Saturday, June 24, 2017

Last email! - November 28, 2016

Hey y'all! 
So this is it... I can't believe that the day has finally come. I am so excited to see y'all tomorrow! I have a huge surprise for y'all but I can't tell y'all until at the airport! :) 

I went to the beach today! Oh my, it was amazing! Caties baptism was so good! Life is just great! I think the worst part of my week was saying good-bye to my sweet little companion Sister Anderson. I even broke down and cried when I had to leave her. I do have one favor for y'all,  can someone please bring me my coat to the airport? I don't have one and I may freeze! I can't believe its snowing!! It's like 80 here! 

Anyways, I'm super excited see y'all at 2:30 tomorrow! I hope y'all get better sleep then I do, I haven't eaten or slept in a few days.. but don't worry, I'm just saving room for that yummy dinner mom is making! Man, this doesn't seem real!! See y'all tomorrow! 


Sister Webb

Pics - November 28, 2016

Sister Anderson & I
 Catie's Baptism

8 more days!

I don't even know what to say... So many emotions are running through me right now. I'm so happy that in 8 days I will be able to see y'all again but at the same time saying goodbye to the best 18 months is the hardest thing ever. As the days get shorter it's harder to contain my excitement but it is also harder to stay focused and not have a complete meltdown. Thankfully I seriously have the sweetest companion who puts up with me. I don't know what I will do without each other. I think she is more worried about that then I am though. Poor thing! 

This week is mostly a blur.. so I'm just going to go through it real quick! So Tuesday we ate dinner with a member. Well, actually it was with the members parents. But it was good! After dinner they gave us a ride in their Tesla!! Yes, y'all heard me right! It was the most amazing thing ever! It was so beautiful! The car, backed itself out of the garage with out us even being in it! Crazy right! And then we went from 0 mph to 70 in like 4 seconds!! It was so fast!! It felt like I was on a roller coaster!! 

Thursday I went to the temple!! It was such a wonderful day!! The best part was that Sister Olsen got to be there with me because she has hit her half way mark!! After the temple we had a lesson with Catie and then went to institute. I love institute! 

Friday was weekly planning. It was long and painful! I'm so glad this Friday is the last one. Later that night all our plans fell through so we went to campus and we had a 2 hour golden hour.. the highlight of the night was we saw a live armadillo!! Crazy right?! I've never seen one before! We named him Andy the armadillo! 

Saturday we had a good day. We went to lunch with a member. He took us out for Thai food! It was really yummy! Afterwards we did a golden hour and we got to knock some doors! It was the best thing ever!! My companion was to scared to try it but I loved every minute of it! I'm going to miss that once I get home! Later that night we had a "Meet the Mormons" movie night at the church and that was fun! This week was super rough for me so by Saturday I broke down and I finally got a blessing. It was super comforting and I cried the whole time. I just love blessings! 

Sunday was so good! We had church and Catie came!! After church we had a chili cook off for a linger longer! Mmm. Sister Anderson and I got to be the judges. It was so much fun!! 
Well, that sums up the week! I'm so excited to come home next week! It's so crazy!! 8 more days!! 
Don't worry mom, we do have a place to eat Thanksgiving and we are so excited! 

Love and miss y'all! 
See y'all in 8 days! 

Sister Webb 

Pics - November 21, 2016

Last Monday I ate dinner with Sister Johnson and with Sister Pray! It was a happy day! 
Sister Olsen and I! It was the best being able to go to the temple with her!
Andy the armadillo 
Mom, this photo is for you. Here are all of my flight plans so you can have all the juicy details! 

Pizza and pj's=18 months. πŸ•πŸ• - November 14, 2016

Hey family!
Another week down and only 15 days to go... can you believe we have finally made it! I feel like I have come to the point on my mission where I just don't know what to say any more. So yesterday I hit my 18 month mark!! Can you believe that 18 months ago you dropped me off at the MTC? 

Anyways, this week we had so many awesome lessons with our investigator Catie! She is just amazing and we are all so excited for her baptism on the 26th! On Monday we taught her the plan of salvation to her and it was so good! Afterwards we went to FHE and played some dodge ball! It was so much fun!! We also taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ on Thursday. It was so good. Afterwards we went out to dinner with her and a member and got tacos and then we went to institute. We also had a lesson on Saturday with her and taught the Word of Wisdom! She is just so awesome! She agreed to live the Word of Wisdom so she can be baptized! After that lesson the member again took us out to dinner. This time we went out for sushi... it was surprisingly really good! I'm becoming converted to fish after all. 

We had trade offs this week. It was my final trade off... I got to go to Hendricks and be with Sister Clay! It was so much fun!! It was so good to see all the old Hendricks gang again! 

Friday we had such a good day! We had our mission tour and Elder Gaverret from the 70 came. It was so good. The best part was the fact that Sister Olsen was there and I got to see her!! Later that night we went to see our recent convert Tierra and her brother Deonn was home and he sits in our on lessons some times. It was quite the lesson. So he starts off by reminding us that we promised to make brownies with him when we came so we were like ok.. well, he didn't have eggs so he then proceeds to go to all the neighbors asking for eggs. Finally we find the eggs and he makes us all make brownies and we all had to take turns stirring them. Finally we get them in the oven and he was like, oh wait! Tonight is the pajama pizza party at the club house. Can we please go get some before our lesson? So then we agree and we go down to the club house trying not to completely stand out because we are not in pjs. Well, we got caught by the elders who were also there mooching pizza! Haha it was a fun night! 

Saturday we had Stake Conference. It was really good and it was fun to see everyone there! Earlier that day we did service at the dog park and oh my, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! So for service we were picking up logs and putting them in a wheelbarrow and then we took that and then we staked them against a fence. Well, the best part was watching Sister Anderson trying to push the wheelbarrow. At one point it fell over and almost knocked her over.. I died laughing!! 

Well that about sums up my week! Next week is the last email I will send!! That's so crazy, right? But hey, that just means I come home that soon!! I thought I would leave y'all with a spiritual thought this week. 

I was recently reading in John 3,4, and 9. The stories of Nicodemus, The women at the well, and Christ healing a blind man on the Sabbath. I noticed that Nicodemus, the women at the well and the blind man all had something in common. As Christ taught them they all came to know him as Jesus Christ, their Savior. But they didn't start out that way. Nicodemus started by calling him rabbi. The women at the well called him a Jew. And the blind man called him a prophet. As they learned line upon line and precept upon precept their testimonies grew and were confirmed by the spirit. Our testimonies of the Savior can be strengthened the same way. We must ask ourselves do we believe in Christ or do we believe Christ? We must also continually ask ourselves which way are we facing? Are you facing to Christ or turning from him? We all go through different trials as the blind man did. But I know that Christ will always come to find us as he did the blind man. He will never abandon us. We must make sure our priorities are facing the Savior and he will reveal himself to us. 

I am so grateful that I have been able to spend the past 18 months doing to Lord's work. I have truly come to know my Savior and felt his love not only for me but for those that I have been so blessed to meet and serve. I have loved every moment of my mission and am sad to see it coming to an end. My mission has taught me who I truly am. I know that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father who loves me. I also know that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and will be throughout the rest of my life. 3 Nephi 5:13 says it perfectly. "Behold, I sister Webb am a disciple of Jesus Christ the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. "  I once read that the word disciple comes from the Latin meaning learner. A disciple of Christ is one who is learning to be like Christ. Learning to think, feel and act as he does. It is my hope and prayer that we can all strive to become a disciple of our Savior Jesus Christ. I leave you these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Love y'all and I hope y'all have a wonderful week! 

Sister Webb 

Pics - November 14, 2016

Sister Olsen and I. She is the best!
Sister Anderson and I! I just love training her! I'm going to miss it!
Sushi selfie!
The 18-month mark lunch I ate today! Tacos and cake!! Mmmm!

Paralympic's πŸ…, Obama πŸ‘΄πŸΎπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, and red velvet cake πŸŽ‚= good week! - November 7, 2016

Hello family,
So let's just cut to the point.. the dreaded month has finally come. I can't believe I will be home in 3 weeks! That is still a crazy thought to me. I've been pretending and telling myself that I am not stressed but reality hit on Sunday morning when I woke up with 3 cold sores.. yeah, I guess you could say I'm a little stressed. But I'm so excited to come home and see y'all!! It's going to be the best thing ever! Speaking of coming home, I got my flight plans on Wednesday.. that was a sad letter to get. Every letter I've gotten in the mail is from the mission office and they all start with congratulations for faithfully serving your mission. It is now complete.. I want to send back and say, uh.. wait. I still got like 3 weeks before it is complete! But can you believe November 29th at like 2:30 I'll be back in Utah! Watch out L-town Sister Webb will be back and ready to party! 

So I had a super good email all typed up but some how it got deleted before I could send it so this one isn't going to be as good but I will try to make it amusing. So Monday was Halloween. We were suppose to be in by 7 so we could role play for the rest of the night but Sister Anderson and I decided to be rebels and we went to get Panda Express and didn't get home til around 8.. then we decided to skip role plays all together and party by dying my hair. I dyed it reddish brown with some violet in it as well. Y'all will just have to see it when I get home. 

Tuesday we had the coolest thing happen! So, because we are poor YSA sisters we have been living off of my gift cards for meals so we don't run out of money. Tuesday night we decided that we would eat at chick-fil-a. So we get there and we ran into a member who is in the Hendricks Ward. He is on the USA Paralympic team! He just got back from Rio not too long ago! Cool right!? So we are eating and then he pulls out his silver metal and let's us hold it! It was the highlight of our day!! 

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator named Kimmy on campus on Wednesday. We were able to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with her and she is so excited to keep learning more! I'm also getting more and more comfortable talking to people my own age on campus! Unless they are attractive and have muscles.. that's another story.. haha 

Oh my, Thursday was a crazy but good day! So we decided that we really want to find people so we had planned for a really long day at campus. Well as we are driving to the university we notice cop cars at every freeway entrance and exit. Nothing in Jacksonville surprises me anymore. So Sister Anderson and I decide that either something really sketchy and scary is going on or someone super famous is here. We get to campus to find like 10 more cop cars there and the place is hoppin' with people! It turns out President Obama was at UNF! He ruined our whole day though because then we couldn't park and get to campus. So we spent the day finding things to do. 

Later that night we had dinner with a member and he invited a friend named Catie for us to meet. It was awesome!! We taught her the restoration and she loved it and wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon. After that we got her to come to institute and she loved that as well!! It was awesome!!! 

Saturday we had another adventure doing service at the dog park with the elders. It was fun! We went to these woods there and they gave us a machete and told us to go cut some trees and get things off of the walking trail! Ok, giving 4 young single adults a machete and tell us to go chop things is the worst idea ever! We basically went running through the forest slashing everything we could! Haha but hey, we accomplished what they asked us to! 

Sunday was probably the best day of the week! So we had invited Catie to church and she said she had to work so then we invited her to come to the Mandarin 2nd Ward cause it started at 9. Guess what? She came!!! Yay!! After sacrament meeting we had a lesson with her and invited her to baptism and set a date for November 26!!!! Wait, this isn't even the best part of this story! So she tells us that she ended up not having to work until 1:00 so she was then able to come to Sacrament meeting at the YSA branch as well. Before it started she pulls out her phone and gets to the calendar and puts on the 26th my baptism!! Aww, it was the best thing ever! It made me so stinkin happy! She is going to be baptized!!! It will be a transfer miracle!! So every prayer y'all say pray that Catie will be able to be baptized on the 26th of this month! 

Hope y'all have a good week!!

Sister Webb