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Miracle Week! - January 18, 2016

Dear family,

This week has been a roller coaster of a week but it has been one amazing week!! There are so many things that made this week so amazing and the support from family and friends is one of them! This week I got 4 packages!!! Yes, I already know I am spoiled! I got packages from David and Stephanie, Mom, Racheal, and then Maddy sent me one as well! Packages always brighten up my day! So thank you to all who sent me a package!

The next thing that made my week so amazing is the fact that we have found so many people who are actually interested in our message and who want to be baptized!!! They are seriously just falling into our hands! Heavenly Father truly does bless you when you work hard and do what you are suppose to! I will tell you about all of them quickly..

So, Sammy and his daughter Sammi Kailey still have baptism dates for February 27. They are still really excited about everything and doing well. I don't remember if I told y'all how we met Sammy but we were basically just walking down the street and so was he so we just asked if we could give him our card and set up a time to come meet with him.  I'm happy to say since Sammy has been meeting with us things have really started looking up for him and that is getting him more and more excited to grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ!

Next we have Lucy. She is the best! So she is a young mother of 4 children. They range from 10-16. Lucy was a referral from the Spanish Elders I believe. She had told us that she had missionaries who use to come to her and just read the Book of Mormon to her. At our first visit she was totally not interested in being baptized because she has a fear of water but we keep bringing it up to her at every visit.  Well, Thursday we went over and saw her and had a lesson with her family and she is open to the idea of being baptized if she can know this is true. She loves the lessons and she is praying at she will receive her answer so she can be baptized on February 27. Her children also are wanting to be baptized and are praying about the 27th as well!

You would think that would be it but I still have more people to tell you about! Next there is Airis, she has met with missionaries off and on for the past 5 years. Well, she just moved to Ocala and last week while she was at the gas station she happened to see the elders and she started talking to them and, well, they gave us her information and now we are meeting with her! Before Airis moved she had a baptism date but she didn't get ever get baptized. She is so ready for it now. She is getting married at the end of the month and that clears up any chastity issues we may have faced. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and she has actually been teaching her fiancé from the gospel principles book! She is amazing!! We still need to set a baptism date with her but we told her to pray about the date she would like to be baptized on. So hopefully this week we can set that date!

Ok I'm finally to my last person. So her name is Anne, she was a referral from one of the members. We have not actually met her yet but when we were talking on the phone to her she told us how the other church she had been attending she just didn't like and was getting nothing out of it. She said that her and her husband have been to our church before and something just keeps drawing her to it. She said she loves our church and she wants to join it and so she would like the lessons so she can become a member! What is this!!!??? We have seen so many little miracles this week! Those are all just people who want to be baptized!

Here is another miracle that happened last night. So, we go to see a investigator named Brianna and her dad who is Ron. Well, Ron tells us that since we saw him last he has read the intro to the Book of Mormon and 1 and 2nd Nephi!! What!!? He then tells us that he believes this book is true! Crazy! Then he tells us that on Tuesday he was parked out side the church and noticed all the missionary cars parked outside and he wanted to talk to us but he didn't want to come in and disturb us but he wanted to tell us he is interested in learning more! He is awesome!!!!

I'm trying to think of more miracles but my mind is drawing a blank.  We are seriously seeing miracles like crazy though!

We had trade offs this week and we both went up to Gainesville! It was a lot of fun! We went to the college campus again and had to do some preaching....Haha..talked about awkward! It always humbles me and makes me appreciate that I am not serving in a YSA! So this time we went to campus they made us bring this giant Book of Mormon cut out which was basically the size of me! Haha as if our skirts and name badges didn't draw attention to this definitely did! Not to mention that one of the sisters brought a violin to play. It wasn't as bad as I am making it seem but it is quite embarrassing. Or maybe I am still just really prideful! I'm happy to say we only got Bible bashed once! Trade offs made me realize how much I love being companions with Sister McGregor and how hard it is going to be when we finally get transferred.. We have been praying like crazy that Heavenly Father will just let us stay together one more transfer to see all of these people get baptized! So keep us in your prays that we can stay together at least one more transfer! That's asking a lot I know! Haha 

So, remember Iris the lady I told you about last week who was a referral and I thought she was completely crazy because she told us everyone on her street that deals drugs and does them? Well it turns out she is actually a member! Crazy right!? We are now just working with her to help get her back to church.

Friday was a long day. So instead of doing our usual weekly planning we ended up going to  a funeral.. It was a sad day. If you remember in my email a few weeks back I mentioned that one of the members I was working with was in the hospital. Well about 2 weeks ago he found out he had cancer and then last Sunday he ended up passing away. It was a huge shock to all of us. He was not very old either. He was in his early 40's. His wife asked if we would come to the viewing, the service and then the graveside. So of course we went. She is such a sweet lady and I love her to to death. At the service she asked if us missionaries would sit in the front by her family. And then at the graveside she asked if when the family got up to drop a flower on the grave if we would. It was kinda different to be a part of the funeral like that but it was really nice. I managed to hold my composure the whole funeral until we got to the graveside and then I kinda lost it. While they were saying the dedicatory prayer on the little girl they are in the process of adopting started to cry and ask where Daddy was and that just started the tears. I manage to compose myself when the wife walked up to Sister McGregor and I and basically told us how this was a wake up call to her and she promised that she would be to church every week and she bore the sweetest testimony to us and told us that she now knows it is possible that she can live in the celestial kingdom with her husband. Man, I was bawling like a little baby! It was such a tender moment to be at the funeral supporting her and her family.

So yesterday was our Regional Stake Conference. It was a giant broadcast from Salt Lake to all of the southeast states. It was really good. We got to hear from Sister Reeves, Elder Rasband, Elder Hales, and Elder Clayton. They talked a lot about enduring to the end.

Elder Rasband gave a really good talk on the temple and the importance of attending regularly and the blessing we receive when we do. Elder Hales gave a really good talk on teaching your families the the basic doctrines of the church. I loved all of it. 

So, funny story that happened after the conference. So there is this less active member that both the elders and us sisters have been working with and he has said for the past 2 months he would come to church and hasn't. Well Sunday he came! It was great!! Well after the meeting we were trying to find him and we couldn't find him anywhere. Well we run out side to the edge of the street and sure enough we see him walking home. I don't know what we were thinking but we decide to chase him down. So we take off running and we are yelling for him but because he is an old man he can't hear us.. Haha we looked like crazies! But we finally got to him! We said our hello and that we were so glad to see him at church and then we turned around and ran back to church. Haha 

That is basically all that has happened this week! It has been such a good week and I'm excited to have another good week! I love you all and miss you like crazy! Thanks again for all the packages this week!

Love you all!
Sister Webb


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