Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ocala here I come! - September 29, 2015

Hello family! 

I'm not sure how long I will be able to email this week because I have been transferred to Ocala!! And I have to pack all my crap today! I seriously have collected so much already! I had to go today to buy a duffle bag to put stuff in because my suitcases were so full! I had to sit on them to zip them closed! It doesn't help that I packed like a crazy and just threw everything in my bags and left hangers on all the clothes.. Haha mom where were you this time when I was packing?? To avoid having any packing melt downs I decided to pack this way.. Haha. Remember the melt downs I had packing for my mission and you and Amanda basically had to pack all my bags for me? Haha Let's just say I am growing up! Haha From what I hear Ocala is total country with lots of farms and horses! Oh boy!! I am pretty excited! It will be very sad to be leaving Mandarin but hopefully my last day I will be able to come back! 

Let me just quickly tell you all about my exciting week! So many things have happened this week and I have so little time to share all my great stories!! I will start with last Monday. Mother, I hope you got that lovely email of me eating sushi! The Winks took us out for sushi and let's just say I decided to be real adventurous and get chicken sushi.. Haha Brother Wink, of course, had me try some of his real sushi though.. It was really fun! After dinner they took us out for ice cream and that ended our night. 

On Tuesday we had our trade offs and I went to the Hendricks area for the day! It was a lot of fun ! We had the craziest thing happen to us during our golden hour of tracting. We ended up doing our golden hour from 8-9, which is the worst time ever because it is dark and no one wants you knocking on their door at this time.. We basically knocked for a half hour straight with no one answering their door or if they did they told us it was too late for us to be out and we needed to go home. We, finally, by this time decided that we would knock one last door. It was awesome, the lady who answered let us right in and she told us she just felt like we were sent there to talk to her. So neat!! 

On Wednesday we had some sisters from Georgia sleep over with us. It was really fun. They were going to the temple on Thursday so they needed a place to stay for the night. Anyways, it was a giant party! We didn't get to bed until around midnight.. I felt like a little rule breaker.. And I sure paid for it in the morning. I was so tired all day! 

On Thursday we had a Relief Society activity where we painted mason jars! They turned out so cute! The best part was that Gene our neighbor was able to make it to the activity! She is so great! We taught her the word of wisdom this past week. She loves everything about the gospel! She reads the Book of Mormon every night before bed as well. The best part about the week was the fact that she finally was able to come to church on Sunday!!! Yay!! She loved it and was even participating in Sunday school and Relief Society! Talk about great!!! Bill is still in rehab and actually had to go back to the hospital last night... We are hoping things will soon look up for him! We miss our cute old man neighbor watching out for us! Haha 

On Friday Sister Beevers took us to dinner at this Italian restaurant! It was so good!! But may have not been the most appropriate place to take missionaries! We had a lovely seat right next to a naked man statue! Well it was a peeing man fountain so even better I guess! Haha the walls were basically just full of inappropriate pictures as well.. Haha it made me laugh! But hey, the food was amazing so I'm not complaining! 

On Saturday we had the strangest thing happen. So we went to an investigators home and we basically just got in this heated discussion on if the Book of Mormon was really true. Well by the end of our discussion they invited us to stay for dinner! Haha crazy right? They made us grilled chicken (their grill is amazing and uses wood pellets so it made the food taste amazing) let me describe my piece of chicken.. Remember that time I would brag about having a piece of ham the size of my dinner plate? Well this piece of chicken was the size of my dinner plate!! We also had potatoes and broccoli to go with it!! Mmmm! I was in heaven!!! After dinner we went over to the church to watch the General Women's Conference! It was amazing!!! So awkward story about that.. We get to the church 15 minutes before the conference started and there are 3 cars in the parking lot including ours and one of them is Sister Johnson waiting for us.. We start panicking because the Relief Society was having an ice cream bar before hand and we thought it was at the church. Well we walk inside and we see the ice cream and the only people there are the Relief Society president and one other lady.. Let's just say we all got our own bench to watch the session! Haha I seriously loved the conference though!! When it first started it made me miss being at home.. I missed sitting next to one of my sisters and then of course my mom always had to sit right next to me! It made me really happy to think that for once we were actually doing the same thing at the same time! I may have cried a little when I realized that! Haha after the conference we just had to go straight home because it ended after nine. 

Sunday was such a good day! Like I said Gene was able to come to church!! It just made me so happy!! We had the most awkward moment on Sunday though.. So we have these firesides every so often called "Why I Believe." They usually ask a few converts to share their testimony and how they came to find the gospel. Well the only way missionaries are invited to come is if we get an investigator to come with us. Sister Sorensen and I invited like 3 different families and investigators to come. They all said they would come too. Well we get to the fireside and we are sitting there and it finally starts and none of our people came! Awkward! Well we already feel bad about being there when president gets up and tells everyone there that they only way the missionaries were there is because of  the fact that they got a non-member to come.. By this point Sister Sorensen and I are not sure if we should do the walk of shame and get up and leave or just sink lower in our chair.. I have never felt so disobedient in my life! I know what they mean when they say "I was sweating like a sinner in church" I was just waiting for president to ask us to leave! Haha after the devotional we ran as fast as we could to the car before anyone saw us! Haha so awkward!!! 

Finally we have made it to yesterday's adventure! So we were able to do some more service yesterday at farm share, the place that feeds the homeless. It was really fun! Our whole zone was able to come! That night we went out with Sister Johnson. Oh my, I seriously am going to miss this lady so so so much! She has become like my grandma and best friend! I am already planning to move back and live with her some day.. Haha anyways, we were planning to go visit our neighbor Bill last night until we got half way to the rehab center to find out they were taking him to the ER.. So we decided that we would go to an old folks home anyways and sing to them. So that is how we spent most of the an old folks home! I seriously love old people so much!! After that we decided that we had time to visit one more person. We went to visit Sister Haines. This was quite the adventure! We sit down with her and have her start sharing about herself when all of the sudden Sister Johnson yells "what is that" and points to her sliding back door. We look and it is this giant frog! Haha well for some reason Sister Haines opens the door and I'm so surprised that we didn't not kill that thing then. But now the frog has managed to get in the house! Haha yes, you heard me right the frog was just chilling on the floor. We are all freaking out and I decide to be brave and try to catch it.. Bad idea!! The second it jumped again I screamed like a little girl and went running around the room! Thank goodness for Sister Johnson. She was the brave one who finally got the frog back outside! Haha what are the odds of this happening though? Haha this is a typically story for Sister Sorensen and I though. Awkward weird things are always happening to us. 

Here is a funny video of Sister Johnson catching the frog.

Ps.. Don't mind the booty! Haha

Well that is basically all that has been happening around here. I have no idea what my address will be yet. I will have to send it to you in an email on Monday. Ocala is very bottom of our mission! I'm pretty excited to go there. My companion is going to be Sister McGreggor. She is from Australia!!! Crazy right? I've only met her for a few moments like my first day here. But everyone says she is great and fully of energy so i am pretty excited! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I'm sad that I will be missing watching conference with y'all! I'm missing my favorite breakfast of the year!! And I don't even get to tease dad! The best part about watching conference here is we are 2 hours later then you! So it doesn't even start til 12. It would be better, I guess, if I could sleep in! Haha anyways, I love y'all and miss you! Mom I am counting the days til Christmas! I can't wait! 2 more months and get to see y'all! 

Have a wonderful week! 
Sister Webb 

Pictures of the Week! - September 29, 2015

My chicken sushi.. Haha! Don't judge me! I hate sushi! Haha
My lovely district! This is a typical picture of the district!
Everyone's faces fit their personality perfectly! Haha
Another district picture
Our teeth brushing picture when we had a sleep over with the sisters!
I saw this horse I had to get a picture with
This picture of the horse is priceless... My face and then if you look close the horse is peeing! Hahahaha I laughed so hard about this one so I hope y'all do as well!

My favorite companion Sister Rigby was at the fireside on Sunday and, of course, we had to take our picture together in case we never see each other after this transfer. She is actually coming to Mandarin and now I am leaving. Sad day!  Also, don't judge me that I am wearing the same outfit in basically all of these. It is my skirt from Sister Johnson and I love it so much. I wear it like every day! Haha

Monday, September 28, 2015

October is just around the corner! - September 21, 2015

Dearest family,
I hope all is going well at home. From the letters and emails I receive it sure sounds like things are good. I had such a good week! First off before I say anything else I was reading dads email and he mentioned the dog... I thought the dog died! What is this! I swear y'all told me when I was a week into my mission that the dog got sick and died! I have been going my whole mission believing this rubbish! Haha anyways enough of that! Back to my week! 

The weather has finally started to cool down!! Yay!! Instead of it being in the 100's it is now in the high 70's! I think Sister Sorensen and I have a curse. It rains every day that we don't have the car and when I say rains I mean pours!! Then when we do have the car it is always perfectly sunny! Haha I don't know what is better walking in the rain when it is only in the 70's or having to walk in the 100 degree heat and sweat! You are wet either way! Haha I think I am starting to turn into a true Floridian.. When it drops into the 70's I get cold and have had to start wearing my sweaters! Haha at home I would still be in shorts and a tee shirt hoping it would cool down! Enough about boring weather here in Florida let me tell you what's been happening this week. 

On Tuesday we got to go downtown and do some service with our district. It was a lot of fun! We did it at a food warehouse where they make bags of food for homeless people and hand them out on the weekends. It was located right next to the Jaguar stadium which was really cool to see!! The best part besides doing service to help the homeless was they gave us free tee shirts!! Who doesn't love free things! Haha 

So on Wednesday nothing really happened. It poured rain most of the day, we had no car, and no one wanted us to come by.. Lame! Our dinner appointment was at six so around 4:00 we start walking to our appointment and decide that we will just knock the doors in their neighborhood. Well they live like 5 minutes from us.. Haha so we start knocking doors and around 4:15 Sister Matzke comes driving down the street and looks at us like we are crazy because we are in their neighborhood 2 hours before dinner.. We keep knocking doors and we make it around the neighborhood in about an hour so now it is 5:15 and we have knocked all the doors. Just then Brother Matzke comes home from work and again makes fun of us for being in their neighborhood an hour early. Well by the time we had circled the block and talked to one more of their neighbors we see Sister Matzke standing in the driveway motioning us to come... These were her exact words to us, "Get inside now, you two are beginning to look like creeps! I think y'all are on your 3rd time around the block!" Haha What can I say, I've always been good at being a creep! Haha I got some awesome stalking skills! Haha 

On Thursday we were able to go up to the hospital and see Bill. We had a nice lesson with him, Gene and their daughter Barbara. Bill is finally doing a little better. They have now moved him to a rehab center and they are hoping that he will be able to come back home by next week. I sure hope he can! He is seriously the cutest neighbor ever! Gene is doing really well. She has been dealing with all of this stress by reading in the Book of Mormon every night before she goes to bed and turning to the Lord! It has been so great! She is loving the Book of Mormon and is already in Alma!! She has only been reading for about 2 1/2 weeks! She is awesome!! Sister Johnson was able to come to the hospital with us to visit and she has just been so awesome at fellowship for Gene. They have become good friends and text all the time. 

Here is the funny story of the night. So we were coming home from the hospital that night and it was dark and raining and as we are coming into our complex something lands on Sister Johnson's windshield. Before I could say anything she turns on the wipers and the black spot gets thrown into the road and ran over by the tires I'm sure! As all of this is happening I am trying to say that it was a frog! Haha Yes, a frog landed on the windshield and she killed it with the wipers! Haha this was not the first frog I saw killed. Last week Sister Sorensen and I were walking and there was this super cute little baby frog and she stepped on it.. Apparently I just hang around all the frog killers! Haha

Friday was once again another great day!! After we had our weekly planning we had an appointment with our favorite lady ever! Sister Roberta!! I know I have told you about her before, she is the old lady who reminds me a lot of Grandma Webb! My favorite quote by her is "never throw anything away!" Haha To start this visit off we had no car so we had to call her to come and get us.. Haha kinda awkward. "Hi Sister Roberta, we want to come visit you but is there anyway you could come give us a ride? We don't have a car and I know how you feel about us walking.." Haha of course she came and got us because she thinks it is extremely dangerous that we walk! Haha We get to her house and she tells us that today we will be learning how to make Christmas Angels and we can use them as ornaments for our tree or make a few that have pins on the backs so we can wear them! Haha it was quite an experience! I made about 5 angels total. 4 ornaments and one pin! Haha these are gems!! 

Here is the funny moment of our visit with Roberta. She asks us if we are thirsty and we say we are good. Well she still gets up to get us water. She then asks me if I want some flavoring in it. I say sure and choose peach mango flavor. I'm pretty sure she squeezed half the bottle into my cup because it was like drinking straight syrup! Haha before I proceed to tell this funny story I must remind you that Sister Roberta is the lady that gave us pumpkin bread that was two years old that we accidentally left in the car and our car smelt of fish for a few days. Back to my story. She asks us how the pumpkin bread was and we lied and told her how amazing it was and how we ate all of it.. Bad idea!!! She then is amazed with the fact that we ate it all so quickly! She then says "I just thawed a loaf I will get you some!" By this point I am panicking because I am so worried what this 2 year old pumpkin bread is really going to taste like because ours smelt fishy! Not to mention the only thing I have to drink it down with is my syrupy water! Haha luckily the bread didn't taste as bad as I thought! What an adventure though! You always have a good laugh when you visit Sister Roberta! 

Later that night Sister Sorensen and I decided that we wanted to decorate our apartment for Halloween! Let me tell you! It looks awesome! Don't worry though, we made an awesome video to show you how great our apartment looks! Their are no words and the background music is "homeless" haha but it is funny! I hope y'all enjoy it! 

On Saturday we did some service for Brother Albert! We cleaned his house for him. We cleaned out his mother-in-laws bedroom. That was interesting. The whole time we felt like we were cleaning out some dead old lady's room. I must say, his mother-in-law has some dang good style! Haha all the clothes we cleaned up were super cute and I wanted over half of them! Haha I'm not sure if I just have old lady style or if she just has really good taste in clothes! Same as her jewelry! Haha I told Brother Albert if she ends up not wanting any of her clothes I will take them! I then cleaned his bathroom and kitchen while Sister Sorensen finished up the bedroom. After that we had a nice lunch with him out on his patio! And of course as a thank you he gave me some Oreos! Mmmm! 

That night we had stake conference! It was really good! We had Elder McArthur from the 70's come speak to us! Oh I almost forgot to mention the best part of the day! Sister Sorensen has matching dresses so we decided to be cute and wear her matching dresses, we then did our hair the same and wore similar shoes and our pearl necklaces and earrings! Haha we were adorable!! :) 

On Sunday we had stake conference again! It was just as good as the Saturday night session! They talked a lot about families and the importance of eternal families and teaching our children! One of my favorite things said was by Sister Craig! She talked about how parents are always teaching their children but we as children should be teaching our parents and preparing them for missions! I just love her! So sweet mom and dad, be prepared for some lessons to get you ready for a mission! :) 

My favorite talk was given by Elder McArthur. Earlier that morning I was reading in 1 Nephi 18 and was just having so many ah-ha moments. Well then Elder McArthur starts his talk off by talking about 1 Nephi 18! What? Crazy!!! He referred to verse 2 where Nephi says he built the ship after the manner which the Lord had shown unto me. He also said how they had built the ship out of timbers of curious workmanship. Relating this to our own lives we need to be building our ships out of these curious workmanships or planks! Everything we do needs to be built after the manner of the Lord, not man! That way when we face troubled seas, or trials in our lives, we will be prepared to sail through them. He went on to mention some of the planks that we need to build our ships with! . Everyone we come in contact with should know and recognized us as true disciples of Jesus Christ. So what are some planks or boards of curious workmanship that we can help us become true disciples of Jesus Christ? I thought of a few. We must gain a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Temple attendance is another big one! In the chapter it talks about how Nephi went to high places to speak with the Lord and he went to the mount oft. Well the temple is our high place or our mount where we can go to receive personal revelation from the Lord! Also another plank, The Book of Mormon! This book contains the fulness of the gospel and if we build our lives around its teachings we will be able to withstand those troubled seas! Families are another important plank! Our families should be the type of family that the Lord wants us to be, not what the world wants us to be! We need to build our homes on Jesus Christ and to keep that place safe and sacred! We need to be doing everything we can to keep Satan and his crafty ways out of our homes! We must build a boat that will sail us back into the presence of our Heavenly Father! It was such a good stake conference! 

After the conference we had made lunch for us and Sister Johnson so we went back to her place and ate. We had a great lesson with her on temples and she told us how she has the desire to go to the temple! Aww, such a happy moment! She wants to go to the temple in December! I just love seeing people find the happiness the gospel can bring them! 

Later that night we ate dinner at the Warners house! It was amazing! Not to mention they sent us home with cupcakes and brownies! Score!! Haha their daughter makes duct tape wallets and I couldn't resist so I am having her make me one! It's going to be awesome!! I may have had her make a few extras as well because they were just so stinkin cool! Haha 

That about sums up my week! Lots of rain and lots of laughs! I'm sad that the month is already over and transfers are next week! So just as a reminder to y'all, my P-day will be on Tuesday next week not Monday! I will let you know then if I am being transferred or not! I sure hope not! Gene is so close to baptism and I want to see her get baptized! Anyways. You probably don't want to send any more packages or letters unless you send them early this week. 

Oh one last thing, so I had to buy new shoes today.. Talk about how ridiculous it is to find appropriate missionary shoes in your size! Only kids shoes fit me! Haha after searching at Walmart and Target I finally found a pair that will work! I have now gone through two pairs of the shoes I brought with me.. My first pair I ended up walking a hole in the bottom and all the rain and getting wet made them stink, otherwise I would still be wearing them. I started wearing the shoes with the memory foam. They are nice but when it rains they soak up all the water and are hard to dry out and they smell really bad as well.. Maybe I just have a stinky feet problem! Haha 

I forgot to tell you one last embarrassing story of my week. So I never told Sister Johnson that I took one of the skirts she gave away. So I am wearing it on Thursday because it is like my favorite skirt even though it is like a 3x and I am nowhere near that size.. I just safety pin it to fit! Haha Sister Johnson finally notices after a month that it is her skirt... Talk about awkward! Haha oh well I love it so I'm still going to wear it! Haha 

Anyways, I love y'all and miss y'all like crazy! Thanks for all the letters, emails and package this week! I'll talk to y'all on Tuesday! 

Sister Webb :) 

Pictures! - September 21, 2015

The shirts Sister Sorensen and I got from doing service.

Our matching outfit day. Sister Rigby was at Stake Conference and funny story...she matched her companion as well!
Ps Don't judge how pudgy and short I look. I promise I'm not that fat!
The Christmas angels I made! Haha

Thursday, September 17, 2015

4 months down, 14 to go!!!! - September 14, 2015

Hello family! 
I hope y'all are doing good! My week was such a good week! We had many great things happen this week that I am so excited to tell you all about! Yesterday marked 4 months gone! Wow time is flying! 14 more months and I will be home! Crazy!! 

I will start by telling you my favorite story of the week! It is about our neighbors We have been working Bill and Gene. So, as you remember Bill has dementia and things are slowly getting worse and worse for him. He ended up in the hospital on Tuesday and has not made it out since. Gene on the other hand is doing good. She is just trying to hang in there. She had a test on Saturday to get certified for medical coding. We decided that on Tuesday after we found out that Bill was in the hospital we needed to heart attack their door. So we wrote a whole bunch of cute little sayings on hearts and put them all over their door. Ok skip to Sunday, we just had this feeling we needed to check up on Bill and Gene so before church we text them to see how they are doing. Gene then tells us that Bill had a stroke that morning.. Heart breaking... We decided that we would go and visit them after church. We get to the hospital and we got to meet Bill's daughter Barbara who was there. It was great.  We told her all about the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it! We then were able to have an awesome powerful lesson where we talked about the spirit and read straight from the Book of Mormon with Bill, Gene, and Barbara. It was awesome!! Finally we sang some hymns for Bill. It was the sweetest thing ever! The spirit was so so strong and it brought tears to his eyes and he cried the whole time we sang! Well I'm like the biggest baby ever so of course seeing this 88 year old sick man being touched by our singing made me start tearing up as well! Haha after our lesson Gene thanked us for heart attacking their door! She told us how she had just had such a bad day finding everything out about Bill, she was tired from working all day and being at the hospital most the night and then she came home to find our heart attack! She loved it so much she brought our "get well" heart to Bill so he could have it with him and she took the one that said "Good luck on your test, Gene" with her to her test on Saturday. We also gave her a Choose the Right pencil that she brought to take her test with! Haha it was seriously the sweetest thing! We have been praying all week for Gene to be able to find a way to come to church because it is just so hard with Bill having dementia and he doesn't want religion in his life but he is ok with Gene learning from us. Well a miracle took place when we visited him on Sunday. After we sang he asked if we sing in church because he would come to church if he could hear us sing! Well we promised him once he was out of the hospital we would sing in church so he could attend! Crazy! Our prayers were answered! Bill and Gene are going to come to church soon!! :) 

One thing I have learned this week that really hit home to me is on service! We have had multiple experiences this week similar to our heart attacking Bill and Gene's door. Something so simple to us.. It always amazes me how the smallest act of service or just being there for someone when they are going through a hard time and need to talk can mean the world to them! This is one of my favorite parts about being a missionary. Just serving others and seeing the joy and happiness it can bring into their lives! It is the best! 

We have been working really hard on inviting people to baptism this past week. As I told you in my last email our investigators Lenor and her brother Nate want to be baptized and we were able to invite a few more of our investigators this week to baptism. We have been working with the Mall family who is a part member family. The mother Katrina is a member but her two children Makayla and Tyler are not. We had an awesome lesson with them on the plan of salvation and at the end Tyler expressed how he wanted to be baptized! We were able to invite him and Makayla to baptism and plan to set a baptism date with them this week! So exciting! We are also planning to set one with Gene! Pretty soon all of Mandarin will want to be baptized! Haha 

So this week we had our mission conference and we had Elder Dube from the seventy come! It was awesome! We did have a funny moment about him coming. So we had our apartment checks this week to make sure they are clean and nice. Well the mission office asked us if Elder Dube could come to check our apartment!! Sister Sorensen and I were stressing like crazy! Haha a general authority would be coming into our apartment!! Well, I know y'all are thinking about how messy I am and how this is probably the worst idea ever! Haha I would just like to say that I never have clothes lying around anymore and the second I am done praying in the morning I make my bed! Not to mention the second I am done eating something I wash my dishes! Ok, mom I know you probably just had a heart attack! Haha  but anyways, back to my story. On Monday we stressed about cleaning our apartment and we even cleaned it on Tuesday morning before the apartment checks. We were down on our hands and knees cleaning everything we could think of! We scrubbed all the base boards and we wiped out all the window seals, we even cleaned the fridge! Well finally we get a knock at our door and we are in such a panic because that means they are here to check the apartment. Well, we open the door and sadly it was just the senior couple to inspect our apartment.. Elder Dube could not make it.. We seriously did all of that cleaning for nothing! Haha oh well, according to the senior couple our apartment was by far the cleanest one in the mission! They told me my mother would be proud! Haha 

On Friday was our mission conference. It was amazing! We heard from President and Sister Craig. They each gave excellent trainings. President talked about being a good missionary verse becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ! It gave me a great perspective on who I want to continue becoming on my mission and how I can accomplish becoming a true disciple of Christ. Sister Craig talked to us about the spirit. She was shocked by how many of the missionaries said that they can't recognize the spirit in their lives. As she was talking I realized why sometimes we have a hard time recognizing the spirit in our lives. When we are keeping the commandments and doing what is right and are honoring our baptismal covenants we are promised that the spirit will always be with us. We are just getting use to always having it with us that we are mistaking it for feeling like we can't feel its presence. Sister Craig promised us that if we are always keeping our baptismal covenants and doing what is right we never have to fear that the Spirit won't be with us. We just need to open our hearts and minds and follow those promptings we are getting. 

We then got to hear from Sister Dube. She gave a wonderful training. She talked about how to become a successful missionary. She told us that just as our missionary purpose states we are successful when we invite! She then said a few things that really stood out to me. She talked about how if we truly know the scriptures we will not have to fear of not knowing what to say to someone. We will always be able to relate to the scriptures if we know them.  She then talked about what we are doing as missionaries is blessing those at home. She then told us to make sure that we do all we can so that our loved ones at home can receive all the blessings they need. That statement alone made me want to be the best missionary ever! I hope through my diligent efforts and service y'all are receiving the blessings that you need and deserve! 

Finally we had like 3 different trainings by Elder Dube. He talked about becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and not just being the natural missionary. The then talked a lot about utilizing the members in our missionary efforts. Get them excited about missionary work. He talked about not wasting time at members houses for dinner appointments when we can be out serving and sharing the gospel. Finding those elect children who are ready to hear the gospel. He also talked about finding when you teach and teaching when you are finding. We did a lot of role plays on inviting to baptism. It was awesome! He gave us one promise that I loved. He said "If you will double your efforts I promise you will see double the baptisms!" Wow! What an awesome promise!! 

Well that is basically all I have been up to this week! I hope y'all have an enjoyable week! Thanks for all the letters I received this week! Amanda your letter really helped me and I loved hearing about my sweet little fish Chase! I'm glad he is doing well! I also loved the letters I received from my sweet nieces and nephew! My favorite part about those letters was reading Spencer's letter where it said, " Lillian is playing with a toilet paper squirrel right now, she says it is sucking the juice out of a nut.." Haha I could just picture cute little Lilly with her paper squirrel the probably got thrown away later that day. Then I get to Lillian's letter which made Spencer's even better. She told me all about her paper squirrel named Lyla and how she hides millions of nuts under her bed.. Haha man it made me miss the kids at home and all the crazy things they do! Haha anyways, thanks for the letters they made my whole week! 

I love and miss all of you! 
Sister Webb :) 

Me and Sister Rigby at Mission Conference - September 14, 2015

Here is a picture I took at the mission conference of me and Sister Rigby! We just love seeing each other and hope that someday we will be able to be companions again!
Sorry I didn't take to many pictures this week... I did record a video for spencer for his birthday. Haha I decided it was kinda embarrassing because it was me singing so I only sent it to Racheal. So mom, if you want to see it talk to Rae. Haha I will try to take more pictures this week to send home.

Ps. Check out the cute skirt I am wearing.. It has become by favorite skirt! I got it from Sister Johnson! Hahaha yes I am wearing some old ladies skirt! Haha

Monday, September 7, 2015

Thanks for Everything!! - September 7, 2015

Dear family,
I'm not even sure how to start this email to y'all. I guess I will start by saying thank you! Thank you all so so so much for all of the prayers, flowers, and multiple packages I received this week! It always seems like when your having a bad week and don't think anything could get worse it always does.. Haha but, I'm happy to say I'm still hanging in there and things are looking up each and every day! I'm so grateful that I have such a loving family. I truly felt all of your love and support during this very hard week! 
On Tuesday we had our interviews with President Craig. Well we were suppose to have them at 8 so at 7:30 we walk to the front of our apartment complex and wait for the other sisters to come pick us up.. By 7:45 they are still not there.. We try calling them and texting them. No answer... By 8 we get a text from president asking us where we are.. Haha nothing like being late to our interview with the president! Haha finally we find out that the sister's interviews were not until 10 so we had been standing on the street corner for nothing. Haha we then had to call President Craig's wife and have her come pick us up! Awkward! Haha but interviews went really well! It was so nice just to sit down and talk one in one with President Craig! 

After interviews we went and did some service for the Kenny's in our ward. We painted their office for them. It was a lot of fun! Later that night we had our ward correlation.  I always love those. Our ward mission leader is the best and always gives us that motivation and boost that is needed to keep going. Well after ward correlation we had a text from President Craig... All it said was, "please have Sister Webb call me".  I was a little worried. I called him back and he started the conversation by saying, "Sister Webb, I received a phone call earlier today..." Instantly I felt sick and my heart stopped.. These are the dreaded words that you never want to hear as a missionary! He goes on to say, "The call was from your friend Richard Heiner." By this point I am so confused as to why Richard would be calling my mission president. He then tells me about Chase and I was just in shock.. He had to tell me twice before the words sunk in. I still can't believe it. I was just emailing Chase the other day.. I even had a letter all ready to send him... Let's just say I bawled my eyes out the entire night. Thank goodness for such a loving companion! She just sat there with me and gave me the biggest hug. She prayed for us because I was crying so much to even control myself. Haha and then the next day she just was so sweet. She made my bed, made me breakfast, and then took me for ice cream! Yep, I have one loving companion!! 

So, my friendship with Chase was such a sweet one. It all started when Richard asked me if I could water his garden and look after his roommate Chase while he was on vacation.. Haha we then started cracking jokes about how Chase was an old lady and I was his home health care nurse! Haha kinda strange I know! Anyways, we became inseparable after that. We text constantly and always sent old people pictures to each other. Haha I spent most of my evenings after leaving mom's house going to Chase's work and just sitting there talking to him. A few of my favorite memories with him are the time that Richard and I convinced Chase that the house was on fire and he ran outside in his giant brown fuzzy robe! Haha another was the time that the three of us went to Idaho to spend the weekend at his parents house. Not to mention last Halloween when we dressed up as the big bad wolf and little red riding hood! Chase always knew how to make people laugh. I will miss his big loud laugh that could be heard miles away! He gave me great advice once that I have been trying to follow all week. The told me that when I am sad I can cry for a day and sulk around for a day but after that it's time to put my big girl pants on and move on. I've been trying that all week. 

I will just finish talking about Chase by sharing his sweet testimony and advice he gave me while on my mission. He said, 
"Don't let anything or anybody get you down. Just remember the book you have in your hand, and no matter what anybody says to you, or thinks of it, doesn't make it not true. If that book is true, then the First Vision is true, and Joseph Smith is the Prophet of The Restoration, and truth trickles down from there. Don't get tied up in frivolous questions or engaging in conversations that don't matter. These two things are great time wasters, even if you feel like wasting time. I will be honest, I hated knocking doors. People were so rude. It was hot. Suits. Suits. Suits. I wanted to call home and just cry. People constantly let you down. District meetings went long, even when I was in charge. I wanted a day off. Like off, off.  P Day was the busiest day. I missed movies, and music, and my friends. I missed a Muppet TV special.  I would very often look at the sky and mutter, "This had BETTER be worth it."  It is. Not was, is. I still receive blessings from missionary work. Don't worry, you will catch up on all the music, movies, your friends, and tinder. If they aren't already bankrupt. I haven't checked. 
"A worth of a soul is great in the eyes of God" I once read. Even if you are out there for one soul it is worth it. Convert someone to the truth. Even if that soul is just your own. Just you.
Ok. I think I'm done. It probably took you a half an hour to read this. I bet you laughed so hard you cried, and then cried so hard you laughed. You cry a lot.
Keep up the good work in Mongolia. Haha.
Love ya!
-- Chase
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On Thursday we ate dinner with the Risenmay family. They are a family in my ward that just moved here from Utah. I'm so glad that you got the picture they text you because I totally forgot your cell phone number and had to guess! Haha 

On Friday we had our weekly planning and during the middle of it I got such a great surprise. The UPS man dropped a giant bouquet of flowers off for me! Thank y'all so much! They were beautiful! To top it off I got a package from y'all and from Rachael's family on Saturday! Thanks for the letters they helped so much! 

On Sunday I was able to get a blessing from Brother Wink who is the ward mission leader. It was such a sweet blessing and gave me all the comfort I needed. And after the blessing a miracle took place. My foot has still been killing me all week but in the blessing it said that I would be healed from all the physical pains I have been feeling on my mission. I woke up this morning and my foot has been feeling so much better it is almost back to normal! Which is crazy because before the blessing I couldn't even walk! I have such a testimony of the priesthood and the power of blessings! I am so thankful that Brother Wink was able to give me a blessing! 

Last night we were able to have an amazing lesson with our neighbor Gene. I think I told you about her in my last email. Her husband has dementia and she works full time and tries to take care of him. Well last week she told us how she couldn't come to church because of her husband and how he would just get confused. Well on Monday we saw them and she stopped us and told us how last night when she was showering the thought occurred to her that her daughter is coming into town at the end of the month and then she can come to church with us! Yay! Last night we had an awesome lesson with her on the gospel of Jesus Christ. She then told us how she has been thinking lots about the Plan of Salvation and she has been having dreams about the children she had that were miscarriages as well as her dead uncle that raised her. We told her that it wasn't a coincidence that she dreamed about them. They are waiting for her on the other side! It was such a powerful lesson! She is so excited to read the Book of Mormon and learn more and come to church!! 

We also got some exciting news that two of our investigators, Lenore and Nate.  They want to be baptized! They are brother and sister and we just barely taught them last Sunday for the first time. We just have to make sure their parents are ok with it! So exciting though!! 

That is basically all that is going on around here. I hope y'all have an amazing week! Thanks again for all the love I have felt from each of you this week! 
I love you all! 
Sister Webb   

Rain Storm and Sister Johnson - September 7, 2015

Last Monday we got caught in a giant downpour rain storm walking from our club house to our apartment. I thought you would enjoy these pictures!  It was raining so hard I couldn't see and my makeup was just getting right in my eyes and we looked Horrible! Haha this is how most days go here. We get caught in a rain storm and just look bad the rest of the day! Haha 
We spent some time with sister Johnson this week. We took a selfie! Haha I seriously love this lady so much! 

Flowers I Recieved - September 7, 2015

The lovely flowers I got from y'all this week! Thanks again!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hurricane Erika! - August 31, 2015

Hello my familia! 
I don't even know how to describe this week... It was a week full of sickness, pain, laughter, fear of hurricanes and many miracles! What a week! To start this lovely week off I was kinda sick.. All the missionaries around here have been getting sick. One had bronchitis others had strep.. Luckily I only got a cold. But of course the week I get sick and feel miserable was the week I would end up with two lovely cold sores on top of that! Thank goodness for a loving boss who gave me a prescription for cold sore medicine before the mission! I had to rely on those pills because I didn't have anything else besides Chapstick to put on them... Don't worry though, the pills worked wonders and the cold sores are almost completely gone! Yay! I guess I will just finish with all the sad things that happened to me this week so I can get on to the funny stuff and the miracles. 

So on Saturday we spent our night out walking in the rain.. It's what we do when we have no car and can't convince a member that they want to spend their Saturday night with the missionaries! Haha Anyways, we start walking towards the church when the rain starts getting really bad and my foot starts hurting me. So we stop at the church call a few people for church and realize that it is basically time to turn back so we can make it home by nine. Well we start to leave the church and my foot is still killing me and the pain is just getting worse. Every step I would take sent pain across the bottom of my foot half way up my leg. The worst part was our apartment is 1.5 miles from the church. Well miracle of prayer happened because I prayed I could walk home with out having to get a piggy back from Sister Sorensen and I survived. My foot has not gotten any better though.. I am hoping it will get better once we get our car for the week and I don't have to walk on it so much. So ya, now you know all about the pain of my week. But as I tell myself everyday. I love tuff things, I'm the first to do tuff things, I do tuff things first! I looove being a missionary!!! It's what always keeps me going no matter how hard and painful things become. 

Ok so I hope y'all are ready for the exciting food story of the week! 
So remember how I mentioned that sister Sorensen and I had no money last week and we were basically living off of 10 dollars. We basically resorted to eating anything this week.. To start our week off we were at the church last Monday finishing up emails and we decided that we would try to find something at the church to eat. Usually they have large boxes that people can put food in for the missionaries. Well we looked in the boxes and all we found were garbanzo beans, opened graham crackers and then some pasta. After eating two bites of a very old graham cracker I resorted to opening a can of garbanzo beans and eating them for dinner.. We totally looked desperate and homeless because we just ate them straight from the can. Well, of course that wasn't filling so we decide that we are going to see what was in the fridge. We found 3 bags of salad mix. We may have sinned a little but I was so hungry! We justified that the salad would go bad if we didn't eat it. Haha This was not the only time this week that we stole food from the church. We came back on Wednesday and ate more salad and this time someone left some cake in the fridge so we ate that as well... If you don't want food eaten you shouldn't leave it in the church fridge because some starving missionary will come and eat it! Haha 

On Tuesday we ate dinner with Bethany Brown. She is one of the members we have been working with. She is so great! This is the exciting food I ate this week! So she took us out to dinner at a Chinese Buffet and sushi bar. Kinda sketchy I know... Well we ate all the crab legs we could and then we started in on all of the crazy weird things they had there. My plate consisted of some crazy sushi, one of which had fish eggs on it. Then I had some seaweed salad, frog legs, octopus, crawfish, and an oyster. Wow! Talk about adventure! Don't worry though we were able to capture some funny pictures of me eating all of this! Most of the pictures look like I am going to puke.. Haha I hope y'all get a good laugh at them! 

My week got really exciting on Thursday night when we had a giant conference call telling us that there is a hurricane heading our way and that we are going to need to prepare for it. Well this caused feelings of excitement because who doesn't want to be in a hurricane on their mission but also some fear because what am I going to do if a hurricane hit! Scary!! Thank goodness there was no hurricane and it has become a tropical storm. Now we are just dealing with some really bad rain like usual.. But here is where another miracle takes place. So Sister Sorensen and I have been praying for food this week because well we were seriously living off of banana's and green smoothies every day and basically by Thursday we were out of all that. Well because they thought that the hurricane would come and it was scheduled to hit on Monday they loaded our cards with money on Thursday and told us to do our shopping on Friday and to get everything we needed for the week! Miracle!!! Prayers really are answered! 

On Saturday we had a day full of service. We did some yard work for a lady over in the Mandarin 2nd ward. It was great we had our whole district there. We chopped up some wood for her. And then just pulled a ton of weeds and cleaned up the yard. I am so glad that I don't have to do yard work here very often. First off there was dog poop everywhere in this back yard.. So you would be pulling some weeds and realize you were grabbing poop or stepping in it.. Gross!! Haha not to mention that it is so hot here that you are just dripping with sweat! There were millions of bugs but luckily I am getting over my fear of bugs and I only scream occasionally now. I know I make service sound so great! Haha the best part of the whole service was I held a lizard! Yes, you heard me right! I caught and held a lizard!! I was going to let it bite my ear so I could wear it as an earring  but it was just a little baby so it wouldn't keep its mouth open long enough to allow me to attach it to my ear. But don't you worry! I will get a picture of me with a lizard attached to my ear at some point! After we did that service we had lunch and this is where our day gets funny. So we eat our lunch and we are about ready to go out for the day when we realize that we had a lunch appointment we were suppose to be at in 15 minutes. This cute old couple feeds us about once a month but they only make us the food we never get to eat it at their house. We always have to pick it up by 2 and then eat it later. Well they live kinda far so we had to call Grandma Matzke in the ward to come pick us up and take us to get food and bring us back home.. Awkward!! This is how our conversation went "Hi grandma, What are you doing? Would you like to take us to the Pardillo's to get our dinner?" Hahaha good thing all the old ladies of the ward love us!! 

Well after that awkward moment we decide that we will bring our food to our next service activity at the Stryker's home and we will just share it with them. So we brought our dresses to change into after we were done with the service and we just had them in a Walmart sack sitting by the food. We walk into the kitchen for like 2 minutes to talk to the elders and see what needs to be done when Sister  Stryker comes in with the food in one hand and Sister Sorensen's bag of clothes in the other and puts both of them in the fridge... Hahahaha as she is doing this both Sister Sorensen and I notice this and we are holding back from just bursting out laughing because she had just stuck my companions clothes in the fridge so we could eat them for dinner.. Haha well we were only able to hold back the laughter for about 20 seconds. We were laughing so hard and no one knew why so they were just looking at us like we are crazies. Well, we were unsure how to get the clothes out of the fridge so we just left them and began painting. Well when no one was looking we had to run into the kitchen grab the clothes out of the fridge and then hide them with my clothes. Haha I'm pretty sure we are the two most awkward missionaries ever! 

So my final story is a miracle! As y'all know I have basically found my best friend out here and her name is Sister Johnson. Most of my stories include her and it wouldn't be a good week without a Sister Johnson story. Well she has been so sweet and takes us out to our lessons about 3-4 nights a week! This week it has been such a blessing because we ran out of miles on the car.. The best part about her coming out is she is able to fellowship our investigators as well as listen to our lessons and strengthen her own testimony at the same time! Last night we had a lesson scheduled with our neighbors Bill and Gene. So we called Sister Johnson up and ask if she wants to come with us. She says she can't because she is babysitting her grand kids. Well less then a minute later our phone rings. It's Sister Johnson.. All she says is "Am I ok the way I is?" Haha it took us a minute to figure out what she meant but then we realized she was going to come out with us! Yay! We were able to have a wonderful lesson with our neighbor! Gene is so great! She read the entire restoration pamphlet including looking up all of the scripture and answering the questions in the back. She had also watched the restoration video and started reading from the Book of Mormon! Wow!! She is so elect! Sister Jonson and Gene hit it off really well and became instant friends. It was the best! We were able to teach the plan of salvation and it was the sweetest lesson. Gene said she use to be so set on her religion but now is unsure because she is meeting with us. She is very close to the spirit and i love seeing the changes taking place in her life because of the gospel! 

Oh I forgot about my last miracle! So we have been sending out a scripture text of the day to all our investigators and less active members we are working with and it is amazing to see how the scriptures truly can soften people's hearts. We have had like 4 less actives who we have not been able to get in contact with since being here text us and tell us how much they love our scripture texts and we have been able to set appointments and see them! Wow!! The scriptures are so powerful! 

Well that about sums up my week. Sorry nothing to exciting happened this week. Hopefully I have some better stories for you next week. Have a wonderful week! I love and miss each and every one of you! 
Sister Webb 

Chinese Buffet Pictures - August 31, 2015

Here are some pictures from my week of adventures.
Here is the yummy plate of food I ate at the Chinese Buffett...
Octopus, crawfish, sushi, seaweed salad, and frog legs.
The cute little crawfish I ate!
Sister Sorensen and I so excited to eat all our food!

Bethany, me, and Sister Sorensen showing off our exciting treats! Haha
Octopus selfie!!!
Here is where the pictures get good. Get ready for a good laugh! I was unsure about eating that octopus.. Haha
The crawfish.. I was told that you have to slurp out the insides..
This was my face in response to that..

This is what I looked like after I slurped out the insides...
Hahaha sister Sorensen's faces are just as good as mine! Haha

More crawfish eating fun!
Me, sister Sorensen and Bethany! Crazy food night was a success!!
There is this wall by our house that looks like a nice brick wall but it turns out it is actually just made out of foam... Someone made a hole in it this week and it made me laugh! The quality of things here can sometimes be a little deceiving.. Haha it's kinda a bad picture but i thought it was funny!

P-Day Photo Shoot - August 31, 2015

I hope these pictures can brighten your day! Sister Sorensen and I just took a photo shoot!
Love your favorite awkward missionary!

Ps.. Look how light my hair is getting.. That natural color is starting to come out! I haven't seen it since jr high! Haha