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Biking in 105 degree heat and sweating = mighty miracles 👍 - July 11, 2016

Hello dearest family!

I am so glad to hear that all is going well at home and that y'all had a good 4th of July! Mine was as good as it could get as a missionary.

I have so many awesome stories to tell y'all! Many will have to do with my subject of this email. Yes it was 105 this week and yes, I spent the day biking in it... This last week I went on a 4 day trade off with some sisters in my zone and I got the privilege of going to their area on the days they had no car. But despite the heat and sweat we saw miracles! I am starting another trade off in just a few hours that is going to be a week long... Wish me luck because once again I am going to their area that will not have a car for the next 3 days...

Anyways, let me tell y'all all about my week. So Monday we had zone p-day and it was a blast! President and Sister Lee even came for a bit!

After zone p-day we went and saw one of my favorite people ever! We saw nanny!! We had a sweet little lesson with her. Sad news about nanny, I had a lesson with her on Saturday and half way through the lesson she told us that her granddaughter would be by any minute to pick her up and she was moving back to Bell, Florida where her home is.. I may have cried for like the rest of the lesson. That sweet lady has blessed my life so much and brought me so much joy and happiness! That was honestly a bitter sweet lesson. I was so sad to hear she was leaving but she bore me her testimony about our Savior Jesus Christ and let's just say it was beautiful! After that I bore mine and both of us just cried! I promised her I would come see her after my mission so I guess we will be planning a family trip to Florida shortly after I get home!

On Tuesday we finished up our trade off  by going to district meeting.  It was awesome! Sister Ruesch and I won the Golden Eagle trophy this week for having the most member presents! I will send y'all a picture of it next week. We may have left the trophy in our car and it may have broke.. So we are currently gluing it back together so the elders won't know. Later that night I was so hot and tired but we still had about 45 minutes left of the night so we went over to a less active's home and had a lesson. Her house was hotter then it was outside. I instantly started sweating... Like five minutes into our lesson something moved and caught my eye.. Yes, I spotted a cockroach! By this point I was in such a panic that I could not focus because it was right there next to me.. Luckily the lesson ended pretty quickly!

Wednesday we had MLC it was fun. We had trainings given to us that we will now turn around and give at zone meeting this week. The training I will be giving is all about working with and building confidence in the members. Sister Lee gave the training and spent most of her training making us role play how to greet members and give proper handshakes so I'm not sure exactly what I will do for my training..Haha!  We had an awesome training given by the assistants call 3,2,1 baptize. After their training we had to take the points from the restoration lesson and teach it in 3 minutes, then 2 minutes, and then 1 minute. It was awesome! Although I may have panicked at first because I was the one who had the privilege of role-playing to President and Sister Lee... Talk about intense!

After MLC we started a 4 day trade off with a set of sisters in my zone. That was one long trade off. I went to their area like I told you at the beginning of my email and I was on bike the whole time. It wouldn't have been so bad if I would have been use to biking and if it was 105 degrees outside plus humidity! I biked all night and oh boy did I stink!! The next day was when things got awkward.. So the sister ended up falling asleep during personal study so I kindly woke her up and she explained that she has just been having a hard time sleeping so she sometimes falls asleep studying. Ok, so take pitty and I don't really say much. We go to their district meeting that day and it was awesome and then we start biking after that and I'm just working up the biggest sweat ever! You know it is bad when all you can smell is stink and it is coming from you!! We did have a miracle that night. We were doing a golden hour and I told her that our goal should be to have a 3 minute restoration lesson with someone and set a return appointment so we could get a new gator. She didn't think it was going to work so basically I was on my own. We knock a few doors and most people shut them in our face. She was getting pretty bummed out but we finally knocked on a door and a man named Jimmy answered. He was very friendly and told us how much he appreciated all that we were doing. I knew this was my moment so I started teaching the restoration. The sister didn't join in so it was a solo lesson but oh boy, I didn't loose eye contact with that man the whole time and the spirit was so strong! Afterwards the sister told me how intense and awesome it  was!  The best part was afterward I asked if we could come back and share the message in full with his family and he said yes and then invited us into his home to meet his wife! I asked if we might be able to offer a blessing on them and their home and the wife just broke down crying and we prayed! She bawled the whole prayer! It was amazing!!!  Such a huge miracle! Let's just say that I proved my point and that the sister wanted to do 3 minute restorations at every door after that! Haha!  

Well the next morning of our trade off was a little rough..The sister yet again fell asleep during personal study and companionship studies.. I may have gotten a little frustrated and I'm not sure how lovingly I corrected her because I told her that it was unacceptable and this was lots of the cause for her and her companion not being able to work in unity. I also told her it was super rude and unfair to her companion and she had better find a way to fix it. Then I tried to lovingly give ideas as to how to fix the problem... Well..Let's just say after day two I had to switch companions because I knew I could not last two more days with this poor sister because I just yelled at her.. So we switched companions and I came to Hendricks to finish off the trade off with the other sister! 

That part went great! We had so much fun and I just loved her to pieces! It was such a stressful trade off that I got a cold sore. It's been a while since I had one of those. Thankfully I had my medicine to help!

Saturday night we finally switched back from our trade off. It was nice to be back with my companion. We had the biggest miracles happen after that. So we went to see Justin. He is our bap date. He is always so negative and never smiles but during our lesson he cracked a smile, he laughed slightly, and he even cracked his own joke! It was a break through! He is finally opening up to us! After that we were going to end for the night but we had Leeann out with us and we give her to option of going home or trying Garrian our other investigator. Of course she was not ready to go home so she said try Garrian. Well, we knocked and his cousin answers the door and tells us he is not home.  Not a huge shocker. We have been planning to drop him because we just can't seem to get a hold of him but something kept telling us not to.  Anyways, we ended up being able to teach his cousin and set a return appointment with her because she is interested! Miracle!!!

Like I said our week has been full of little miracles and tender mercies! We had 3 gators at church which is awesome because we have been getting zero.. We also got 7/9 on our key indicators this week which we haven't been able to do in forever! Heavenly Father is truly blessing us!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I love y'all so very much and miss y'all like crazy! Pray that I don't die this week on my week long trade off... Luckily it is in Mandarin 1st so I plan to hit all my favorite members up for rides and to come to lessons with us! Sister Johnson is even feeding us dinner tonight! I'm pretty excited!

Until next week..
Sister Webb


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