Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Good news! - December 15, 2015

Miracles do happen!!!
I'm staying in Ocala and I'm staying with Sister McGregor!!! This was the best news I got all week!!!! Mother, this means you need to send my presents ASAP!! Haha 

This week.... Um, well I can't really remember to much of what happened but I will try to give you a recap.

Last Tuesday, we had district meeting. Remember how I told you I was trying to be all healthy and eat good and exercise? Well that blew up in my face as usual! Haha anyways, I bought some Raisin Bran to eat to be healthy and I had eaten it right before district meeting.. Well we all know what too much bran and fiber will do to you! My insides hated me! Haha they were screaming and making so many loud noises during the whole district meeting! So embarrassing.. After district meeting we went to a members house and helped her decorate her Christmas tree! It was a lot of fun!

Wednesday, we taught a lesson to a lady named Debbie. She lives in the complex next to us. She is real nice. We taught the restoration and it was really good. Later that night we went to church and had our gospel principle class.

Thursday was our mission Christmas party! It was so much fun!! We drove up to Jacksonville and they did a talent show and then dinner and then they did a really nice devotional after that! We also got a cute little Christmas present from the mission. An extra white hand book and then a notebook, oh and also a debit card protector so no one can steal our bank info because that has been a huge problem in the mission lately. I also got a bunch of Christmas letters from the family! I'm a little turd and just can't wait til Christmas so I opened them all that night and read them! Thank you all so much! I cried like a little baby reading them! I miss you all so stinkin' much and I am getting so excited to talk to you all! One more week!!! Also, mom you said that you wanted to talk around 10 or 10:30 that should be fine. I will confirm next p-day the exact time. I need to figure out where I can go to use wi-fi to talk to you and also I need to find a ride to that place of wi-fi because I won't have a car. So plan for then but I will confirm next Monday!

Friday was weekly planning. It was worse then usual because we are now out of our trio so we had to set plans for everyday instead of every other day.. But I guess it wasn't too bad.  For dinner we went to the Kitchen's house in our ward and they invited our investigator Jonathan and his mom. It was really nice. Racheal, Brother Kitchen told me that he graduated from Payson high and he is about the same age as Daniel. You will have to ask Daniel if he knows him.

After dinner we had a really good lesson with our new investigator named Chelsea. She is so sweet! We taught her the restoration and she loved every bit of it! We even invited her to baptism and she said yes! It was amazing!

Saturday, we had ward correlation in the morning and the Voyles (the ward mission leader) took us all to breakfast at the country club in the little community he lives in. It was so so good! I forgot how much I love breakfast foods! After breakfast we just visited members in the second ward area all day.
Sunday was church. It was good! Second ward got a band called Redhead Express to come and play and sing the prelude music! It was amazing!  Y'all need to look them up! They are members and it's just a family that has started a band! But seriously it was amazing! Sadly we had no investigators to church so now we will have to push Tony's baptism date back even further.

Yesterday was when all of the excitement happened. Well actually it's the only day I can really remember so here are the good stories from yesterday! So, we were eating dinner at this members house and I've mentioned her before in my family emails she just has the grossest and dirtiest house I have ever seen. Last time we ate there was around Thanksgiving and she fed us left overs and there was a cockroach on the table. Well, this time was just as bad.. She fed us chicken, and mashed potatoes. So, I sit down and something on the wall caught my eye so I look over and realize that it is a cockroach... I'm already dying and squirming in my chair. Then I continue looking at the wall next to me to find 2 more cockroaches. We say the prayer on dinner and when I look at the wall again they are all gone... I'm literally dying by this point. I hold my feet off the ground so they won't get me and I scoot to the far edge of my seat away from the wall. Ok, so now we are dishing our food and it is still really questionable looking and all the sudden I look up and I'm looking at her stove and counter top.  There are like 5 cockroaches crawling all over them! I'm still just trying to contain how disgusted I am. Then I look up at the stack of clean dishes she has by her sink to see a cockroach crawling on them. Ahhhh! I am eating off of her plates! Finally I tell myself to stop looking because I don't want to know what else is crawling around her house. But I see something funny in the mashed potatoes and look to see that there is a baby cockroach in them!! Ok, by this point I just couldn't contain myself and I was gagging to get my food down. I probably looked so ridiculous because I am sitting on the edge of my chair, with my feet off the ground and now I am gagging.. Haha it was awful!! The things you have to go through as a missionary!

Ok, my next story happened the other night. So we were getting ready for bed and we just have a ceiling fan with lights in our bedroom but the only way to turn off the lights is to pull the string from the fan.  Our light switches do nothing. Anyways, Sister McGregor goes to turn the light off but when she pulls the switch the metal string thing just comes right out and breaks.. Hahaha I was dying! It made the loudest noise ever! It was like something you only see in movies.It was so funny! I made a video so I will send it home.

That's about all that is happening! For all those who need my address to send me Christmas presents it is:
2707 SW 33rd Ave, Apt 503 
Ocala, Florida 34474

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I will write again next Monday!
I hope y'all get the packages I sent! Do not open them until Christmas because I did not wrap any of the presents in them!!
Love you all!
Sister Webb

Pics & Videos - December 15, 2015

So at the mission Christmas party we got an MTC district photo! I can't believe 7 months ago I was entering the MTC Best district ever!  It was so good to see all of them! Of course they made me stand next to Elder Karen who is the tallest.. Haha
Our last district picture. 
And Sister Clemens drew a photo of our companionship! We are so cute!
So I forgot to tell you a funny story about yesterday. I can't believe I forgot about it! So we have an investigator named Alexis and last time we met with her she basically bible bashed us and it was a scary lesson. Well, now she is determined to help us know the truth and she invited us to hold signs with her on the street the other day.. Let me just tell you how awkward that was. The signs said Jesus loves you, prayer is key, for God so loved the world, and heaven is real. Well not only was I standing on the street waving my sign she has us yell out what our sign says to cars... Umm.... Super awkward!! Haha in the end though it was really fun! I never thought I would do this. In fact I use to say you could not pay me enough to stand on the street and hold sign. But we are going to do it again! Haha she took some photos and videos of it so when I get them from her I will send them home! It was pretty funny!
I've realized we just take a lot of selfies in the car... And most of the time we think we are so funny!
I seriously hate these sticky things in the grass... They always stick to my shoes!! And don't come off!! It took me like 30 minutes to get them all off.. Such a pain. P.S. If you look real close you can see my mosquito bite.. Yes, we still have mosquitos.
These are just some selfies we took in the car last night!
Best Christmas decorations ever! This house was awesome!! This will be my yard some day!! We just sneak into people's yards and take photos..Haha
Ocala 1st ward is the at the best! Breakfast at the country club! We are so classy! This is Brother and Sister Voyles. They are the best!
Look how nice the weather is! We just picked some oranges and grapefruit to eat the other day! It's like 85 degrees outside and we are just soaking up the sun!
We broke the light!
Late night video!
Our Christmas pajamas!!
We think we are so cool

We just like to make retarded faces late at night!
This picture just describes our relationship so well. So, it was around 11 at night and we were just muckin around being stupid in the bathroom taking selfies when iSster McGregor started scrunching my face and we could not stop laughing!
We are just cute
Dumb faces
Mission Christmas party!!
This big picture is of the whole mission! I would send the nicer looking one but I forgot to close my legs... My bad! Haha
Package videos!
Christmas Light videos!
We went to see the lights!
Welcome to Ocala!  We decided to get a picture with the Ocala sign!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's almost Christmas! - December 7, 2015

Hello family!!

Well I hope you all are doing good!  This week has been good.

Monday- Pretty standard day.. had dinner with a member and went and saw some recent converts..

Tuesday- Had zone meeting in Gainesville. That was good. After that sister Clemens stayed in Gainesville with 1 of the sister training leaders than Sister McGregor and I came with the other sister training leader. It was a good trade off. We went and saw a less-active lady named Grace. Had dinner with the Holmes and shared the new Christmas video with them. Tried a lot of potentials. Found a new gator (investigator) named Van. Went and saw a referral from the Spanish elders haha, which was super funny. This guys name is Nicolas and we knocked on his door and its this really big man with no shirt on and we tried to invite him to our class on Wednesday but he just kept saying that he would be at his mums house doing his washing and that his mum doesn't want him staying out late. We think he was a few cookies short of the cookie jar.......

Thursday- Had interviews with president, that was really good. I love him, he's the best! We mainly talked about things I could improve on and I came to the conclusion that I need to start exercising. So we discussed that for a long time and talked a lot about the atonement and how I can use that to help. I have started feeling guilty that I am out here teaching about the word of wisdom and then I don't exercise and keep my body health so I am repenting and have decided to exercise morning and night. I have also decided to get rid of all of my junk food and eat health. It may kill me! After interviews we met with a lady named Brenda who seems to believe that our church is the same as hers and when we point out all the differences she still seems to think its the same.. So frustrating!!  Had dinner at a members home.. Than had a lesson with Tony who is our bap date and we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had to reset his bap date because he has to be at church 3 times before he can be baptized. So we reset it for the 19th. then played volleyball.

Friday- Weekly planning. Saw Tony and JQ, taught the word of wisdom and committed him to coming to church. Than we were in second Ward.  Went on splits.  Sister Clemens went with a member and we went and taught a new gator whose name is Alexis. Man! That was the hardest lesson that I have ever had to teach. She didn't agree with anything.  But she commended us for being out and sharing the word. Haha it was so bad and so awkward. We just didn't know what to say to answer her questions but she was awesome. Really nice lady.

Saturday- Had a meeting with the Ward mission leader. Went to the baptism of a little girl in the Ward than we went back to their house and had lunch. It was great! Heaps of kids there!!! Played tag with them. Haha! All the kids love me! Had a lesson with Patrick who was a potential. He is great! He knows a lot about Mormons and had great questions! It was good. Had dinner. Went to a less-active lady's home and tried to teach her son who really didn't want to have a lesson.  Frustrating little boy. Then went to church so Sister Clemens could practice singing for church Christmas program. Another funny thing that happened on Saturday was we were driving to lunch after the baptism with the Tompkins and the funniest thing happened. Brother Tompkins is driving and trying to teach us Japanese when we drive past this shirtless young man who was ripped! I must have made some noise while trying to get a better look so Brother Tompkins being the kind man he is drove around the block a second time for me! I made a video so I will send it.

Sunday- Went to church and guess what? Tony didn't show up so we are going to have to push his baptism date back again! So annoying! Tried a lot of potentials. Than we went to the Tompkins and had dinner there. Man I love that family so much!!!! (Also you need to reply to him!!!!!!!!!!!)  We played ping pong! We have a lot of videos from it. Haha! So funny, their boys are just hilarious! I felt like I was at home the whole time I was there. We watched the Christmas devotional with them and it was really good! I hope y'all got a chance to see it because it was good! After the devotional we went home and I decided that I needed to exercise so Sister McGregor and I exercised in the living room to some Mormon messages. We made a video to send to you so you could see!

Today-  I am still on my health kick and for breakfast I decided it would be great to drink a detox drink for breakfast... Bad idea! It has destroyed my insides! Haha oh, so y'all will get a good kick out of this.. So I only made it a little over six months with out dying my hair. I bought dye today and plan to dye it tonight. Sister McGregor bought some too so we will be doing it together! I'm sure y'all had bets on how long I would last! Haha But that's my week so far! Oh and today I bought a Christmas sweater for the mission Christmas party. Than Sister Mcgregor and I bought matching pjs so we will send you a photo next week! Also next week I won't be emailing you until Tuesday because of transfers! Pray I will stay in Ocala!!!!!!

Love you all!
Sister Webb
PS. This email is half written by me and half by Sister McGregor.
Sorry! I've become lazy! Next weeks email will be better! Just remember it will be coming on Tuesday!

Forgot a funny story...
So I basically forgot my favorite story of the week! So it happened one night when we were in second ward and we were going to see a less-active.  It was about 8:45 at night. We drive up to this house and I thought it was kinda creepy because they still had cob web/Halloween decorations up. Anyways, we get up to the porch and we notice a purple light coming from inside. We knock and it is dead silent and then like 30 seconds later we just hear this deep loud dog bark! It scared me so bad I jumped so high! Instantly Sister Clemens just says, "We need to leave!"  I'm basically about to pee my pants because by this point I am so scared but the funny part is all three of us just calmly walked back to the car and just left like nothing had happened! Haha it was funny even if you don't think so! Lesson learned! Always follow the spirit! Glad I have a good companion who is good at that!
Love y'all!

Pictures & Videos - December 7, 2015

What kind of place is this?
I'm learning Japanese and also trying to sneak a video of the hot guy!
Haha this is how visits with the Tompkins always go! Haha
This is how we spend our Sunday nights. At the Tompkins playing ping pong with their boys! Jake was just showing us some moves! Haha
Some awesome dance moves that Jake showed us after the devotional! Haha
This is why I love this family! Never a dull moment with them!
 Our Merry Christmas picture!
Our very sad looking Christmas tree! Haha! Don't judge!
This is the green detox drink I drank for breakfast.. It was nasty!
Also check out my grandma shirt! I bought it and I think it is so ugly that I have not been able to wear it out in public yet! It is a total mom shirt and I shows none of my curves.., but I'm trying to follow mission rules so it will soon become my favorite shirt! Haha
Exercise video! This is what we are now going to do every night!

I ate too much food this week! - November 30, 2015

Hello family,

How was your week? Sounds like y'all had a good Thanksgiving! I had a really good Thanksgiving as well, but I will tell you about that later in my email. So I feel like not to much happened this week. We mainly saw less-actives because of the holiday and most people were gone..but it was still a productive week.

So funny story about last Monday night.. So we have these recent converts in our ward who we go see weekly and we tried to see them last Monday night at like 8:30 and we could tell they were home because we could hear them but they just didn't answer the door. The next day we have a missed call from the wife and she left a message saying "Sorry we did not answer the door last night we were en lafragrante.. If you know what I mean?..." Haha um.... Awkward! So we just don't call back or respond to her because it was just super funny and awkward. Why would someone tell you they are doing things with their husband and that is why they didn't answer the door! Haha anyways, the next day she just texts us the same thing and she won't stop texting so finally we call her back and she has to reexplain the whole thing to us even though I already knew what her and her husband were doing! Haha so awkward!! Seriously, who says that to the missionaries? Haha 

On Tuesday we had district meeting and it went pretty good. I had to give my training on becoming consecrated missionaries! I really did not want to give it. I thought I was going to die. There are more then one reasons why I thought I was going to die. I woke up not feeling so great, I then didn't eat breakfast so I was starving, I had cramps like crazy on top of that and then just being nervous to give my training. I was a hot mess! Haha! The whole time I thought I was going to throw up! But I'm happy to say it went really good! 

After district meeting we visited a few people and then we had dinner with Sister Bagots in our ward. She is the sweetest lady who is from Jamaica! She fed us this really good chicken and rice dinner. The best part was she had a plate full of tomatoes and cucumbers and told us to eat them all.. Sister McGregor and I are the kindest companions ever and left them all for Sister Clemens to eat. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you a funny story about this dinner. So Sister Bagots will not let us eat at her house because she thinks there is something wrong with her house. She says that it just makes her really itchy and so she has to always wear long pants and boots when she is home because the carpet makes her itch. So she asked her neighbor Bert if we could eat at her house. It is nice for us because she always asks one of her non-member neighbors.  While Bert was just the sweetest old lady and we had a nice lesson about scripture study with both of them. Bert told us the best quote.  She said, "Thin is in but fat is where it's at!" This is my new motto!  Haha

On Wednesday we spent the day in 2nd ward area. It was nice. We then had dinner with a sweet old couple. I can't even remember their names... Haha but they have two little weiner dogs and one's name was Daisy and it just made me think of our cute little Daisy! This dog acted just like her. She barked the whole time at us and they told us she might bite us if we tried to pet her.. I was successful in petting her! I must be a dog whisperer. Haha. Anyways, we had a good dinner, they made us potatoes, chicken, carrots, pumpkin bread, it was basically like a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious! That's about all that I remember about that day.. Haha 

Thursday was Thanksgiving. We went to breakfast at a less-active member's home. She fed us biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls. The elders also came to this breakfast. So while I was dishing my plate they stuck a fart machine under the couch where I was sitting... Then when we are all sitting down eating they let it off. Haha!  Sister McGregor instantly looks at me and I am so confused and I try to blame it on the dog.. Haha!  Well, the dog was clear across the room so that did nothing and everyone thought I farted. They then let it off again!  By this point Sister McGregor is dying of laughter because she thinks it is me. I am still just so confused as to who farted because only Sister Clemens was sitting next to me and she is just too sweet to fart at someone's house. Finally we realized it was a set up and the elders had planted a fart machine under my chair.. They think they are so funny! Haha! After breakfast we taught the restoration but we decided to switch it up a little. All of us were teaching and we could only say one word and then the next person would say a word and we taught that way. It was a very interesting but fun lesson! 

After we finished up there we went to Sister Martin's house and she fed us some appetizers while she finished up her Thanksgiving dinner. After that we went to the next appointment which was our dinner appointment. We ate at a member's house. Her name is Sister Pulsipher. She is seriously the best cook ever! We had mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie (which was the best thing I have ever eaten), green bean casserole, homemade rolls, turkey, ham, and then she had some purple cabbage stuff (which was not my favorite), not to mention before dinner she had a whole table full of cheese and crackers and salads and treats for us to eat and then, after dinner she had pumpkin pie and home made New York-style cheese cake! Mmmm... It was so good! Anyways, that about sums up my Thanksgiving. I ate so much I thought I was going to explode! After that appointment we just visited members the rest of the night.

Friday... We had weekly planning. I still hate weekly planning, in case y'all had forgotten, since my last email.. Haha this week I made it through by eating brownies and ice cream with Nutella on top of it!  I'm such a fatty! Haha 

After weekly planning we had dinner at a members home who lives in the 2nd ward. Let me just describe the lady's home. First off right when you get to the front porch you can just smell the stink. It just smells like dirty I don't know what and cigarette smoke because her husband smokes. Ok secondly she has 2 dogs. One is just this really big dog who slobbers all over everything and it is just really gross. The other dog is a puppy pitbull. While this little pitbull is kinda freaky because it has something wrong with it so it has no hair... She usually keeps it blocked on the kitchen and it just really freaks me out because I am always worried it is going to jump out and get me! So we get to her house and before we even get out of the car I am already laughing so hard that I can't pray, Sister McGregor is doing the same. So, Sister Clemens prays for us. Then we get in there to find out we are having left over Thanksgiving dinner.. I was already scared to eat any food at her house and to top it off I am not a huge fan of left overs anyways.  While she had not started heating anything up so she is trying to get things out of the fridge when all the sudden her son let's the pit bull out of the bathroom.. I seriously thought I was going to die! I was laughing and crying and just trying not to freak out. So she finally got everything out and she pulls out the dinner plates and she gives Sister McGregor one and then decides she needs to wash mine before we use it. My fork was just really greasy and gross so I was worried about using it as well. Anyways, we finally microwave our dinner and we start eating, I'm just eating with my hands because I am so scared to use my fork.. Haha I probably looked like a Barbarian because I didn't use my fork except to eat the Stove-top stuffing.. all the sudden during the middle of dinner a cockroach starts crawling on the table by Sister McGregor! She flinches and I'm trying not to laugh when the lady notices and asks if everything is alright? We lie and just keep trying to eat. By this point I have my eye looking everywhere for what happened to the cockroach when I notice another one climbing out of one of the drawers.. I finished my plate and Sister McGregor is still struggling to finish hers and she just kept throwing food on my plate because she didn't want to eat.. So then I had to just keep trying to eat more and more or the leftovers. Haha it was the worst. Finally, after about an hour of trying to leave, she finishes telling us all these awkward inappropriate stories about her and her husband. I say we need to leave and I am starting to say a prayer when Sister McGregor starts to rub the back of my neck with her fingers like a cockroach is crawling on me.. As you can guess I am trying to hold back the laughter so I can get the prayer out and it was just so hard. I had to keep pausing during the prayer just to contain my laughter. We are probably going to be struck down by lightening for all of this! Haha finally I make it through my prayer and by this point Sister McGregor had been laughing so hard she is crying! The lady asked if she is ok and Sister McGregor says she got something in her eye. I am bolting for the door so she can't see that I am crying and laughing too. Anyways, that was my funny story. That was probably the highlight of the day.

On Saturday it was Sister Clemens birthday. We woke up and sang probably the worst Happy Birthday to her. Only because we were still half asleep with our raspy voices! Haha!  Sister McGregor and I are the worst and we didn't get her anything and we didn't even have stuff to make her a cake.. So we decide to take her to lunch! We let her choose and she decided she wanted to eat at a place called the Gyro Hut.  Sister McGregor has never had Greek food so she was super worried.
Haha! It was really good though! After that we just contacted some potential investigators. We had a few awkward encounters with some of them who were just young men. I'm seriously going to be so awkward around boys when I get home but that about sums up that day!

Mother, I am very bitter about you missing my daily email because you went to see Hunger Games instead... First off, how could you go see that movie without me! Secondly, um... I see where your priorities are!  Haha just kidding! Sorry to hear about the dishwasher but hey, you got a new one! Hopefully it is nice!

I was sad to hear that I missed out on all of the shopping! That was all I could think about on Friday night! I can't wait for next year when I can go! Of course I will be a poor recently returned missionary and will have no money to go shopping with! Haha! Yesterday was a long day. We had to be at church by 7:45 for a missionary meeting. We then were at church until 2. It was our turn to teach Sunday school. I was a bit of a slacker on that and didn't prepare much beside read half of the manual.. Yes, I am one of those teachers who doesn't prepare well. 

We had dinner at the Acosta's house. They made us a yummy Peruvian dinner! I love eating at their house because it is always so good! Later that night after we got in for the night we decided to do a fire and celebrate Sister Clemens birthday! It was a lot of fun! We used the little bbq grill thing we have outside our apartment to have the fire in. Here are some of the highlight moments of the night. First, we did not have wood so we are driving home and Sister McGregor pulls over and tells me to get out and gather some sticks! I grab this tree branch that is bigger then me and try to put it in the trunk. Obviously it didn't fit so I just left the trunk wide open! We finally get home and I just start dragging this huge branch to our apartment! I'm sure I just looked crazy! We hurry and come in and plan and now it is time for a fire. I get so excited and open the door to find a toad sitting on our door mat.. I am still so scared of toads! So, I start freaking out and Sister McGregor thinks it's funny so she starts walking towards it and it starts hopping away when all of the sudden she kicks it at me! Yes, she kicks the toad at me! Poor thing, I just start screaming at the top of my lungs and slam the door shut! I'm sure our neighbors hate us. It took me about 20 minutes to get up the confidence to go outside and walk past the toad. We then had our fire and celebrated Sister Clemens birthday! It was fun! We didn't have cake to put her candles in so we used some bagels! Haha the fire was nice, although I don't think it is allowed but we followed the rules! They just said no flames in the apartments! Haha I felt like I was camping! The weather was super nice, probably like 70 degrees! I just laid down outside on a picnic table until 10:20 when I realized we needed to go inside.
Then none of us were tired so we stayed up playing and asking would you rather questions until around 12. It was fun!

It was quite a lame week so I'm sorry that all of my stories are not the most exciting. This week should be a little better! I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Can you believe next year at this time I will be home? Say what!?? That's crazy to think about! Anyways, I love you all and miss you! Only a few more weeks and we get to skype!!

Love yous!
Sister Webb

Pictures & Videos - November 30, 2015

This is just a cute little center piece that was at our thanksgiving dinner. It was a real classy dinner! 
Look at this burnt house I found.. Haha it made me laugh but I guess it's kinda sad.
We like to take pictures with all the peoples decorations
Don't look to close I have a double chin and you can see up my skirt.. My bad! Haha
Me carrying the tree to our apartment I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard!
Our fire video
The second fire video
Sister Clemens turned 20 video!!
We like to celebrate!!
Birthday hats!!  
Our speed video we made! Haha
This was my breakfast this morning... Breakfast of champs!
Chocolate milk, Coke, and Oreos! Don't judge that I am still eating Halloween Oreos! Haha

This was my weekly shopping.. I originally went for shampoo and chocolate milk.. Some how I managed to get donuts, beef jerky, Doritos, rice crispy, and a take 5... Don't judge. I know I am a fatty! Haha the struggle is real when you go shopping hungry! Ps, this chocolate milk is the best thing ever!