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God bless America! - July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July family!!
I hope y'all have a wonderful day! I super jealous that y'all will be going tubing today but I will survive. Next Fourth of July we will party hard!  I do expect a lot of pictures and y'all better do a lot of fireworks! I got the packages y'all sent me! Thanks so much! I will just have to eat the treats very slowly so it doesn't effect my diet..Haha! So far I've lost about 2 lbs this week but it sounds like dad is killing it! 12 lbs!! That's awesome! I also loved the package that Rachael's family sent me! I loved the shirt it was super cute!

I feel as if by the end of the week I can never remember what happened but I will try my best. On Tuesday we were doing a golden hour and we had the hugest miracle. So most days we knock doors and it's just hot and nothing really comes of it but on Tuesday night we knocked on this lady's door and she answered and instantly invited us in where she proceeded do tell us that she has a relative who is a member and she has always wanted to check out our church but didn't know where we were located here. She had told us just earlier that day she was planning to pull out the phone book to look us up! Haha! We were able to teach her and her husband the restoration and commit them to read the Book of Mormon! It was awesome!!

On Wednesday we had another zone conference. This time it was up in Georgia. We finally met our new mission president and his wife. President and sister Lee are the  best! They are both so sweet!
President Lee's dad was an upholsterer and so he did that until he started his own furniture business. Sister Lee's father was a dentist so she grew up as a dental assistant! Sister Lee also loves to sing and dance and she was a back up singer and dancer for the Osmond's back in the day. They showed us a little video clip of it and it was pretty funny! After our zone meeting we started a trade off. We did it with the Jax Beach sisters. I went to the Jax Beach area with Sister Hibbard. She has been on her mission for about 2 1/2 weeks now. It was a rough trade off. The poor girl is just having a hard time adjusting to missionary life. I had to lovingly correct her on so many things.  It made things hard for me but hey, someone had to tell her the rules. The Jax Beach area is super rich and had a lot of nice houses.  When we did our golden hour we knocked houses right on the beach. I walked past many boardwalks and boy was it tempting to just walk down one just to catch a glimpse of the beach.

We ended our trade off on Thursday. That night we had a lesson with Miss Shirley. She is still preparing for baptism. After our lesson we went to the addiction recovery program with her! I honestly love that class. It is so great that the church has put together a program for any individual who is struggling with any form of addiction.

Friday we had weekly planning and after our weekly planning we had another trade off. This time it was with the Jax West sister training leaders. I stayed here in Hendricks and Sister Rigby was my companion for the day! It was so much fun to be her companion again! We just talked all about the good old days at the MTC together. It was the best! I did not want that trade off to end.
We ended our trade off by eating lunch at Panera bread and then getting ice cream... Definitely didn't help my diet. Haha 

Saturday night we had an awesome miracle. So we stopped by our investigator Deanna's house to make sure they were coming to church on Sunday and they had a friend over there and we had taught her once before about a month ago. Anyways, we get there and she was like, "I was hoping y'all would come by... I've read the entire Book of Mormon and I wrote questions down for y'all to answer." It was awesome!! She read the entire Book of Mormon in a month and had awesome questions!  It was such a great lesson! To top it all off, she came to church on Sunday!

Sunday was a day filled with miracles as well! So we were so excited because we had 3 investigators in church. 1 being our baptism date miss Shirley. We had to drop Justin because on Friday night he text us and told us to never call, text or come by his house again.. So we dropped him. Miracles always happen at church. We are sitting in church when all the sudden we look over and there is Justin sitting on the back bench in a suit and tie! Can you say MIRACLE!!!! We were able to have an awesome lesson with him after Sunday school and he told us that last night he picked up the Book of Mormon and read 1 Nephi 2 and then he prayed for a sign from God and received one! First off this is huge! Justin doesn't pray... Like ever! And secondly, he tells us at almost every lesson that he doesn't like to read. So here is the great part, so he was slightly drunk as he was doing all of this and he said after he got done praying he looked at the wall and he saw a shadow of a flamingo decoration but it was a in the shape of a cross.. That was his sign. He said he knew he needed to come to church because that was where God wanted him to be! Crazy right?? Church was great! It was fast and testimony meeting and I just love hearing all the crazies get up and bear their testimony. This week I was very worried because our investigator Miss Shirley had decided she wanted to get up... Oh boy, she shared a far out story about how she was sitting in a chair outside her house and it collapsed and broke and she fell. Well she couldn't get up so she had to get her daughter to help her and she was determined Angels were helping as well. She ended her testimony by sharing a poem she wrote about Jesus.  The best part was when she was ending. She finishes her poem by saying written by me, Shirley Green..Thanks! And then just starts walking back to the audience! Haha it was funny!

This morning we woke up and our ward was doing a activity for 4th of July so we came to church. They did a flag ceremony and then had breakfast! It was good! After that we went and washed our car at the Cano's house and Leeann and Jenny helped us! It was fun! Now we are just having a zone p-day with all the wonderful missionaries in our zone! Later tonight I have another trade off and will have 2 more this week.. Trade offs are probably the only thing keeping me sane right now. I've been focusing all week on learning to love my companion. It has been such a struggle and we have had to do a companionship inventory and talk things out everyday that we were together. It's getting better especially after we talked things out. She likes to nit pick the unimportant things. This week she called me out on a dress and recommend I put a cardigan on with it. I told her no way because it was too hot. Two days later she was in our room folding her laundry and I had a bra laying on my bed. She then says, "Sister Webb, do you remember in the call packet when it says we should only have white or cream bras? I don't think this grey one is appropriate..." Yeah, I basically lost it by this point and told her if the most disobedient thing I'm going to do is wear a colored bra then I think I'm doing pretty well. She didn't think it was too funny.. Like I said thank goodness for trade offs! I'm trying super hard though to learn to love her! I have been fasting and praying for strength!

Well, I hope y'all have a wonderful 4th of July! Love and miss y'all!
Sister Webb


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