Monday, January 18, 2016

Pics & Videos - Dec 28, 2015

Here are some more videos of presents that Sister McGregor's family got us for Christmas! I loved them all! I was so excited! Haha
Here is a video of us opening our presents on Christmas Eve! And yes mom, there is no sound and it is in fast motion just so you know!  Haha
We were so excited to open presents! And yes, I just woke up and look that good! Haha
Us opening presents on December 23. The Eve of Christmas Eve. Haha
This is a video of the presents we got from Sister McGregor's family! Slime!! Haha
Here is what my Magic tree looked like once it was full grown! Haha
Look at how much better my watch is! I was so happy to get a new one!
Here is what I got for Christmas!
This is the present we got the Tompkins! We are so cute! Haha they loved it and hung it up in their house because we are their favorite!  :)
Drinking the moose wiz root beer! Haha thanks David! We loved the root beer!
Mom, this picture is of that skirt you sent that I really liked and I want in black folks they have it. I will send home the other skirt asap!
Christmas Night fun!
Here is a picture of my whole district caroling at the lights.
We are just a crazy bunch who like to have fun!
We had weekly planning and we went to I hop! It was so good! :)

Caroling videos - I have not watched these so they may be really bad and boring but hey, here they are anyways! Enjoy!!


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