeans and a dragon tee shirt and then had a hat on. Haha he is the cutest old man. He loves motorcycles and is this biker man but he is just a sweet heart! I'm not sure what I've told you about him in the past. We have been working with him for about 2 months now. His daughter is a recent convert and lives in Colorado so that is how he had heard about the church. He is so excited to be baptized and is preparing to be baptized on October 7th! 

The next awesome miracle we had was the Spanish elders gave us a referral and when we went to try it she was sleeping but the sister said she was interested in listening. The sister's name was Holly. So we taught Holly the whole restoration and the whole time we taught it she just had the biggest smile on her face and kept saying wow and her mouth was open for about half the lesson!  She said yes to baptism as well!!

Our final miracle took place over the weekend. So the ward had a back to school bash and rented a giant blow up water slide and then played volleyball and barbecued. We invited our investigator DeAnna and she came with her 2 kids. They loved it and later that night we went over and taught them about the restoration. It was great! They were suppose to be going back to their dad's that night but something came up and they were able to make it to church. Well after church there was a baptism and we invited them to stay so they did. The kids loved it and just kept leaning over to DeAnna and telling her they want to be baptized! This brought Deanna to tears! She has been investigating for over a year now and is working towards baptism on September 3rd. She is now praying that the kid's dad will let them be baptized with her! 

The final event of the week was we did a trade off with the Mandarin 2nd sisters. It was a good trade off. I went to their area but they didn't have the car and their bikes were broken so we ended up walking everywhere. It wasn't too bad but I just forgot how little you get done when walking... Not to mention my ankle never got better so walking basically kills me!  But I survived and it was such a good trade off! 

Here is some good/ exciting news for y'all! Well, it might not be to exciting for y'all but it sure is for me. So with my ankle they have been trying to get my records transferred from Ocala and Gainesville since I got here which has been 3 months now... Well, with no success the mission nurse has now decided that it will just be easier to go and be seen again by a new doctor and have them re-prescribe physical therapy for me. So, I will be going to the doctor this Friday to once again get my ankle taken care of and hopefully get out of pain!  But I guess if not I only have 3 more months. I mean I've been dealing with the pain since January what's a few more months going to do. Haha but I am excited to at least be starting physical therapy again! 

I think that is all that happened this week that I can think of. I hit my 15 month mark a few days ago!! Only 3 more months!!!! I can't wait!! Anyways, I love and miss y'all so much!

Sister Webb

Pics - August 15, 2016

My trade off with Sister Caton!

Our recent coverts Jamie and Kyle had a violin so I decided to play it for a little while at our lesson with them.

A bunch of nasty food and a trade off! -August 8, 2016

Hello my wonderful family!
This week has been a wonderful week! I just love weeks where you can work so hard and enjoy the work! So here is the update on the week!

So Monday was p-day as usual. After p-day we ate dinner with a member.  I'm still not sure how I feel about eating with members. So we get there and she forgot to cook the rice so we went with out rice, then she forgot to cook the broccoli so we went with out that. She made some canned tomatoes and black eyed peas for us. It was an interesting combination but it was good. Then she fed us a giant hunk of tuna... I was dying. I ate about half and had to take the rest home! Members should really start learning to eat better food! I know I'm picky but seriously who eats tomatoes, black eyed peas and tuna for a meal? Haha

On Tuesday we had district meeting and then interviews! They were great! I seriously just love our mission president and his wife so much! They are so inspired and so kind! So in between district meeting and interviews the district decided the wanted to go out to lunch.  Well, I am trying to eat healthy so I brought my green smoothie and ate that while everyone else had some yummy Mexican! By later that night I was looking so forward to dinner because I was starving from only having my smoothie. Well, we get to dinner and the members are feeding us cow liver!! Who even eats that? The members who fed us told us how this is such a sentimental meal because it's what they ate on their first date.. They set the table so nice and the whole time I am just somehow praying that it won't be as bad as I am hoping. Well I take my first bite and instantly gag. I managed to get 3 bites down before I just couldn't do it and had to stop! I was trying my hardest to get it down by mixing it with the other food provided but that was instant mashed potatoes and yucky! I just couldn't do it!! Let's just say my favorite part was when they tried to feed the liver to their grandson who is 8 and he took one bite spit it out all over his plate and then said, "This is not steak! This taste like it came out of a cows butt!" I was dying because I was thinking the same thing! Haha 

Nothing to exciting happened on Wednesday besides we went to lunch with the YSA sisters because one of them got sick and had to go home.  It was a sad day! But we went to this really yummy place called the French pantry. Oh my, it was the best food ever!!! My favorite part was when I asked the cashier what the best dessert was and she just grabbed this huge hunk of cake and rang it up for me.. Guess that she knew I would want it. It was called wedding cake and oh my, this is why I can't loose weight! It was so good!

Thursday was a day full of lessons. So we had a lesson with our investigator named Amanda. She is awesome! We taught her all about receiving personal revelation. 

After that we went to this less active's house and oh boy, so we pull up and sit down on some chairs outside and instantly he lights up a cigarette and says " just to get things straight I ain't stopping! And then keeps smoking. So we start to ask him about himself and he didn't know that he was baptized so we keep teaching him the restoration and invite him to be baptized... Yeah, I invited a member to be baptized. It was the only way I could get a return appointment. Haha 

After his lesson we had an awesome lesson with this man named Patrick. We invited him to baptism and he said yes as well! 

Finally, we had a lesson with Robert. We are going to help him turn his life around so he can be baptized. 

Ok, so next food story because that is all I talk about. We had dinner with another member and they fed us Shrimp Alfredo but it was mostly shrimp... I managed to gag down 3 pieces of shrimp before I had to ask for a To Go bag.  But hey, I'm making improvements because at home I wouldn't have even tried it!

Friday we had trade offs with the Dunn ave sisters. It was great!  Sister Bryans came to Hendricks with me and let me tell you about it.  So we start off by knocking doors for 2 hours straight because well I basically want to torture all of my sisters and make them do the things I hate the most. Haha just kidding. But as we are knocking we knocked into this crazy lady who invites us in and then wouldn't let us leave. She just kept telling us her life story and I kept cutting in and trying to share a message she just wouldn't let us leave and kept talking. She eventually just started yelling at us and then at the end wanted to bless us and I finally just had to get us out of there! 

After that we ate dinner at a members house and their German Shepard attacked poor Sister Bryans and bit her. Yeah, I'm the best sister training leader ever! Haha 

We finally had a lesson with Jerry and he is the best! He is so excited to get baptized!!

That about sums up my week! I ate a lot of nasty foods and I went on an adventurous trade off! I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

Love and miss y'all!
Sister Webb

Pics - August 8, 2016

So...I tried to cross some monkey bars.. I really struggled! And yes, it is so stinkin hot that I sweat that much! Haha
Same thing just a different face
Trade off with Sister Bryans
Trade off selfie
The yummy cake I got at the French pantry.
Same thing, it was so good I know y'all are jealous!
Us and the YSA sisters! We will definitely miss Sister Hannah! We are just praying that she will be able to come back out!
My shrimp Alfredo that I gave up on eating and just ate the yummy dessert!
P.S. Don't judge my hair in any of these photos... I may have decided not to do my hair for a few days until I realized I looked like poo!  Haha