Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cockroaches, trade offs, and Dr. Appointments - August 22, 2016

Hello family!

First things first, mum getting the "your missionary is come home soon" letter should not have been the highlight of your week. I believe that I sent a letter to you and dad last week and that should have been better! Haha naw, I'm only kidding! I'm getting pretty excited to come home. I am sad that I won't be home until after thanksgiving so I will unfortunately miss out on all the midnight shopping with y'all but I do expect y'all to buy me some clothes so I can come home and wear something nice! Haha as for having thanksgiving dinner when I get home I would love to do that!

Well I will tell y'all all about my week. It was a week full of trade offs and Doctor appointments. But we did have some good moments to mention. 

So Monday night we had the singles FHE dinner to go to! That is seriously the best thing ever! Who would have guessed eating with all the old single people of the ward would be so much fun! Most of them are in their 90's and still kickin!

Tuesday we had zone conference. It was  awesome! They had us do an awesome role play on door approaches and boy was it fun! The new approach we have been taught to use is introducing ourselves as messengers sent from God or Jesus Christ and then to asks them a "did you know question". Like did you know that our Savior Jesus Christ appeared to the Americas and we have tangible evidence of that? The question helps you lead right into teaching the restoration. It's been awesome! I did have quite a shock at zone conference that I was not ready for. So when you come to your last zone conference they let all the departing missionaries bear their testimonies. Well, I go home with one of the zone leaders and he had told me the day before not to worry because there is still a zone conference in November and we would bear our testimony then. He was wrong! We have our mission tour in November so this was the last zone conference before I go home.  Let's just say I cried the whole time I bore my testimony! But I still have 3 more months so nothing to be to sad about! 

After zone meeting we had a trade off with some sisters. It was a long trade off. They had been having some problems so we ended up having to do a two day trade off with them. It was good though. I stayed in Hendricks with Sister Hibbard who is a new missionary still in training and sister Ruesch went to the other area. We had some awesome miracles that happened on the trade off. We found a new investigator named Dequan and set a baptism date with him. Sadly he is in his 20's and we will be referring him to the YSA sisters. 

We had an awesome lesson with our baptism date Deanna. We taught repentance to her so she could fully repent before baptism. She is doing awesome! She quit smoking cigarettes last week and is now working on getting off the e-cigarette. She has a solid baptism date for September 25! We are so excited!!

Friday I had my doctors appointment. I'm not sure how to say it went.  We were hoping that it would be a quick easy visit that they would just confirm that I had Achilles tendonitis and then prescribe me physical therapy. Well that is not exactly what happened. They are concerned with the lump I have on the back of my ankle. They say that it's not common for tendonitis. So they have requested that I get a MRI and I also have to go get blood work done to make sure that there is no underlying problems with  me... Luckily the MRI was approved by the missionary medical. The mission nurse told me they hate approving them because if the MRI shows anything too serious or they recommend surgery then they usually send the missionary home. So now I just have to pray that all will be ok and that my physical therapy will be enough to cure this! On a good note they gave me this awesome topical gel to put on it that has been really helping with my pain!  I'm getting all the blood work done today and then later this week I will probably go for the MRI. So mum, I need you to make sure I have money in my account because each doctor visit I go to its a 10 dollar copay. Also I ran out of money for the month so I will need to use my home card next week for groceries.

We had another trade off on Friday after the doctors appointment. This time we had it with the Arlington sisters. I went to their area with Sister Mansfield. It was fun! She use to be my sister training leader when I was in Ocala. So yeah, it was a very easy and relaxed trade off.

My final story happened on Saturday night. So we get in for the night and we are getting all ready for bed so Sister Ruesch is in the bathroom and I walk in the bedroom I was grabbing something off my nightstand in the dark when I saw a giant black spot under the window sill. I knew this was not good so I turn on my lamp to see a giant cockroach under the window sill right above my pillow! I wanted to die!!! So I go and start banging on the bathroom door and in my high pitched voice I am trying to tell Sister Ruesch that there is a cockroach and she needs to kill it. By this point I have stripped all of the blankets off of my bed and pulled the mattress away from the wall. Sister Ruesch is just laughing and wondering why I can't just kill it myself. Well, she agrees to smash it but ends up knocking it on the floor so we both are screaming. The second time she tries to hit it it flies up at our faces and finally I put a shoe on and just smashed the little bugger into the carpet. It made for a funny moment.
We recorded some of it so y'all will be able to see it! The rest of the night I was so paranoid that there were going to be cockroaches in my bed with me. Luckily that is the first one we have ever seen and we haven't seen any since!

Well that concludes my week! I will let y'all know how everything with the doctor goes when I know! I have my blood work appointment this afternoon, I will be going for the MRI later this week and then I have physical therapy next Monday and another doctors appointment to follow up with everything on the 2nd of Sept. So yeah, I'll keep y'all updated. I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I love and miss y'all a bunch!

Sister Webb
Ps. We are starting our 100 day count down!! :)


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