Thursday, January 21, 2016

Videos & Pics - January 11, 2016

Zone meeting - We had zone meeting this week and this is a picture of our zone.
Gainesville zone is where it's at! :)
We tried to take some pictures in the car because we thought we looked good that day. The second picture just describes us the best! Haha
Haha so these are videos of some crazy lady we saw up in Gainesville.
We thought it was pretty funny! The people you see while serving a mission!
Tim Tam Slams - I had my first Tim Tam slam
 Package from Danielle - The package I got from Danielle! She is the best! I ate half the chocolates in one night! Haha
Ice Cream Videos
We thought we looked real good yesterday for church so we had to take some photos. Haha
We took this last night while we were walking in the cold.. Haha


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