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Christmas time is the best!! - December 28, 2015

Hello family,
First off it was soooooo freakin good to talk to y'all on Christmas!  I'm glad someone hung up for me because I don't think I would have been able to! It was just so good to see all of you and it just got me so pumped to go out and work hard to make all of you proud! I'm so glad to hear all is well at home. It sounds like y'all had the typical Christmas. Lots of food and games! My Christmas was really good as well. After I talked to y'all it was basically time to eat so we sat down and ate dinner. The Tompkins made us ham and homemade mac and cheese. It was good! After dinner we just hung out with Tompkins and we played Mexican train. Which is dominos. It was lots of fun then we may have played some dance central on the Xbox.. After that we had a Nerf gun war with the boys and then we left and went caroling down town with the district! It was lots of fun. Like I said we did that on Christmas Eve as well! I have some videos that I will send home of that. Although I cant promise that they sound good. It was such a good experience it was really neat to see the Christmas spirit touch the hearts of many as we sang. We just started singing and instantly everyone stopped and turned and walked towards us to listen. And then lots of people took pictures and videos of us. I'm sure I am all over the Internet by now! Haha 

Well not much has really happened. I basically told you everything on Christmas. We are still working with our investigators and hoping they can all get baptized. We need to work with Isyss and Jenesyss's mom so that there will be some support at home. And then we need to work with Trista's parents as well. Then we need to reset a baptism date with Tonnie. So we have a lot to do this week!

I'm excited for New Years! We are not allowed to be out on New Year's Eve so we are going to have to find a members home to go to. We will probably end up at the Tompkins home. Because that is basically my second home right now.

So yesterday we had a fun day. We had a dinner appointment at the McGrath's house. It's always fun there because brother McGrath has all of his kids and grandkids come over for a huge Sunday dinner. We had smoked chicken and smoked pork chops and then some potatoes. It was sooo good! Before dinner we jumped on the tramp with the kids. I forgot how much of a work out that is. And I now understand why mom would never jump on the tramp with me as a kid. After dinner we played a quick game with them called Pie Face.. Basically it is this little thing where you put whipped cream on it and you spin a spinner and you put your face up and turn this dial thing and if your lucky you don't get cream in your face but if your not you get a nice surprise. Of course I got creamed! It was fun! Y'all will have to buy it because I am sure the kids would love it. After our dinner appointment we went out and taught some lessons and then went to the Tompkins house to have family night with them and their grandma who is not a member. We watched "Meet the Mormons" and talked with their grandma for a bit. It was good! Well that about sums up my week.

Oh, I guess I can tell you what I got for Christmas even though you already know. So like I told all of you on skype, we decided to open one of our Christmas presents on the 23rd. And that was a bad idea! We may have opened more then one! And then we woke up on Christmas Eve and opened the rest of our presents! Haha it just makes up for last year I guess. (Making me wait until 10!) I did get to open one present on Christmas though! David's present got to my house on Christmas Eve so I opened it on Christmas!  So I got some skirts, and some shirts, a sweater that I can wear in this beautiful 85 degree weather, I got some toothpaste, and bleach trays, and bleach to whiten my teeth up, I got some lotion, and body wash, and then sister McGregor's family got me a bracelet and a Australia key chain and then a few small toys for my desk, and then I got a breakfast sandwich maker, and then one of the elders got me a present. Elder Hopkins took all of the pamphlet lessons and had them bound into a small book for me! It was really sweet of him! But that's basically what I got! Well besides the money people gave me and the gift cards! Haha Thanks for all of the presents!
I loved them all!

I thought I would send you something spiritual because I sadly found out that my emails get posted for the ward to see. So for anyone in the ward who reads this I hope you know that most of the other missionaries wards sent them packages for Christmas.. What is this??  Our ward must be slacking in that department. Haha 

Ok so this week I was trying to think of some goals I could work on for the new year. Basically an add on to some that I told you last week.  Well, I was reading alma 17 when I came across something that I want to try. So I was thinking of who some of the greatest missionaries were in the Book of Mormon and of course I was reading about them.  Then I thought of how they became such great teachers. In Alma 17 it talks about how they studied the scriptures, prayed much and they had much fasting. Well, I already read my scriptures, and I pray lots, and well I fast. But this said much fasting. I asked myself what is much fasting? Once a month? Once a week? A few times a week? So what I'm deciding to do to become a better teacher is I plan to fast more. I want to become just like the sons of Mosiah and Alma. I'm going to try fasting a few times a week. I don't know how well I will last at it but I am determined to try! Hopefully this well help with my skirts fitting better! Haha 

I won't make this a 12 page letter this time. Only because I am giving another training tomorrow in district meeting and still need to prepare a bit for it. So pray for me that I will do good on it! I am training on the importance of Sabbath Day. It should be pretty easy! I've learned a lot on the sacrament just preparing for it so far.

Mom, I was so glad to hear that you liked your Christmas present! And it was nice to see that you are still the same mum and cry just as much! I'm surprised that I didn't bawl like a baby when we talked! It just got me so excited for Mother's Day!!! Only like 5 more months and we can talk again and then like 5 more and I will be home!!! Also, Mom... I went to send home my skirt today but the dang post office next to my house was closed and we don't have miles on the car to go to the other one so I will try to send home that skirt as soon as I can!

Anyways, I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Have lots of fun on New Year's Eve! Happy Birthday Nate! Make sure to do something real fun on Friday for your birthday!! Love you all and miss you!

Sister Webb


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