Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Good news! - December 15, 2015

Miracles do happen!!!
I'm staying in Ocala and I'm staying with Sister McGregor!!! This was the best news I got all week!!!! Mother, this means you need to send my presents ASAP!! Haha 

This week.... Um, well I can't really remember to much of what happened but I will try to give you a recap.

Last Tuesday, we had district meeting. Remember how I told you I was trying to be all healthy and eat good and exercise? Well that blew up in my face as usual! Haha anyways, I bought some Raisin Bran to eat to be healthy and I had eaten it right before district meeting.. Well we all know what too much bran and fiber will do to you! My insides hated me! Haha they were screaming and making so many loud noises during the whole district meeting! So embarrassing.. After district meeting we went to a members house and helped her decorate her Christmas tree! It was a lot of fun!

Wednesday, we taught a lesson to a lady named Debbie. She lives in the complex next to us. She is real nice. We taught the restoration and it was really good. Later that night we went to church and had our gospel principle class.

Thursday was our mission Christmas party! It was so much fun!! We drove up to Jacksonville and they did a talent show and then dinner and then they did a really nice devotional after that! We also got a cute little Christmas present from the mission. An extra white hand book and then a notebook, oh and also a debit card protector so no one can steal our bank info because that has been a huge problem in the mission lately. I also got a bunch of Christmas letters from the family! I'm a little turd and just can't wait til Christmas so I opened them all that night and read them! Thank you all so much! I cried like a little baby reading them! I miss you all so stinkin' much and I am getting so excited to talk to you all! One more week!!! Also, mom you said that you wanted to talk around 10 or 10:30 that should be fine. I will confirm next p-day the exact time. I need to figure out where I can go to use wi-fi to talk to you and also I need to find a ride to that place of wi-fi because I won't have a car. So plan for then but I will confirm next Monday!

Friday was weekly planning. It was worse then usual because we are now out of our trio so we had to set plans for everyday instead of every other day.. But I guess it wasn't too bad.  For dinner we went to the Kitchen's house in our ward and they invited our investigator Jonathan and his mom. It was really nice. Racheal, Brother Kitchen told me that he graduated from Payson high and he is about the same age as Daniel. You will have to ask Daniel if he knows him.

After dinner we had a really good lesson with our new investigator named Chelsea. She is so sweet! We taught her the restoration and she loved every bit of it! We even invited her to baptism and she said yes! It was amazing!

Saturday, we had ward correlation in the morning and the Voyles (the ward mission leader) took us all to breakfast at the country club in the little community he lives in. It was so so good! I forgot how much I love breakfast foods! After breakfast we just visited members in the second ward area all day.
Sunday was church. It was good! Second ward got a band called Redhead Express to come and play and sing the prelude music! It was amazing!  Y'all need to look them up! They are members and it's just a family that has started a band! But seriously it was amazing! Sadly we had no investigators to church so now we will have to push Tony's baptism date back even further.

Yesterday was when all of the excitement happened. Well actually it's the only day I can really remember so here are the good stories from yesterday! So, we were eating dinner at this members house and I've mentioned her before in my family emails she just has the grossest and dirtiest house I have ever seen. Last time we ate there was around Thanksgiving and she fed us left overs and there was a cockroach on the table. Well, this time was just as bad.. She fed us chicken, and mashed potatoes. So, I sit down and something on the wall caught my eye so I look over and realize that it is a cockroach... I'm already dying and squirming in my chair. Then I continue looking at the wall next to me to find 2 more cockroaches. We say the prayer on dinner and when I look at the wall again they are all gone... I'm literally dying by this point. I hold my feet off the ground so they won't get me and I scoot to the far edge of my seat away from the wall. Ok, so now we are dishing our food and it is still really questionable looking and all the sudden I look up and I'm looking at her stove and counter top.  There are like 5 cockroaches crawling all over them! I'm still just trying to contain how disgusted I am. Then I look up at the stack of clean dishes she has by her sink to see a cockroach crawling on them. Ahhhh! I am eating off of her plates! Finally I tell myself to stop looking because I don't want to know what else is crawling around her house. But I see something funny in the mashed potatoes and look to see that there is a baby cockroach in them!! Ok, by this point I just couldn't contain myself and I was gagging to get my food down. I probably looked so ridiculous because I am sitting on the edge of my chair, with my feet off the ground and now I am gagging.. Haha it was awful!! The things you have to go through as a missionary!

Ok, my next story happened the other night. So we were getting ready for bed and we just have a ceiling fan with lights in our bedroom but the only way to turn off the lights is to pull the string from the fan.  Our light switches do nothing. Anyways, Sister McGregor goes to turn the light off but when she pulls the switch the metal string thing just comes right out and breaks.. Hahaha I was dying! It made the loudest noise ever! It was like something you only see in movies.It was so funny! I made a video so I will send it home.

That's about all that is happening! For all those who need my address to send me Christmas presents it is:
2707 SW 33rd Ave, Apt 503 
Ocala, Florida 34474

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I will write again next Monday!
I hope y'all get the packages I sent! Do not open them until Christmas because I did not wrap any of the presents in them!!
Love you all!
Sister Webb


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