Wednesday, February 17, 2016

9 months baby! - February 8, 2016

Hello family!!

What a freaking crazy but amazing week! So much has happened! First off, this weeks is my 9 month mark!!! Can you believe it? I'm already half way done!!! It's all down hill from here! Get ready cause I'll be home before y'all know it!

So, transfers were this week. It was sad to say goodbye to Sister McGregor but my new companion is great! Her name is Sister Olsen, she is 19 and she is from Deklo, Idaho. Training has been good so far. It's a lot of work and you definitely have to be strictly obedient because the new missionary is looking to you in everything because they know nothing. So, no more being lazy for me!! Haha it's been good though, she is still really scared to talk to people so I've been doing all the talking but I will slowly break her in. We have seen so many miracles this week and I'm so excited for the many more we are going to have together.

Let me just start right in on the week. So Monday night we were able to set a baptism date with Ron. He is hopefully going to be baptized on February 27th!! He seriously is the best! He has almost passed me up in he Book of Mormon! We still need to teach him like almost all the lessons still but hey, he is golden and he is going to be baptized!

On Tuesday night it was our last night as companions and Sister McGregor waited until the last minute to pack so we didn't get to bed until after midnight. I was dying because the next day we had to get up at 5 so we could make it to Jacksonville bright and early so I could get my new companion. We spent most of the day Wednesday in training so I would know what to do as a trainer.  Nothing really happened until the weekend. It basically rained like everyday this week. And when I say rain I mean poured. And it was like 40 degree's on top of that!! I think I froze my poor companion because I made her walk in it because she didn't have a bike yet.

Ok so the most exciting day of the week was on Saturday. We had the ward mission leader come out with us and we went and saw some of our investigators. We went and saw a family called the Dockendorf's. They were a referral from a member and the lesson was amazing! We taught the restoration and then invited their family to baptism. They are planning to be baptized but do not have dates yet. That is our goal for this week is to set dates with them they have two children who are baptismal age as well. So get ready for lots of baptism stories.

Ok so after we saw them we went and saw our investigator Airis. She has been meeting with us and wants to be baptized but this week we actually got to meet with her and her new husband. She was married last Saturday! Anyways, we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to baptism and set dates with both of them for March 5th!! Ok, I don't want to brag but we are on fire!!

We plan to try to set dates with Lucy and her 4 kids this week as well as with our investigator named Debbie. So let's just say that the field is ripe all ready to harvest here in Ocala.

Another huge miracle we saw this week was when we went to see sister Nohns. That is Jonathan's mom. Jonathan actually sat in on the lessons. If you don't remember who Jonathan was he was the 9 year old that we were teaching who didn't want to be baptized so we dropped him. But now  he is actually participating in the lessons so hopefully we can baptize him as well!

Yesterday was a rough day. I forgot that it was the Super Bowl... No one wanted us to come see them and none of our investigators wanted to come to church. Luckily, Airis and Bryan came. I forget how out of the loop you are when your a missionary. I didn't realize it was Groundhog's day, the Super Bowl...and it's Marti gras this week? Man I'm out of the loop! 

Haha Anyways, to make this email short I will just say we had a very good week and we saw a ton of miracles!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I miss y'all and can't wait to hear from y'all!
Love you!!
Sister Webb


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