Monday, January 18, 2016

Pics & Videos - Dec 21, 2015

So we went to Silver Springs State Park and went on a glass bottom boat ride today with the Tompkins. Mom and Dad, I know they sent some of these pictures to you all ready but here are some more! :)
On the boat!
Next to the Osceola Indian statue
This was called the lucky palm tree and if you stand in the loop you are suppose to have good luck for 5 years
This was the view of the springs. It is where they filmed part of Creature from the Black lagoon.. Haha
This is a picture of a really old tree and a really old row boat under it!
This is a picture of statues that were used in a movie or something like that that are still down there.
Awww, look a baby gator! I just wanted to jump out of the boat and hold him!
Fish!! Look how blue the water is!!
 We like to take selfies while driving
Look at the Christmas cookies I made!! :) thanks for the cookie stuff family! :) Love you all! I can't wait to talk on Christmas! Sister Tompkins said they would be skyping their son at 11 so we can plan to still do it at 10:30 your time :)


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