Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Officially 9 months baby! - February 15, 2016

Dearest family,

I've officially made it 9 months!!!! It's officially all down hill from here! I'm so excited but at the same time I don't ever want to come home.. I just love it out here!

So this week was a pretty good week. It was a long a new missionary is harder work then I thought. I'm now basically doing all the talking in every lesson and at every door we knock. I am the one who makes all the plans, confirms all the appointments because she is scared to carry the phone, not to mention teaching her things as we go... It's been rough but we are still making it through! I've just never been so tired my whole mission! But hey, we are being blessed so much here in Ocala that it is so worth it!  Let me give you our weekly update.

Monday was p-day, like I said last week. I had to buy a new bike because my current bike was crap.. If you didn't remember it had no brakes. Haha but the new bike is wonderful and I love it! For p-day we just hung out at the church and played volleyball with the elders. The elders then began to play basketball and lightening and Elder Hopkins roped me into playing with them. Let's just say I only got far into the game because Elder Hopkins was behind me and let me beat him every time. Haha it was fun! I love our district so much and I am going to be so sad when I finally have to move to a different area! Anyways, after p-day we went to see Sister Dowling in the ward. Her husband recently got baptized two weeks ago. It's always an adventure going to their house. They live in an RV campground and well it's interesting having lessons. You either have to squeeze in their small camper or if you're lucky they invite you to the club house. This time we had a lesson at the club house which was good! They are so sweet and so excited to get involved in the church! So, I think I am finally getting down the whole eat what you are given and just smile and say thank you. They gave us some orange juice and cookies this time. Which would not have been bad but my cup of orange juice had black floaties in it and the cookies they gave us were not bad besides the fact that their two year old son touched all of them with his dirty hands and licked some and put them back.. Yes, I was dying but I'm happy to say I gagged down 2 cookies and swallowed all of it down with my caca orange juice. My poor companion struggled more then me but hey, she manage to get the orange juice down! I was proud of her! Haha 

On Tuesday we went up to Gainesville for zone meeting. It was really good. We had some really good trainings and I got so much out of all of them that I can use for my investigators! The spirit was so strong during that whole zone meeting. At the end of it we sang Armies of Helaman and I got all teary eyed and may have shed a few tears! Haha I'm pretty sure as a missionary you just cry over the stupidest things because all of your emotions are heightened. 

On Tuesday night we had dinner with Sister Thompson in the ward and she invited our investigator Airis and Bryan over to have dinner as well! It was really good. We taught them the restoration and answered lots of their questions they had about joining the church. Sister Thompson was so sweet, she gave Bryan a set of scripture she had at her house so now he has a quad! How awesome is that!! After their lesson we went over to the Lea's house and had a lesson with their boys. It was fun. They taught us about tithing and then we read out of the children's Book of Mormon with them. I love their boys they are just the best!

On Wednesday we didn't do to much. We ended up doing some service for an investigator in the morning.. That was probably one of the grossest things I have done in a while. We cleaned up her yard and she has 3 Australian Shephards.. Yeah, I've never scooped so much poop in my life!! Haha and then to top that off I had to pick up all the garbage in the yard and dog bones.. Caca I was about to puke the whole time!! But I'm happy to say I survived scooping poop and touching caca bones and dog toys.. After that we spent most of the day just walking around trying to see people because we didn't have the car. 

Later that night we went to the Book of Mormon class because it was our night to teach.  It was good. After class we had a lesson with Ron and answered all of the questions he had about prophets. We taught the restoration and talked a lot about church history. He really does his research and asked so many questions that I didn't even know answers to... Good thing for smart members to help me out! Haha 

Nothing really happened on Thursday we spent the day outside trying to see people.. And then that night we went to church and played volley ball with our investigators and ward members. It was a lot of fun!  That's always a good stress reliever!

On Friday we had weekly planning and then had no set appointments so we decided to knock doors for 3 hours straight.. That was a long three hours. We had no car so we decide to walk to the apartment complex that Ron lives in. That was a bad idea. Mostly Spanish people live there. I had the most awkward embarrassing moments while knocking doors there.. So I knock this door and this lady answers. I start talking in English and realize that she only speaks Spanish.. I then remember Elder Hopkins taught me how to introduce myself as a missionary and say I don't speak Spanish but I know missionaries that do and would they like to meet with them.. Well I got all that out and the lady continues to talk to me in Spanish.. I panicked and then just started talking to her in English really slow. I resorted to just telling her missionaries would come by tomorrow. Well I texted the elders after that to tell them to go by and talk to her when they tell us that she was one of their current investigators.. Haha I looked so stupid! Haha but hey, I finally got to use my Spanish skills!

I think that's basically all that has happened this week. I'm happy to hear everyone at home is doing well! I'm so excited to get lots of pictures this week of the baby!! I expect my email to be flooded with photos!! Also I am joining in on this competition. I guess that Ivy will be born on Sunday the 21st at 10:47pm. Now because I am at a huge disadvantage here because y'all already kinda know how much Ivy weighs I think just for guessing I should get the 20 dollars!! But my time guess can either count for mountain standard time or eastern time...whichever is closest.. Haha and the weight I am guessing will be 5lbs 2oz. I remember mom saying last week she was at 4 1/2lbs so I'm guessing that. You will have to send me everyone else's guesses!

So, my Valentine's was good I guess. It's actually pretty different as a missionary. I'm use to going out on a date, getting flowers, getting kisses. Yeah, nothing.. Well I did end up getting a kiss yesterday but it was from like a 90-year old crazy lady.
Well, have a good week love and miss you all!

Sister Webb

Pics from February 15, 2016

Here are some pictures of me and my new companion sister Olsen. Sorry I didn't send any last week.. Also notice the great comp unity. We were cute enough to match for Valentine's Day! Haha
So we went to lunch today and had to get a photo with the chicken.
We also had to take a selfie for y'all!
Happy Valentine's Day!! I love you!!! :)

9 months baby! - February 8, 2016

Hello family!!

What a freaking crazy but amazing week! So much has happened! First off, this weeks is my 9 month mark!!! Can you believe it? I'm already half way done!!! It's all down hill from here! Get ready cause I'll be home before y'all know it!

So, transfers were this week. It was sad to say goodbye to Sister McGregor but my new companion is great! Her name is Sister Olsen, she is 19 and she is from Deklo, Idaho. Training has been good so far. It's a lot of work and you definitely have to be strictly obedient because the new missionary is looking to you in everything because they know nothing. So, no more being lazy for me!! Haha it's been good though, she is still really scared to talk to people so I've been doing all the talking but I will slowly break her in. We have seen so many miracles this week and I'm so excited for the many more we are going to have together.

Let me just start right in on the week. So Monday night we were able to set a baptism date with Ron. He is hopefully going to be baptized on February 27th!! He seriously is the best! He has almost passed me up in he Book of Mormon! We still need to teach him like almost all the lessons still but hey, he is golden and he is going to be baptized!

On Tuesday night it was our last night as companions and Sister McGregor waited until the last minute to pack so we didn't get to bed until after midnight. I was dying because the next day we had to get up at 5 so we could make it to Jacksonville bright and early so I could get my new companion. We spent most of the day Wednesday in training so I would know what to do as a trainer.  Nothing really happened until the weekend. It basically rained like everyday this week. And when I say rain I mean poured. And it was like 40 degree's on top of that!! I think I froze my poor companion because I made her walk in it because she didn't have a bike yet.

Ok so the most exciting day of the week was on Saturday. We had the ward mission leader come out with us and we went and saw some of our investigators. We went and saw a family called the Dockendorf's. They were a referral from a member and the lesson was amazing! We taught the restoration and then invited their family to baptism. They are planning to be baptized but do not have dates yet. That is our goal for this week is to set dates with them they have two children who are baptismal age as well. So get ready for lots of baptism stories.

Ok so after we saw them we went and saw our investigator Airis. She has been meeting with us and wants to be baptized but this week we actually got to meet with her and her new husband. She was married last Saturday! Anyways, we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to baptism and set dates with both of them for March 5th!! Ok, I don't want to brag but we are on fire!!

We plan to try to set dates with Lucy and her 4 kids this week as well as with our investigator named Debbie. So let's just say that the field is ripe all ready to harvest here in Ocala.

Another huge miracle we saw this week was when we went to see sister Nohns. That is Jonathan's mom. Jonathan actually sat in on the lessons. If you don't remember who Jonathan was he was the 9 year old that we were teaching who didn't want to be baptized so we dropped him. But now  he is actually participating in the lessons so hopefully we can baptize him as well!

Yesterday was a rough day. I forgot that it was the Super Bowl... No one wanted us to come see them and none of our investigators wanted to come to church. Luckily, Airis and Bryan came. I forget how out of the loop you are when your a missionary. I didn't realize it was Groundhog's day, the Super Bowl...and it's Marti gras this week? Man I'm out of the loop! 

Haha Anyways, to make this email short I will just say we had a very good week and we saw a ton of miracles!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I miss y'all and can't wait to hear from y'all!
Love you!!
Sister Webb

Pics from February 8, 2016

We bought Florida swear shirts last Monday and we had to take a farewell picture with our favorite family in them. We love the Tompkins!!
Here's my brand new bike I bought today!! It's a beauty!! Thank goodness for gift cards I had from he beginning of my mission. I had to buy a new one because my old one was falling apart.
So I had to send this picture to brag a little. We smashed it on our goals this week!! If only we could have gotten one more 'gator in church we could have nailed it! But sadly because of the Super Bowl it was a little tuff... But look at those numbers! Sister Olsen and I are an amazing team! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Craziest week ever! - February 1, 2016

Dear family,
What a week... This week was such a crazy and busy week, but it was a good week! I have so many stories for y'all! I'm just going to jump right into them.

Story number one starts on last Monday. So, last Monday was p-day and it was a good day. We had played volleyball and just had a relaxing and enjoyable time. About 30 minutes before p-day was suppose to be over we had a missed call And a voice mail. I checked the voice mail before checking who called. It was from President Craig... All the message said was, "Hello Sisters, if you could just give me a call when you get this I would appreciate it..." After listening to the message I told Sister McGregor and instantly we just start to panic. We started freaking out about every bad thing we had done and how we are going to be busted and sent home and we are both just a mess! Haha we decide that we need to change out of our clothes and get ready before we could call president. We were hoping that this would calm us down.  Let's just say that didn't work so well.  We decided half way through changing we would need to pray. It basically took us an entire 30 minutes to get up the nerve to call him. 

Well, we call back as we are driving home from p-day and president first starts off by telling us that this call is a two-fold.. First, we forgot to send in our numbers this week... Our bad! We repent and tell him our numbers and then he starts in again on saying how this is a two-part phone the panic sets in again! 

He then tells Sister McGregor that she needs to find a ride to MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) on Wednesday because she is going to be a sister training leader this next transfer. 

By this point I am just relieved and thinking I got out of this phone call when he starts to talk to me and says "Sister Webb, you will be training this next transfer!" What???!! As we like to say it as missionaries, I'm having a baby! I will be getting my first mission daughter on Wednesday!  She'll be fresh from the MTC! I've basically been in shock about this all week. Apparently the Lord knows I'm ready for this and that I can do this so I guess I'm ready as well!

Story number two happened on Wednesday. So on Tuesday night we traveled up to Gainesville so Sister McGregor could travel to Jacksonville in the morning to go to her mission leadership conference. I stayed in Gainesville with two other sisters. Nothing too exciting happened I just remembered how blessed I am not to be in a YSA branch on my mission. 

So here is the story.. We were out knocking doors and we knock this one door and a guy answers and we start talking to him. Well, all the sudden his roommate comes home and he stands at the door and starts listening as well. So far so good right?  Well, this guy was very good looking and it didn't help that he was all dressed up in a suit. Let's just say I made the mistake of letting my eyes check him out and when I went back to look him in the eye he was staring right at me.. Sometimes I am not he smartest! Haha anyways by this point I tune back into the lesson and I realize that the missionaries I am with have no clue what they are talking about and so I have to take over and turn the lesson back to the restoration. So then I tell the first vision and talk about the Book of Mormon and by the end I invite them to read the Book of Mormon and ask if we can come back. Well of course the one boy I got caught checking out said yes and smiles at me.. Haha awkward!!! But hey, sometimes you just have to flirt to convert! Haha I did those sisters a favor, I got them a return appointment and a new investigator. Now let's just hope he was actually interested in the message! Haha 

Story number 3 happened on Thursday. So on Thursday Sister McGregor got to go to the temple because she has reached her half way mark on her mission! Mine is next month and I can't wait!!! Anyways, with her going to the temple this meant that I had to be in another trio for the day. I went with the sisters from second ward. It was an okay day.  The best part happened when we were doing golden hour and just knocking doors. So we knocked on this lady's door and she comes outside and she is like 85. Well we tell her that we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ. She then tells us she knows all about Jesus Christ because she is a minister. She then starts to tell us that she has died before and has been resurrected. Haha. She got very into her story and as she told it she would grab Sister T and shake her shoulders! Haha.  Sister T just went along with it and it was the best. She told us the same story like 10 times. I am basically crying because I am holding back from laughing my head off... Haha her story was basically that she died and saw heaven and then she saw the Virgin Mary and said Hail Mary. She then had to tell us that she is not Catholic but said that anyways. She then said she saw Jesus and he took her by the arm and took her to hell. He then told her that her life on earth was not finished that she needed to go back and tell everyone what she saw and help them know that heaven is real and is beautiful! She repeated this story for about 20 minutes when I asked if we could share a video of Jesus Christ with her. The whole time the video was playing she kept saying, "That is Jesus. I've seen him and he looks just like that." Haha by the end we tell her we need to go and she tells us to never forget how beautiful heaven is. She then gave us all a hug and a kiss and said "I'll see you in heaven." Haha what a sweetheart!

On Saturday we had a lesson with our investigator named Ron. It was a good lesson! He is so golden!! I can't remember if I told you about Ron or not so I will tell you again. So, Ron.. We actually met him while contacting his daughter. She was a referral from the Spanish elders. So Ron is just outside so we are talking to him as well and he tells us he has heard of the Book of Mormon before and that he actually had a copy of it! He said that when he was little his grandpa had a copy of it and told him stories out of it. Well we invited Ron and his daughter to read 3 Nephi 11. When we came back next he had read it and his daughter had read some of it. At this next appointment we invited him to start at the beginning and start reading. We also invited him to our Book of Mormon class on Wednesday nights. So he has come to Book of Mormon class twice now and he has read 1 Nephi three times, 2 Nephi twice and has read like half way through Mosiah!! He is on fire!! He wants to turn his life around and do the things God wants him to do and he loves reading the Book of Mormon. He says when he reads the Book of Mormon he just has a clear mind and peace come to him!! Like I said he is golden! He believes everything in the Book of Mormon and loves seeing how it relates to the Bible. So our lesson we had on Saturday with him was really good! When he came to church on Sunday the talks were basically the same things we talked about at his lesson on Saturday! It was awesome! He loved church and said he will be there next week! We are planning to invite him to baptism this week! So keep Ron in your prayers! He needs to be baptized!!!

On Saturday night we went out to dinner with the Tompkins as our last little farewell with Sister McGregor. We went to Outback Steakhouse and then went back to their house and had a treat with their boys. It was such a good night! I love their family!!!

That is basically all that we have been doing. We still have lots of people here in Ocala who are ready to be baptized! Hopefully this next transfer we will see many miracles and baptisms!

I'm so excited to be training. I do feel a little inadequate but I had a blessing yesterday and after that I know that I am ready for this and I know that the Lord knows what he is doing calling me to train this new missionary. I won't know who she is until Wednesday afternoon. I have to drive down to Jacksonville on Wednesday for a training and I will be there from 9:30 until like 2. I will then get my new little companion and head back home to Ocala!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Keep me in your prayers because I'm going to need it! I miss you all and can't wait to hear from all of you!

Love you!
Sister Webb

P.S Just so y'all know I am still serving here in Ocala so all your letters can still come to the same address. Here it is just in case you forgot it:   2707 SW 33rd ave apt #503 Ocala Florida 34474.

Pics & Videos - February 1, 2016

Here are some photos we took last Monday night. We like to have photo sessions which usually just turn into us making stupid faces and laughing so hard we cry. I hope you enjoy all of these!
Farewell Photos - So here are some photos of members and people we work with.
This is Anita Blackmon she is the best ever! She is actually planning to go on a mission real soon. She comes out to lessons with us a lot!
This is Michelle Rodriguez. She is one of the young women in the ward. She also comes out with us all the time! She is the best ever!
This is a picture of us and some of the young women in the ward
This is the Acosta family. They are members in the ward who always feed us! We love them so much!
This is Tonnie and JQ and their cute kids. Tonnie is still working towards baptism. They just have the cutest family ever!! :)
So... I'm having a baby!!! She'll be here Wednesday! I've now become a mom on my mission because I will be training a new missionary! Also, it's my 9 month mark this month!! Time is flying!!! :)
District Photos - So here is a picture we took at district meeting this last week it will be e last photo of all of us together. The second one basically describes mine and Sister McGregor's relationship and how we act all the time! Man I'm going to miss her!
So this past week was Australia Day! Obviously we celebrated hard core!
Tattoos! - We put some tats on to celebrate Australia Day!
A story by videos

I'm freezing out here!!! - January 25, 2016

Hello family,
So this week was stinkin' cold! Haha it's finally gotten down into the 30's here!! Yes you heard me correctly! I regret complaining about the weather when it was in the 60's because now it is freezing!! There have been a few mornings when there has even been frost of the ground.  What is this?? Florida is suppose to be sunny and hot! Sister McGregor has never seen frost before so earlier this week she tried to convince me that it was just dew on the grass. Haha I had to reassure her that I am from Utah and that I know what frost looks like. It wasn't until this morning when she decided she wanted to walk outside to touch it that she realized I was right! Haha so we took some pictures in the frost for y'all!

Nothing too exciting happened this week. But I will quickly go through the few things that happened. So on Monday we didn't have a car and it was cold so we didn't want to go too far from home so we decided to knock some apartments in our complex. So funny story about this. We got all bundled up in our tights and coats and we start walking down the street when all the sudden this man on a bike starts to get close to us. Well being missionaries you are just use to talking to everyone so we say "Hi! How are you?" He replies by saying "good". Then he randomly pulls out this flash light and says "let me see yous" then he shines it on us and says "mmmm look good.." Ummm... Awkward! Haha once he drove off we just tried not to burst out laughing! Haha 

On Wednesday we got to participate in a world wide missionary broadcast! It was pretty cool! So it was broadcast from Salt Lake and then basically every missionary who was able to watch it at that moment watched it. They said there were missionaries who were watching it at 7 am and some who were watching it at 7 pm. Anyways, it was really good! The theme for the broadcast was on repentance and conversion. I got a lot out of it that I am excited to apply to the investigators I am teaching. 

On Wednesday night we had our first ever Book of Mormon study group. It was really good. We have decided instead of teaching gospel principles every Wednesday night that we are going to start a Book of Mormon study group. This week we just went over the introduction and then the testimonies in the front. Our investigator Ron came and that was awesome! He loves the Book of Mormon and he was even participating in the discussion on Wednesday night! We are going to be teaching him again hopefully tonight and we are planning to try to set a baptism date with him.

Well, that's basically all that has really happened this week. We just walk everywhere in the freezing cold and try to stay warm. We basically ran out of miles for the month so we are either biking or walking until the end of the week when we get more.

So this next week is transfers. We have transfer calls on Saturday.  I've been praying for the past two weeks that I will be able to stay here in Ocala with Sister McGregor. Hopefully we can! They are doing transfers a little differently now, so we get the call on Saturday night and then Sunday is our time to say goodbye to all the members at church. Monday is going to be pday and then Tuesday is just a regular day. Then on Wednesday instead of going to Jacksonville to meet up with our new companion we will just be going straight to the area we are assigned. So by next Monday I will know if I am being transferred or not. I hope y'all have a good week! Love you and miss you all!

Sister Webb

Pics & Videos from January 25, 2016

Here are some pictures of the pretty sun set here. It may not look that great in the photos but they are amazing in real life! Haha
These are the pictures we took this morning of the frost to show how cold it has gotten here! It's finally cold enough to see our breath!!
 So this week I got this package and it was from Germany.. I was so confused and could not figure out who I knew in Germany let alone who would be sending me a package from there. Well I then read closer and on the outside package it said that there were happy hippos inside the package! By this point I am so excited because I am remember when I was in Italy getting them and how good they were. It turns out that Danielle sent me a package this week! Man she is the best! She knows exactly how to make a missionary happy! Happy hippos!!! :)