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Oops! Out of Order - Email from August 3, 2015 - What a fishy week!

Fish fish and more fish... That was what my week consisted of this week! Ok not really but I did eat way more fish then I ever wanted to this week! Last week it was sardines and this week it was a seafood platter... 

Before I tell that story let me start at the beginning of my week. I had such a great week! Although it did have some sad moments to it.. I'll just start with the sad one to get that out of the way. On Wednesday we went over to Bill Bell's house to have another lesson with him and when we got there he dropped us... It was sad. He said he just couldn't give up his church and he didn't want to get involved with another church. So he asked us to stop coming by. It was such a sad moment, I had grown such a great love for Bill Bell. Luckily that was the only sad moment of the week so get ready for all the good stories now! 

My week was quite dull until Thursday. So on Thursday we did not have the car and we were out on bikes all day. Biking is seriously my favorite thing ever....not! Haha who would enjoy going out in the 100 degree heat on a bike in a dress.. Let's just say I will never love it! Haha anyways, we had a lesson scheduled that night with Sister Johnson. I'm not sure if I have told you about her but she seriously is the best lady ever! I always end up just laughing so hard every time we go visit her! She is in her 80's and she is just the sweetest,funniest southern lady you will ever meet! Anyways, we had to bike to her house and she lives like 5 or so miles away.. Well we start biking to her house and we ended up turning down the wrong street. We notice a street called Joda and I thought that it crossed through and would bring us to her street. I tell Sister Sorensen that we need to take Joda but we don't. We drove past it and come to the second Joda street.. I insisted that we turn on this one because I was sure it would take us to Sister Johnson's house... Like a 1/2 mile down the road we realize that it is just a giant circle... I was dying.. By this point I had to go to the bathroom and I was sweaty and gross and my legs were getting tired.. And to top it off this street called Joda didn't even lead to where I thought and we ended up biking an extra 2 miles because we had turned down the wrong street! Haha this is what happens when you are on bikes and don't have the GPS. Haha  Well, finally after an hour of biking we make it to Sister Johnson's house! We get there she is so worried because we just bike there. She offers us dinner and we tell her how we already ate. So then she starts to show us her collection of beads. She is a very talented lady and she makes beads and jewelry out of melted glass. It is so neat! She is going to show us how to do it one of these p-days and I'm pretty excited. She gave us each a bead that she had made. It was so sweet! I got this cute little one with a frog on it! It's amazing the things you can do with melted glass! By this point it is like 8 and we have a quick lesson with her on the Sabbath day and keeping it holy and then on the sacrament. The best part about this was earlier that day Sister Sorensen and I were doing role plays about our investigators and the people we are working with attending church and what their concerns are. It was amazing because as we got to Sister Johnson's house she had the same exact concerns as we were role playing and we were able to use the scriptures we looked up during the role play in her lesson! I hate role plays but they seriously are so inspired! After our little lesson with Sister Johnson I invited her to church. She hesitated at first because she didn't want to go by herself. But after a few jokes of me offering to come give her a bath she committed to come to church! Yay! By this point it is like 8:30 and she starts telling us what a blessing we are and that she knows Heavenly Father loves her so much because he sent us into her life. It was so sweet I just wanted to cry! 

She then proceeds to tell us how she has not eaten any dinner yet and would we go to Mary's for dinner with her.. I had no clue what Mary's was but how could you tell this sweet little old lady no after she just told you how much she loved you and how you bless her life. So we went to dinner with her. By the time we got there it was 8:40.. We managed to eat and get home in time don't worry! It turned out Mary's was a seafood restaurant. She asked if I like seafood and I lied and said yes. Haha  She tells us how their food is amazing and how she always gets a giant platter to share. So that's what we did. This platter was the biggest thing I have ever seen and had so many sea creatures on it that I never wanted to eat! Let's just say I am getting a lot better at not gagging.. Haha I ate scallops, oysters, shrimp, some sort of large mystery fish, clams, hush puppies, and crab cakes... Thank goodness it was all fried to help cover the fishy flavor! Not to mention she ordered creamed corn and sweet potato pie to go with it! I was about to explode by the end. She made us eat everything! Haha I am happy to say, Sister Johnson came to church today for the first time in over 20 years and she stayed for all 3 meetings. She even came to choir practice with us! It was so great! 

On Friday we had trade offs with the sister training leaders. It was really fun I stayed in Mandarin and Sister Makey was my companion for the day. We had so many adventures! We were suppose to be on bikes but Sister Makey left her helmet so we couldn't bike. So we walked the whole day. As we were walking down the Main Street we came across a man who was sitting in the middle lane with his hazard lights on. He crossed the street and started telling us how his car was connected to wifi and his ex fiancĂ© cut the wifi off and his car shut off and won't move. Anyways we start talking to him and he asked us if we would help him push his car across the road to a side street... Now let me just describe what this street is like. Picture Main Street back home and that is about how busy this street usually is. Well, we couldn't say no so yes I risked my life to push this car across a street and the whole time me and Sister Makey were screaming "I'm going to die!" Haha I'm happy to say we lived! 

We ended up finding a giant snake skin while walking! It was the longest thing ever! I picked it up and it was like the same height as me! I will have to send a picture of it! 

On Saturday we were still on trade offs and we finally got our car back. I got to be the driver because it was my area. Oh boy, I haven't driven in 3 months and let me tell you it was kinda scary! Haha we ended up getting lost to top it off! Haha 

That is basically what my week consisted of. Today was p-day. Sister Gibbons took us to St. Augustine to the alligator farm! It was so much fun!! We ate lunch at this cute restaurant that was in this building that was originally the worlds largest swimming pool! It was really cute and old fashioned inside. I will send a picture. The alligator farm was so much fun! I have never seen so many gators in my life! I just wanted to jump in and wrestle them! And the baby ones... Oh my, they were so stinkin' cute! I just wanted to hold them and cuddle them! We also went to a light house there. We are planning to go back so we can climb to the top of it! It was such a fun p-day! 

Mom, I did get your package! I got it this morning but I haven't had a chance to open it and look at it. I got the slip on Saturday night telling me that I had a package and then I picked it up today but we were so busy today I didn't get the chance to look at it yet. But I did see some of it! 

We have zone conference tomorrow and it is in Kingsland, Georgia! I can't wait! Georgia here I come!! We woke up this morning and for exercise we washed our car! Haha we are hoping that we can win the cleanest car so we can get extra miles because this drive to Georgia is going to eat like half our monthly miles.. But i will have to tell you all about my Georgia trip next letter! 

I hope ya'll have a wonderful week! Sorry that I didn't get to email tons of people this week. I seriously had enough time to send my family email this week. So I will make up for it next week! Love be miss ya'll tons! 

Sister Webb :) 


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