Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekly email - August 1, 2016

Hello family!

What a wonderful week it was! I just love starting a new transfer! It is always such a refreshing feeling and it just gets you pumped for all the miracles just waiting for you!

Last Monday it was p-day. After p-day we did a golden hour and then we went and had a lesson with our investigator named Kelly. I am sure I have told y'all about Kelly before but I will tell y'all again. He is 58 which is crazy because he looks like he could be like 40. We met him a while back while knocking doors he was just outside doing yard work. He explained to us he has been going through a lot of rough things in his personal life and he is trying to strengthen his faith.  We introduced him to the Book of Mormon and he said we could come back. We have been meeting with him for a few weeks now and he is making slow progress. He always tells us how he does not agree with things his religion teaches and when we share what we know is true with him he always agrees with us and says how it makes sense. But in the end he always tells us he is a Catholic and will always be a Catholic. Well Monday night he had a lot of questions so we spent the evening answering his questions and talking about how he can receive answers. It was great!

On Tuesday we went to the Mandarin district meeting. It was good. We talked all about the importance of working with members and gaining their confidence and trust. The sister who gave the training did awesome! It was probably intimidating for her because I was the one who gave it in zone meeting and she gave her training based off of what I did. One of the missionaries shared something that I absolutely loved!  It is our job as missionaries to work with the members. That means we should be seeking their help and advice in all we do. He said, we work with members not members work with us. The members are the key to finding and helping individuals prepare for baptism and keeping that retention. If we are always telling the members what to do it isn't benefiting us at all. We need to seek their ideas as well. Anyways, after district meeting we went and had a lesson with Nanny. It was great! I just love her to death! She had a few questions about the temple so we had a nice talk and were able to answer them.

Wednesday we had a lesson with John our recent convert. It was such a sweet lesson. We had not been able to see him since the beginning of the month because he has been so busy with work and family matters. We had an awesome lesson on the importance of scripture study and prayer.
We got him the Book of Mormon on CD so now he will be able to listen to it every day! Which will be awesome! I just love the Book of Mormon! It gives you that little spiritual boost you need! I truly notice such a difference in the days that I get to read and days where I can't. The days I can't it kills me and I usually have to stop and read something to feel better! 

After our lesson with John we went and tried to contact some potential investigators. Knocking doors in the afternoon is usually my least favorite thing to do but for some reason we both felt impressed to knock in this specific complex and try our potentials in it. We start knocking doors and we knocked on a potentials door and this woman answered. She instantly invited us in and knew we were missionaries. So we start asking her questions and we find out that she just moved here a few months back and she is a member! She told us her conversion story and we we able to share the restoration with her. It was the best! She told us how she wants to get back into church again and she wants us to teach her fiancรฉ who is not a member! Talk about miracle!! Sister Ruesch and I had just been talking earlier about finding new people to teach and finding new less-actives to work with! Heavenly Father truly just blesses us and places all of these miracles in our paths! 

Sweating in the 106 degree heat and knocking doors we went and did some service for Nanny and her granddaughter. They moved Saturday so we helped he pack of some of heir house. It was a lot of fun! Our job was to pack the toy room...That may have been a bad idea because I don't know how much help we actually were. We kept playing with all the toys! We found this black wig and we made everyone try it on! Nanny was my favorite in it! 

Later that night we had a lesson with Kelly and we brought a member named Sister Clark with us. It was a good lesson. We continued to talk to him about receiving personal revelation and how his answer would come but he needed to be reading the Book of Mormon.

On Thursday we had such a crazy day! We started our morning off by going to the Dunn Avenue and Arlington district meeting. It was so good! Elder Boyson is the district leader there, he was my district leader in Ocala and he is just awesome! We spent the meeting talking about visions and the district created a vision. I've created a vision for myself this transfer. I have realized that sometimes I get caught up in my own confidence and I am relying more on myself then on the Lord so I have decided to call my vision "back to the basics". I am going back to the new missionary life. I have been studying from the first 12 weeks training booklet again and I'm realizing that if I just simplify everything and go back to doing things like a new missionary putting all my faith and trust in Heavenly Father the miracle will come! I'm currently going through the white handbook of all the mission rules and I'm planning to follow them to a tee! I'm so excited to see all the miracles come! 

After district meeting we stopped for lunch and something told me to not eat but sometimes my belly over powers my thoughts and the spirit.. I ate a big lunch and then we went and did service for our investigator named Justin and his roommate.  After the service they made us lunch... We had a giant salad, broccoli, and chicken Alfredo with garlic bread. Lets just say I thought I was going to puke multiple times while trying to get it all down. I would have just gone to the bathroom and puked but they are currently remodeling their bathroom and their was no working toilet..

So after dinner we had an hour before our dinner appointment. I literally thought I was going to die I was so full.. Well at dinner the members feeding us bought pizza which wouldn't have been bad but they bought 4 pizzas for the 4 of us to eat. I just had to pray that Heavenly Father would provide a way for me to eat dinner and not puke.  I'm here to tell you that miracles do happen! I managed to eat dinner and survive. In fact I ate 3 slices of pizza, some salad, and 2 giant sugar cookies! I have not been that full in a long time!

Friday was weekly planning. Those are always crazy at the beginning of the transfer because we have to plan all of the trade offs with our sisters. We have six companionships we watch over and then President Lee has also asked that we be in charge of planning out all of the sister training leader trade offs. So we had to figure out which sister training leaders would do trade offs with which sister training leader. It is a lot.. And to top it all off we have to get our weekly planning done that day and we only have 3 hours to do it all. But we managed! 

After weekly planning we had our final lesson with Nanny. It was good. We taught her about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy. 

That night we stopped by to meet a new couple who had recently moved into the ward. They were seriously the sweetest old couple I've ever met and they were just so humble! I didn't want to leave their appointment. You know when you just go to someone's home and you feel like you are at grandmas house and it's just warm inside and you could just sit their and drink some milk and have some cookies. Yeah, that's how I felt.

Saturday we helped Nanny and her granddaughter load all their belongings in the moving van so they could move. It was a sad day.  After we were done we ate lunch with Nanny and it was probably the cutest thing ever! Because everything was packed she was sitting on a shower chair and we were sitting on the floor and we ate our sandwiches. Afterwards she asked us if we could do something for her.  Of course we would do anything for our Nanny! She asked us to sing to her. So we spent the last half hour of our lunch singing hymns to her while she just sat there and cried. We ended with "God Be With You Til We Meet Again". I may have lost it during that one and cried as well!  She is such a sweet lady and I can't wait to come back after my mission and see her again!

That is about the summary of my week. I left out a few stories but I figured this was getting a little long for y'all to keep reading. 

I thought I would just end with a little spiritual thought. So I started reading the Book of Mormon mom sent me from the beginning. I love in 1 Nephi 1:20 when Nephi says, "But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." This is like a thesis for the Book of Mormon and I love seeing it happen throughout the Book of Mormon over and over again. I also love seeing it take place in my life and the lives of those I love and serve. So for the past few weeks I've been trying to recognize and follow the spirit more and to see the tender mercies that come from doing so. 

I want to share one of those tender mercies with y'all. So it was last week I had a prompting to pray for someone from home and it seemed strange to me because I pray for them on occasion but I just felt so strongly to pray for Dr. Harmon and his family. Well I followed the prompting and prayed for them. Here comes the awesome tender mercy! This morning when I looked at my email I had received one from Dr. Harmon. He had told me how over the 24th they had taken their trailer and brand new car up the canyon to meet family and go camping. While in the process of doing so they hit something because he could not swerve and blew out 2 of the trailers tires. He then said how the next thing he realized is that the drivers side door is on fire luckily he got his family out safely. Sadly their car is a goner but they are all ok. I testify to y'all that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith. When we are faithful and obedient Heavenly Father not only blesses us but blesses and protects our loved ones! I invite all of you to recognize at least one tender mercy of the Lord in your life this week and share it with me in your next email! I hope y'all have a wonderful week!  I love and miss y'all! We are on the down hill now!  Less then 4 months and I'll be home!

Oh I forgot to tell y'all, so Sister Olsen is the missionary that I trained and she is training a new missionary this transfer and guess what!? She is training a Sister Webb! Haha how awesome is that!?

Sister Webb

Pics - August 1, 2016

Me, Kyle and Sister Ruesch all showing off our missionary tags!
Sister Ruesch and I with the Golden Eagle award. We had to give it up so we took one last photo with it.
This is Leeann she is one of my favorite members here in Hendricks.  She loves coming out with us and she just brings so much joy into our lives! I mean just look at how happy she looks!
My final photo with Nanny. That was the hardest good bye I've had to do in a long time!
The awesome wig I found at Nanny's house. I think I might get some bangs after wearing that! Haha
Sister Ruesch sporting the wig and me wearing the Ninja Turtle helmet!

Weekly email - July 25, 2016

Hello family,

It has been a wonderful week here in Hendricks! On Monday after p-day we went to the ward singles dinner/fhe. It was great! Nothing is better then spending your night with all the old single people in the ward. Most of them are 80+! It's the absolute best! We had our investigator named Kelly come to it. We were able to have an awesome lesson afterwards with him. We watched the restoration and we had 2 members sit in on the lesson!

On Tuesday Sister Ruesch got sick so we spent the day inside. That was a very long day for me. I didn't know what to do with myself. I cleaned, read my scriptures for a few hours, watched Meet the Mormons and then took a nap.. I hope never to have to have a day like that again!

Wednesday was a lot more productive! We had a lesson with our investigator named Justin. We brought Nanny with us. That was a disaster. She basically asked him why a good looking young man like him is still single. Let's just say the lesson was super awkward.

On Thursday we had 2 sisters come stay with us for the day while their companions went to the temple. That was fun! That evening we had a miracle happen! Justin came to addiction recovery class on his own!  And it was awesome! He even felt the spirit while he was there!

Friday we had weekly planning. I don't have to many more of them thank goodness!

Saturday we had a day full of finding because we had a lot to accomplish to be able to reach our goals for the week. That night we ate dinner at the ward mission leaders home with the elders and they made us sing a bunch of hymns with them. That night it was transfer calls. I will be staying in Hendricks as a sister training leader! The best part of the call was hearing that Sister Olsen is going to be training a new missionary! My baby is going to be having a baby! I'm going to be a mission grandma! She is going to be the best trainer ever! And the lucky duck gets to train in Ocala!
That about sums up my week! 

Thanks for the package I got from you mom!The Book of Mormon made my whole day! And I loved the funny stories from every one! Thanks for all that y'all do for me! I loved all the pictures I got from y'all this week as well! It looks like y'all had a blast at dinner and David's new car looks like a beast! I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

Love and miss y'all!
Sister Webb

Pics - July 25, 2016

I won the golden eagle for the week because I am the best!
We went to the Jax Beach district meeting and took a photo with their district!
I went on a trade off with Sister Stepherson while her companion was at the temple! She is so sweet! It made me miss training and I want to train again so bad!

๐Ÿ- July 18, 2016

Hello family!

Sounds like y'all had a awesome time camping! Although next time y'all will have to remind me that y'all are camping because I thought y'all had died when I didn't hear from anyone all week.. Haha I'm super jealous about the camping but hey, next year y'all better be ready to party it up camping with me!

So this week was a good week! I had a week long trade off in my old stomping grounds! Mandarin 1st is the absolute best! I forgot how much I loved it there! It was so fun! We bike a ton, sweat a ton, spent lots of time with my favorite person Sister Johnson, saw tons of awesome miracles, got caught in some rain storms and to top it all off I held a frog!!  That about sums up my week.. I will include lots of photos for y'all!

Also, I got all the pictures from camping! They were great! I can't wait to get the package from y'all! I can't think of anything specifically that I want besides the Book of Mormon hard cover copy and that medicine and I will be set!

Oh, I forgot the most adventurous/ scary part of my week... So I had the great idea to chop all my hair off... I may have had a few anxiety attacks and Sister Ruesch had to convince me that the lady who cut her hair was very good and it would be ok. Well I got to the salon and this fat man who was balding called me back and cut my hair.... I have never been so scared in my life. I may have chopped off about 4 inches of hair and I am not so sure about it... So it may be a while before y'all get photos of it.. Lesson learned. Never trust a fat balding man to cut your hair! You will cry!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Love y'all and miss y'all
Sister Webb

P.S. I forgot to tell y'all my happy news! So guess what?? Nanny is back!!  I was so happy but it was a kinda sad story as to why she is back. So she got all the way back to her home to find out that it was covered in mold and the girl she had watching her house had basically stole everything.. She was very upset but we had an awesome lesson with her on Sunday and she just held my hand the whole time and it just made me get all teary eyed! Anyways, that's all that's happening here in Hendricks! Love y'all!

Pics - July 18, 2016

Trade off with Sister Linton
Trade off with Sister Sheffield
We made homemade chocolate sauce and ate it with bananas! It was amazing!!
Sister Johnson is my favorite
Me and Sister Johnson!
I held a frog!
We had zone conference this week! It was awesome! I gave a training and let's just say I never had time to plan it so I just went by the spirit and it was awesome! Here is a photo of our amazing zone! Jax East is beast!

Biking in 105 degree heat and sweating = mighty miracles ๐Ÿ‘ - July 11, 2016

Hello dearest family!

I am so glad to hear that all is going well at home and that y'all had a good 4th of July! Mine was as good as it could get as a missionary.

I have so many awesome stories to tell y'all! Many will have to do with my subject of this email. Yes it was 105 this week and yes, I spent the day biking in it... This last week I went on a 4 day trade off with some sisters in my zone and I got the privilege of going to their area on the days they had no car. But despite the heat and sweat we saw miracles! I am starting another trade off in just a few hours that is going to be a week long... Wish me luck because once again I am going to their area that will not have a car for the next 3 days...

Anyways, let me tell y'all all about my week. So Monday we had zone p-day and it was a blast! President and Sister Lee even came for a bit!

After zone p-day we went and saw one of my favorite people ever! We saw nanny!! We had a sweet little lesson with her. Sad news about nanny, I had a lesson with her on Saturday and half way through the lesson she told us that her granddaughter would be by any minute to pick her up and she was moving back to Bell, Florida where her home is.. I may have cried for like the rest of the lesson. That sweet lady has blessed my life so much and brought me so much joy and happiness! That was honestly a bitter sweet lesson. I was so sad to hear she was leaving but she bore me her testimony about our Savior Jesus Christ and let's just say it was beautiful! After that I bore mine and both of us just cried! I promised her I would come see her after my mission so I guess we will be planning a family trip to Florida shortly after I get home!

On Tuesday we finished up our trade off  by going to district meeting.  It was awesome! Sister Ruesch and I won the Golden Eagle trophy this week for having the most member presents! I will send y'all a picture of it next week. We may have left the trophy in our car and it may have broke.. So we are currently gluing it back together so the elders won't know. Later that night I was so hot and tired but we still had about 45 minutes left of the night so we went over to a less active's home and had a lesson. Her house was hotter then it was outside. I instantly started sweating... Like five minutes into our lesson something moved and caught my eye.. Yes, I spotted a cockroach! By this point I was in such a panic that I could not focus because it was right there next to me.. Luckily the lesson ended pretty quickly!

Wednesday we had MLC it was fun. We had trainings given to us that we will now turn around and give at zone meeting this week. The training I will be giving is all about working with and building confidence in the members. Sister Lee gave the training and spent most of her training making us role play how to greet members and give proper handshakes so I'm not sure exactly what I will do for my training..Haha!  We had an awesome training given by the assistants call 3,2,1 baptize. After their training we had to take the points from the restoration lesson and teach it in 3 minutes, then 2 minutes, and then 1 minute. It was awesome! Although I may have panicked at first because I was the one who had the privilege of role-playing to President and Sister Lee... Talk about intense!

After MLC we started a 4 day trade off with a set of sisters in my zone. That was one long trade off. I went to their area like I told you at the beginning of my email and I was on bike the whole time. It wouldn't have been so bad if I would have been use to biking and if it was 105 degrees outside plus humidity! I biked all night and oh boy did I stink!! The next day was when things got awkward.. So the sister ended up falling asleep during personal study so I kindly woke her up and she explained that she has just been having a hard time sleeping so she sometimes falls asleep studying. Ok, so take pitty and I don't really say much. We go to their district meeting that day and it was awesome and then we start biking after that and I'm just working up the biggest sweat ever! You know it is bad when all you can smell is stink and it is coming from you!! We did have a miracle that night. We were doing a golden hour and I told her that our goal should be to have a 3 minute restoration lesson with someone and set a return appointment so we could get a new gator. She didn't think it was going to work so basically I was on my own. We knock a few doors and most people shut them in our face. She was getting pretty bummed out but we finally knocked on a door and a man named Jimmy answered. He was very friendly and told us how much he appreciated all that we were doing. I knew this was my moment so I started teaching the restoration. The sister didn't join in so it was a solo lesson but oh boy, I didn't loose eye contact with that man the whole time and the spirit was so strong! Afterwards the sister told me how intense and awesome it  was!  The best part was afterward I asked if we could come back and share the message in full with his family and he said yes and then invited us into his home to meet his wife! I asked if we might be able to offer a blessing on them and their home and the wife just broke down crying and we prayed! She bawled the whole prayer! It was amazing!!!  Such a huge miracle! Let's just say that I proved my point and that the sister wanted to do 3 minute restorations at every door after that! Haha!  

Well the next morning of our trade off was a little rough..The sister yet again fell asleep during personal study and companionship studies.. I may have gotten a little frustrated and I'm not sure how lovingly I corrected her because I told her that it was unacceptable and this was lots of the cause for her and her companion not being able to work in unity. I also told her it was super rude and unfair to her companion and she had better find a way to fix it. Then I tried to lovingly give ideas as to how to fix the problem... Well..Let's just say after day two I had to switch companions because I knew I could not last two more days with this poor sister because I just yelled at her.. So we switched companions and I came to Hendricks to finish off the trade off with the other sister! 

That part went great! We had so much fun and I just loved her to pieces! It was such a stressful trade off that I got a cold sore. It's been a while since I had one of those. Thankfully I had my medicine to help!

Saturday night we finally switched back from our trade off. It was nice to be back with my companion. We had the biggest miracles happen after that. So we went to see Justin. He is our bap date. He is always so negative and never smiles but during our lesson he cracked a smile, he laughed slightly, and he even cracked his own joke! It was a break through! He is finally opening up to us! After that we were going to end for the night but we had Leeann out with us and we give her to option of going home or trying Garrian our other investigator. Of course she was not ready to go home so she said try Garrian. Well, we knocked and his cousin answers the door and tells us he is not home.  Not a huge shocker. We have been planning to drop him because we just can't seem to get a hold of him but something kept telling us not to.  Anyways, we ended up being able to teach his cousin and set a return appointment with her because she is interested! Miracle!!!

Like I said our week has been full of little miracles and tender mercies! We had 3 gators at church which is awesome because we have been getting zero.. We also got 7/9 on our key indicators this week which we haven't been able to do in forever! Heavenly Father is truly blessing us!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I love y'all so very much and miss y'all like crazy! Pray that I don't die this week on my week long trade off... Luckily it is in Mandarin 1st so I plan to hit all my favorite members up for rides and to come to lessons with us! Sister Johnson is even feeding us dinner tonight! I'm pretty excited!

Until next week..
Sister Webb

Pics - July 11, 2016

This is our MLC photo it is all of the leaders in our mission!
 Sister McGregor and I at MLC! Love this girl!
Sister Saxton and I on our trade off!
Before looking I know I look like poo but what do you expect after biking so much!
Sister Stoddard and I
Sister Gagnon and I
Sister Stoddard and I
I had to say goodbye to my sweet Nanny on Saturday.. It was a sad day but I got a final photo! This sweet lady will always have a place in my heart!

God bless America! - July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July family!!
I hope y'all have a wonderful day! I super jealous that y'all will be going tubing today but I will survive. Next Fourth of July we will party hard!  I do expect a lot of pictures and y'all better do a lot of fireworks! I got the packages y'all sent me! Thanks so much! I will just have to eat the treats very slowly so it doesn't effect my diet..Haha! So far I've lost about 2 lbs this week but it sounds like dad is killing it! 12 lbs!! That's awesome! I also loved the package that Rachael's family sent me! I loved the shirt it was super cute!

I feel as if by the end of the week I can never remember what happened but I will try my best. On Tuesday we were doing a golden hour and we had the hugest miracle. So most days we knock doors and it's just hot and nothing really comes of it but on Tuesday night we knocked on this lady's door and she answered and instantly invited us in where she proceeded do tell us that she has a relative who is a member and she has always wanted to check out our church but didn't know where we were located here. She had told us just earlier that day she was planning to pull out the phone book to look us up! Haha! We were able to teach her and her husband the restoration and commit them to read the Book of Mormon! It was awesome!!

On Wednesday we had another zone conference. This time it was up in Georgia. We finally met our new mission president and his wife. President and sister Lee are the  best! They are both so sweet!
President Lee's dad was an upholsterer and so he did that until he started his own furniture business. Sister Lee's father was a dentist so she grew up as a dental assistant! Sister Lee also loves to sing and dance and she was a back up singer and dancer for the Osmond's back in the day. They showed us a little video clip of it and it was pretty funny! After our zone meeting we started a trade off. We did it with the Jax Beach sisters. I went to the Jax Beach area with Sister Hibbard. She has been on her mission for about 2 1/2 weeks now. It was a rough trade off. The poor girl is just having a hard time adjusting to missionary life. I had to lovingly correct her on so many things.  It made things hard for me but hey, someone had to tell her the rules. The Jax Beach area is super rich and had a lot of nice houses.  When we did our golden hour we knocked houses right on the beach. I walked past many boardwalks and boy was it tempting to just walk down one just to catch a glimpse of the beach.

We ended our trade off on Thursday. That night we had a lesson with Miss Shirley. She is still preparing for baptism. After our lesson we went to the addiction recovery program with her! I honestly love that class. It is so great that the church has put together a program for any individual who is struggling with any form of addiction.

Friday we had weekly planning and after our weekly planning we had another trade off. This time it was with the Jax West sister training leaders. I stayed here in Hendricks and Sister Rigby was my companion for the day! It was so much fun to be her companion again! We just talked all about the good old days at the MTC together. It was the best! I did not want that trade off to end.
We ended our trade off by eating lunch at Panera bread and then getting ice cream... Definitely didn't help my diet. Haha 

Saturday night we had an awesome miracle. So we stopped by our investigator Deanna's house to make sure they were coming to church on Sunday and they had a friend over there and we had taught her once before about a month ago. Anyways, we get there and she was like, "I was hoping y'all would come by... I've read the entire Book of Mormon and I wrote questions down for y'all to answer." It was awesome!! She read the entire Book of Mormon in a month and had awesome questions!  It was such a great lesson! To top it all off, she came to church on Sunday!

Sunday was a day filled with miracles as well! So we were so excited because we had 3 investigators in church. 1 being our baptism date miss Shirley. We had to drop Justin because on Friday night he text us and told us to never call, text or come by his house again.. So we dropped him. Miracles always happen at church. We are sitting in church when all the sudden we look over and there is Justin sitting on the back bench in a suit and tie! Can you say MIRACLE!!!! We were able to have an awesome lesson with him after Sunday school and he told us that last night he picked up the Book of Mormon and read 1 Nephi 2 and then he prayed for a sign from God and received one! First off this is huge! Justin doesn't pray... Like ever! And secondly, he tells us at almost every lesson that he doesn't like to read. So here is the great part, so he was slightly drunk as he was doing all of this and he said after he got done praying he looked at the wall and he saw a shadow of a flamingo decoration but it was a in the shape of a cross.. That was his sign. He said he knew he needed to come to church because that was where God wanted him to be! Crazy right?? Church was great! It was fast and testimony meeting and I just love hearing all the crazies get up and bear their testimony. This week I was very worried because our investigator Miss Shirley had decided she wanted to get up... Oh boy, she shared a far out story about how she was sitting in a chair outside her house and it collapsed and broke and she fell. Well she couldn't get up so she had to get her daughter to help her and she was determined Angels were helping as well. She ended her testimony by sharing a poem she wrote about Jesus.  The best part was when she was ending. She finishes her poem by saying written by me, Shirley Green..Thanks! And then just starts walking back to the audience! Haha it was funny!

This morning we woke up and our ward was doing a activity for 4th of July so we came to church. They did a flag ceremony and then had breakfast! It was good! After that we went and washed our car at the Cano's house and Leeann and Jenny helped us! It was fun! Now we are just having a zone p-day with all the wonderful missionaries in our zone! Later tonight I have another trade off and will have 2 more this week.. Trade offs are probably the only thing keeping me sane right now. I've been focusing all week on learning to love my companion. It has been such a struggle and we have had to do a companionship inventory and talk things out everyday that we were together. It's getting better especially after we talked things out. She likes to nit pick the unimportant things. This week she called me out on a dress and recommend I put a cardigan on with it. I told her no way because it was too hot. Two days later she was in our room folding her laundry and I had a bra laying on my bed. She then says, "Sister Webb, do you remember in the call packet when it says we should only have white or cream bras? I don't think this grey one is appropriate..." Yeah, I basically lost it by this point and told her if the most disobedient thing I'm going to do is wear a colored bra then I think I'm doing pretty well. She didn't think it was too funny.. Like I said thank goodness for trade offs! I'm trying super hard though to learn to love her! I have been fasting and praying for strength!

Well, I hope y'all have a wonderful 4th of July! Love and miss y'all!
Sister Webb

Pics & video - July 4, 2016

I convinced a little boy in our ward to paint my toes last p-day! It was great! And he loved it!
Trade off with Sister Hibbard
Sister Hibbard and I
My trade off with Sister Rigby! It was the absolute best!

We all looked so patriotic at church so we had to take a photo!
 4th of July car washing!