Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!! 🐇🐇🌷🌷 - March 28, 2016


First off, thank you for the Easter package mom! It was really good! I checked the mail all week for it and finally got it on Saturday. We had such a good and exciting/eventful week this week! Best way to start a new transfer!

Last Monday was the last pday we had as a district. It was fun but sad. I already miss the missionaries who got transferred out. Elder Hopkins and I are the only two missionaries who have been here for 6 months now. Sadly we both know we will be transferred next time. But hey that's still 6 weeks away. So for p-day we had pizza and ice cream and then played volleyball, basketball and soccer. Oh and Sister Olsen and I brought Bean Boozled and made everyone play. It was funny!

Tuesday was our last district meeting together. It was really good. We discussed an analogy in Preach My Gospel on pg 152 about how long we have our fishing lines in the water as missionaries. Mine has been slacking a bit so that training really inspired me! It was really good. It really got me thinking of things I wanted to change this transfer. I came up with 3 transfer goals that I want to accomplish this transfer. The first is to work hard so I can baptize one soul. I set a goal last transfer to baptize 7 people the remainder of my mission. so in order to accomplish this I have to baptize one a transfer! The second goal I set was to memorize The Living Christ. I decided I wanted to study more on Christ this transfer to strengthen my relationship with him and as missionaries we memorize 2 scriptures a week. Well, I've been slacking at that so I decided to repent but I decided I would memorize this instead of scriptures. And finally I am going to work so so so hard at following all the rules.. This is going to be the hardest one for me. I'm not a total apostate missionary but I do bend a few rules.. I decided with this one I am going to have to take baby steps. Instead of laying with my eyes shut during exercise I now have to have my eyes open the whole time and to constantly be moving. So far I am doing good at this one. Also, I've been working on being completely ready before studies so that I am right ready to go out for the day after our studies. I've also made sure we have been doing our golden hours every day. It's killing me but hey, when you do what your suppose to you get blessings. Anyways, those are the few goals that I plan to work on this whole transfer. I will keep you updated on all of them.

We had a huge miracle happen to us on Tuesday night!! So, basically I've been in my pretend depression all week because we can't teach Tonnie and JQ anymore. It's been so sad and I was really stressing as to how we were going to find someone new to teach! On Tuesday night our plans fell through and we only had a few miles left on the car for the day so we decided to say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father where we needed to go. We then opened up the area book and looked at the map to see who lived close to us. Well we found the name Tony Smith and he lived super close to us and I just felt like we needed to go see him.  He was a former investigator who had been taught every single lesson, he had been to church about 8 times and he had been invited to baptism before. The missionaries dropped him about a year ago and he had not been taught since. Anyways, we start driving to his place and we finally get to the street he lives on and guess what?! Ok, so all last transfer I kept telling Sister Olsen I felt like we needed to go knock doors down this street. She thought I was complete bonkers because the street was very dark and just looks really scary in the dark. It never failed though, every week I would tell her the same thing. We needed to knock this street. Well, it turns out that Tony lives down this street! Crazy!!! So we go and start talking to him and we share the Easter video with him and set up another time that we can meet and have a lesson. He is so golden!! Right after we get in the car to drive home Sister Olsen say to me, "did you see his end table in his house?" Of course I was standing in a spot on the porch that I couldn't see it but she told me that he had a Bible, a Book of Mormon, all the pamphlet lessons and a Gospel Principles book on it! Who is this man!?? He needs to be baptized! That was miracle number one this week!

On Wednesday it was transfers so we spent the day in the Second Ward area with Sister Tui until her new companion could get here. It was really fun but such an exhausting day. So Sister Tui is still a pretty new missionary and just got out of training and then I have my companion who is still in training and lets just say both of them are terrified to talk to people. This wouldn't be that bad but all Sister Tui had planed was golden hours.. So basically I knocked doors all afternoon and talked to strangers while my two companions just stood there watching me. Talk about tiring. 

On Wednesday night we had class and Tonnie and JQ came. It was really good. We met with them a few times this week. I am just having a hard time parting with them.  They fed us dinner on Thursday night. It was really good! That night we told them that we couldn't meet with them anymore and that the Second Ward sisters would take over. That didn't go as planned. They were both sad and said they want to keep coming to 1st ward and is there anyway they could come. So now we are still working on transitioning them to the second ward.

Ok, miracle number two!! This one is kinda strange but it's a miracle!  So on Thursday night we decide that we had about 40 minutes left for the night and that we would try to contact this referral from the elders. They told us he is hard to catch but basically he met with missionaries in the past and had a baptism date before he moved here.  Well, we tried him a few times earlier in the week but he was never home so we decided to try again. We knock the door and this man answers. We ask if he is George and of course the guy says no... He tells us we must have the wrong house because no one named George lived there... Awkward! So by this point we just look dumb because we have left pass along cards on this man's door everyday for the last week almost.. Haha anyways, we walk off and I look at the address one more time and of course we are both blondes and had been knocking on the wrong door the whole time. We were knocking #1003 and he lived in 1103.. Our bad! We walk to the building next to where we were standing and knock the right door and of course George answers. The first thing I notice is he looks like a Jewish rabbi and he has some scary long finger nails.. His house is a complete mess and there are books all over the floor. My favorite one I noticed on the floor had a giant cat picture on it and it was called The Cat's Mind... Sounds strange right?  It doesn't end there. So we tell him we are the missionaries and he leans in to look at our names and then says, "this is so not a coincidence that you are knocking on my door, I've been attending the Church of Christ these past few weeks and the assistant pastors name was Brother Webb." He then goes on to tell us why it is no coincidence that Sister Olsen is here as well because he had a friend from college named Olsen that he had a dream he was suppose to do missionary work with.. Haha anyways, we talk for a bit and he keeps telling us that he knows it is no coincidence that we knocked on his door tonight because he knows he needs to be baptized. Well, instantly I tell him we are here to help and invited him to baptism for the 23rd of April! And again this was no coincidence that we invited him that day. Haha he started explaining that that is his name day, I'm not even sure what that is but he explained it to us I just wasn't paying that close attention. Anyways, let's just say we found someone who wants to be baptized!

Nothing to exciting happened on Friday besides we had no car and it was super hot and we had to walk.. I did get my first sunburn of the year. It really wasn't that sunny of a day so I didn't think to put sunscreen on, bad idea! I got burnt! Lets just say I made sure to pull it out so I can wear it every day now!

Saturday was a very eventful day. So first off we met up with this man from our area book named Nate. He runs a car wash business and we stopped by to talk to him and share an Easter message. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon so we are planning to meet with him again this Friday! We also are going to do service for him sometime and help with his car wash! After that we had a call from the elders telling us that the district had decided to do a competition on who could get the most baptism invites that day. Whoever won would get a trophy! We were determined to win so we just started knocking doors and inviting everyone we spoke with to baptism! We had to stop for a little bit while we did service for Airis! Now that was the most disgusting thing I did all week! So she just moved into this trailer and the people living in it before did not take anything out. Last week Airis went in and sprayed to kill most of the bugs but it was still nasty! Remember how I have this fear of the DI? This was like a million times worst! So there was no electricity on in the trailer yet so it was like 100 degrees.  I wore sweat pants because I was scared of getting a disease or bug bites! I was dripping sweat and picking up dirty underwear left on the floor.. Just thinking about it now still gets me! I was itchy the whole time! Haha while doing service we saw a man sitting out on his porch so we ran over and started teaching him and had to invite him to baptism! We ended up inviting 7 people to baptism that day and we won the competition!! Yeah, we are basically the best missionaries in Ocala! 

Saturday night we went to women's conference! It was amazing!!! I loved it! I've actually been studying lots about service and charity this past week so it just topped it all of! Mom, I'm glad to hear that it touched you and your going to do some service! I am getting really slack so I will have to write y'all a letter to share with you the things I liked! I'm going to end this now!

We really had such an amazing week! I forgot to tell you, we taught 28 lessons this week, invited 8 people to baptism and set one baptism date! Our Easter was so good! We went to church, had dinner with a member and then we went to visit the Dowlings. They are recent converts in our ward. We made some Easter baskets for their little boys! It was great! Well I hope y'all had a good Easter! Next holiday i will be skyping y'all!! I'm getting pretty excited for that! 

Oh, I forgot to mention, my ankle is doing a lot better! That brace has really helped! Love you all and miss you!! Have a good week!

Sister Webb

PS.. This week I came to the realization that I am a stress eater! So I have to give a training tomorrow in district meeting and I decided to procrastinate it until this morning to plan it. Let's just say I ate almost all of my Easter candy while trying to prepare it! Pray for me that I do good!! I'm still stressing about it!!

Pictures - March 28, 2016

Sister Clemens and I before she transferred.
 Our final sister picture.. (Don't judge my grandma skirt... It's super comfy and I wasn't expecting to have to take a photo that day so I dressed ugly because I had no clean clothes..
Airis made us some Easter baskets this week! She is the best!!
We made these Easter baskets for the Dowling's little boys! They were so excited when we gave them the baskets! They are the cutest!
So I got some toothpaste and a toothbrush from Sister Olsen for Easter! Haha best companion ever!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

St. Patrick's Day, a hard week & I stay in Ocala! - March 21, 2016

Dear family,
I'm pretty sure this has been one of the hardest weeks ever. It seems when you get thrown one curve ball ten more follow. But before I tell you about my week I will just tell you my happy news! I'm staying in Ocala!!! Yay!!! I couldn't be more happy about that! After this transfer it will put me at 7 1/2 months here in Ocala and I get to be here for my birthday!! This is seriously the greatest place ever! Oh and I'm still companions with Sister Olsen. I'm pretty sure the only reason I am here is because I am training her.. But I'm going to pretend like there is someone here in Ocala who needs me!

So where to start with my week... Well, like I told you it has been the hardest week ever! It was seriously one thing after another. I already told you that I have that painful lump on the back of my ankle and it just keeps getting more painful and bigger. Well it has been pretty bad. 

On Tuesday we had interviews with the mission president And that is when I broke down and told the mission nurse about my knobby ankle. She looked at it and said that she would check with the doctor assigned to look over our mission. Lucky for me he is an orthopedic surgeon. Well after discussing my lumpy ankle with him we came to the conclusion that I have akelies tendonitis and have most likely torn some tendons in my ankle. Don't worry though, I'm fine and I'm hoping I caught it early enough that it's not as bad as it sounds.  Even though I did not go to the doctor we have come up with a way to help it. I am now currently living off of 1600mg of ibuprofen a day and I bought an ankle brace I have to wear constantly except to bed. I also am not allowed to stretch my ankle which means no exercise for me... Darn! and I'm suppose to walk as little as possible on it. Of course that is a joke because we are in a car share and most days we walk around 7 miles... But I'm trying my best to not walk on it. I am going to be doing this for a few weeks and if it does not get better I will have to go from wearing an ankle brace to a boot! So pray that it gets better because the ankle brace is bad enough! Haha I'm pretty sure I have experienced an answer to my prayers in a odd way. I remember not to long ago asking for help to get rid of my pride so I can be a better missionary. This must be Heavenly Father's way of stripping me of pride. Not only do I now have to awkwardly bike down the streets of Ocala in a skirt in the 90 degree weather with a stupid helmet on, I now have to wear a very unattractive ankle brace. Yes, this has been a very humbling experience for me. Haha so yeah that was problem number one for the week. I've basically been in lots of pain and it's been hard to do much. I feel so bad for Sister Olsen so I have been pushing it to the limits with pain because I don't want her to have a bad training because of me. But she has also been very understanding and patient.

So interviews went really well. It is always nice to be able to just sit down with President Craig and talk one-on-one with him. He always just makes you feel like a million bucks! So I have to have a bragging moment about interviews. So at interviews our role play was on doing a pamphlet lesson in 7 minutes. This sounds really easy but it is a lot harder then you would think. Well luckily I had a heads up on this because I am a trainer so Sister Olsen and I had been practicing them all week. So for this role play you had to give a 7 minute lesson to another companionship while the rest of the district watches and critiques you. At the end of the lesson they then tell you what y'all did well at and what you need to improve. Well I honestly was dreading this because every time Sister Olsen and I would practice we could not transition smoothly, she doesn't ask questions and most times she forgets to testify and often times just says dumb things. I'm proud to say some how we managed to teach the restoration in 7 minutes. We transitioned off of each other very smoothly, she didn't ask questions but I asked enough for the both of us. We invited our investigators to be baptized after we taught about Christ's earthly ministry and we even shared scriptures and testimony in our role play. Not to mention we double testified of each other and promised blessings! It was awesome!
I wish we could have recorded it so y'all could see! Everyone in the room agreed that it was the most powerful 7 minute lesson they had ever seen and when I invited to baptism they all wanted to be baptized as well! Ok, bragging done! Basically I'm just the best trainer and my little companion is getting better each and every day. Although none of our lessons ever go like that. She is still working on talking during our lessons but by the end of this new transfer we will be there!

So on Wednesday we had a interesting day. First we had service for a investigator that we always do service for. I've told you about doing service for her before. Well this time was just as bad. We get there and she tells us that she needs help cleaning up her yard again.. It was seriously in the 90's on Wednesday and I wore sweat pants! So here I am in this lady's back yard already sweating and she asks me to scoop her dog poop up.. Who does she think I am?? Haha sadly, I'm pretty sure that is the first time in my life I've ever scooped dog poop.. My companion just told me I grew up too pampered.. Haha after scooping dog poop she wanted me to clean out her dog pool.. Basically it was just a small kiddy pool with water that was so green.  I'm sure something was growing in it. So now I'm trying to not cry while trying to scoop out slimy green water and praying some how I don't get a fungus from it. Haha finally she had us build a bench! I'm happy to say I accomplished this and did it in like 20 minutes! Yeah, I'm basically pro! Haha 

After service we went to see a investigator named Brenda. Let's just say that was a scary experience. So I never like to see her cause she kinda lives in the ghetto. We get there and she starts to tell us how she is looking to move because she don't feel safe anymore. She then tells us how during the night she heard gun shots and then shortly after cop lights were everywhere outside. It turns out that someone got shot outside her house during the night...Um, why must people tell us these things when we are sitting in their home. Not to mention we are just two little white girls driving around in our nice car.. We totally stand out and everyone just stares us down! Haha so yeah, Wednesday was an interesting day. 

Later that night I found a really nice neighborhood for us to knock doors in because Sister Olsen had complained that all we do is knock in the ghetto or in trailer parks. Well she quickly came to realize that the rich people are not very nice. Let's just say we had a humbling experience again.  We got lots of doors slammed in our face and multiple people told us they were going to call the cops because it was a no soliciting neighborhood. Yeah, that doesn't stop missionaries! Haha I think I quickly cured Sister Olsen from wanting to find all the nice houses to knock. In fact I'm pretty sure that scared her because she hasn't wanted to knock a single door since. Of course being the best trainer ever I just force her to do it and tell her that I'm not going to say anything when the person answers the door. She usually thinks I'm joking until they open the door and I just stand there silent and make her start talking. Then I join in but I'm teaching her how to take the lead in things. I'm probably killing her!

My final exciting story/ worst part of the week happened on Thursday.  So it's been kinda rough lately because we basically have no investigators to teach and we are trying to find some but it's not going so well and I was just getting super frustrated and I had basically given up all hopes on Tonnie because we have been teaching him since October and he doesn't ever seem that interested in lessons so Wednesday night I prayed and asked what we should do about Tonnie.  Thursday morning we got a text from Tonnie which is huge because he never texts us! It said how he has been reading and praying and he has received an answer as to what he needs to do and he knows he needs to come to church every week and he is so excited to be baptized and then the last part said how he was so excited to meet with us that night.  Oh and he got a job! What?! Miracle right? So we have this awesome lesson and I felt like we needed to reteach him the restoration so we did, which was perfect because he said he felt as if he was restoring his life and the lesson was exactly what he needed to hear. Anyways, we are all just so pumped because Tonnie is finally making progress!

Ok jump to yesterday, so Tonnie and JQ came to church! It was awesome!! He is right on tract for being baptized in April 16! Ok here is the saddest news, so Tonnie and JQ moved and live in the other ward and now we have to pass them off to the other missionaries... So basically there goes our only investigator.. We still haven't broke the news to Tonnie and JQ.. It was a huge bummer!

So here we are at the start of a new transfer with no investigators what so ever and not even any good potentials.. But sacrifice always brings forth blessings right? The elders felt so bad for us they gave us a referral they could not contact who has basically already had all the lessons and wants to be baptized so all we have to do is plan a baptism for him but it's not the same as finding that golden person on your own.

That about sums up my week. It was a very long and stressful week! I'm so glad that it is p-day and I can just let all my stresses out by playing some volleyball! We've already had a good day! We got pizza and ate lunch as a district today. Most of our district is getting transferred out. It's going to be sad.

Tell Lilly thank you for her email and letter this week! I miss that girl so much! I'm so excited that she is getting baptized soon!

Love and miss you all!!

Sister Webb

Pics & Videos - March 21, 2016

Please show this picture to Lillian! I got her letter this week and it made my whole week!
I took Sister Olsen for Twistee Treat finally! She loved it!!
Here are our cute photos we took on St Patrick's day! Of course I look like an Easter egg.. Haha
Here our the pictures we took with Tonnie and JQ on St Patrick's day!
So this is the photo I took of the brace I have to wear... I hate it!!
But I must say I can pull it off quite well! Haha
So I've gotten so fat that sometimes I have a hard time zipping up my skirts.. Most days I like to just unzip them when ever I'm at home.  Sister Olsen has developed the same problem! Haha we took some fat photos to show y'all!
We just love biking so much.. Haha here is a picture and a small video for y'all!
This is our district's version of the last supper.. Haha it was our last meal together as a district.. Sad day!

Graffiti, the temple, and a mental home.. What a week! 🌴- March 14, 2016

Hey family!
I had a pretty good week. We had trade offs this week so I went up to Gainesville. I went to the temple in Orlando. We taught some old people at a mental home.. Haha and despite being gone most of the week we still managed to teach 20 lessons!

I'll start with last Monday. P-day was basically the same thing we do every week. I email home and the elders give me lots of crap because they want to play volleyball and for some reason they think they can't play without me. So I usually give in and go play volleyball and basketball. I must say I am getting pretty sporty. This last week we went outside and played some soccer as well! It was quite the game. I never realized how hard it would be to play soccer and not come in contact with someone.. I used this to my advantage as I do with most sports I play on my mission. Charge the elders and they panic because they don't want to touch you! Haha but all in all it was really fun!

On Tuesday we had our trade offs with the sisters up in Gainesville so we went up there for the day. It was a lot of fun. They are covering the YSA ward so we just taught lots of people our own age. Later that night we had institute but instead of having a class there was the world wide broadcast for young single adults. I was actually really excited to be on trade offs for this because I had been wanting to watch it but the only way we can is if we get an investigator there and we knew we wouldn't be able to. But the other sisters got some so we went. It was really good. It was just a question and answer with Elder Holland. I loved it and learned so much from it! I think I was taking more notes from this then anyone else in the room. Haha I think that was the highlight of trade offs besides the fact that we took pictures next to the graffiti wall in Gainesville. I did get frustrated on trade offs because I am always trying to set such a good example for my companion and that went down the drain at trade offs.  The sisters didn't bring us home until around 10:30... Then they wanted to plan and took forever with that and didn't want to go to bed so just kept laughing and such. It was around 11:30 before we were able to go to bed. And then in the morning they didn't wake up on time so we just got up and started exercising and they walked in the room half way through and just sat there. Yeah, I was a little irritated that they were such bad examples for her. She is going to think every missionary is like that because they are the leaders of our mission..But I guess all I can do is be the good example for her.

On Wednesday we had an exciting day. We had Airis come out with us! It was a fun day. We knocked some doors down Martin Luther King Street and let me just say it was pretty scary but it was fun! Only one person told us to leave and get off their property! Haha after that we saw Lalesha! It was so good to see her. She has finally moved back home with her mom. It had been since Thanksgiving since we saw her last. After that we contacted a few referrals and then went and had dinner at Airis's house and had a lesson. We finished up the night by going to see Sister Dowling in our ward. She lives in an RV park and we usually have lessons outside. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes!! Who would have guessed that they are already coming out.. Time to find my bug spray again!

Thursday was by far the best day of the week!! I went to the Orlando temple!!!! Man, I sure miss going to the temple!! It was so good! I have never felt so peaceful and at ease on my mission yet! There truly is such a special spirit inside of the temple walls. I found a lot of answers to questions at the temple on Thursday! We got to do a session and then after that they took us into one of the sealing rooms with the temple president and we were able to ask any questions we had. It was great! That basically took up most of the day and later that night we went out with Anita and we went to see a lady we met on the streets. She ended up living at this retirement home for mental people... It was probably one of the funniest lessons I have ever tried to have. She did not remember meeting us on the street so we just asked a group of them who were sitting outside smoking if we could share a video. We shared the Easter Mormon message with them and they all loved it. I think my favorite part was about half way through this lady named Kitty was smoking and she stops and it looks as if our video inspired her to stop smoking when she leans over to the lady next to her and says, "Here Emma, do you want my cigarette?" Of course this lady did and began smoking the same cigarette that Kitty had just been smoking. So now we have two lady's sharing a cigarette while watching our video and people just keep gathering around to listen as well. Anyways, after the video all the people there just started swarming us and wanting to hear more. I felt like someone very important. We started teaching them and they all just listened except this one man named Robert and he was so funny. He just kept asking about heaven. So he is from New York and had a pretty good accent and he just kept saying "so what is this heaven you keep speaking of and where is heaven?" He asked us this same question about every 5 minutes and it honestly took all I could do to not just burst out laughing! Even though all of these people were crazy it was still fun to teach them! I really wanted to stand up on a table with the Book of Mormon in my hand and just start yelling repent and be baptized! But I refrained.. I'm pretty sure they all would have been baptized though!  Haha we ended by saying a prayer with them. They all wanted us to pray about their dead ancestors. As you can guess I did just that. I've never prayed for so many dead people before. Oh and my favorite part about prayers in the south is when all the people get really into it and either say, "amen" or "thank you lord, yes Jesus" after everything you say! If I am saying the prayer it takes all I can do to not laugh but if I am not saying the prayer it takes all I can do to not join in with them! This was seriously the best lesson all week!

Friday was weekly planning. It was long and painful but we had to plan good because we have interviews with President Craig this week and he will be reviewing our iPads. I'm pretty excited for interviews they are always nice to just have a little one on one with the president.  We have been asked to share our favorite scripture with him which seems easy enough until you have to decide which scripture is your favorite! I have so many!! I have decided that I don't want to share the same scripture as every missionary so I don't want to share a common scripture. I decided on Alma 17: 16-17. I love all of this chapter up to these verses but those ones really stood out to me as to why I am here on my mission just as the sons of Mosiah were and in 17 it talks about how they went out alone. And when you think about it, I did the same. I came here alone with out my parents or friends and I have been given that power and authority to teach. So yeah, there is a scripture for y'all this week. When you read it you can think of me!

Saturday was a good day, we had ward correlation in the morning and then the Voyles were so kind and took us out afterwards to some lessons. After the lessons they took us back to the country club for some lunch! It was good! Later that night we went out with Anita again, we went to contact some more referrals. We have been getting in trouble for not contacting them so they asked us to contact all of them this week. Anyways, we went to see this lady named Ruth. What a miracle we experienced when contacting her. So our referral did not say what she wanted but it made it seem like she may have met missionaries in the past. Most referrals are not very nice and just want a free Bible. But we get there and first off it was super awkward because her door is wide open. Secondly, I get up to the front steps and just instantly smell something that smelled like dirty people/ poop.. This was when I started to get worried. Well Ruth came out and we were able to share a quick Easter video with her. She loved it and it started a good conversation about Jesus Christ. We were able to set a return appointment with her because she wanted more messages and to know more. She then says how she has been trying to clean up her place. So being such a kind person I offer service and say how we would love to come help! Sister Olsen's face was priceless! She could not believe that I just offered for us to go into this house that smelled of dirty sweaty people and poop.. Let's just say if she takes us up on the offer it is going to make for a good story!

Sunday was good. We didn't have anyone in church which was sad. After church we had dinner at the McGrath's house! It was so good!! We had fajitas and tamales and chips and salsa and guacamole and queso and to top it all off we had homemade key lime pie for dessert!! I was in heaven!!! It was probably the best meal I have had on my mission so far! It made me miss eating at the taco stand everyday before my mission! Mom, you would even be proud of me not only have I learned to eat onions and peppers on my mission I love them. I loaded my fajita with them! So here are some of the highlights of dinner. Sister Olsen hates Mexican because she doesn't like spicy or onions or peppers or tomatoes. She is very picky. Well she dishes her plate with basically nothing on it compared to my plate that is heaping with food. And we both finish our plates, I go back for seconds Sister Olsen does not.  Then brother McGrath starts to joke with her and says, I see you don't like my cooking.. She gets so scared and tries to pretend that she enjoyed it and he is just like well I know you didn't.. You only got one plate with nothing on it. Instantly she jumps up and goes and gets more. She eats this and he is still just teasing her and she is so scared that she goes and gets even more! I'm just laughing this whole time and she is trying to justify now that she has eaten more then me when really I had 3rds and my plates were all heaping full. Finally she is just looking like she is going to be sick when they say it's time for dessert. Haha she asks me if I knew about dessert and I said yes I save room for it and she is in a panic because she is so full. I just smiled and said "welcome to being a missionary, where you learn to eat what you don't like and you eat until you are about to puke!"  She didn't think that was to funny! Haha after that we took pictures on one of their phones with the face swap thing and oh my, I have not laughed that hard in a long time! It was a good night!

That basically sums up my week. Spring has finally hit here and it is around 90 degrees everyday. I'm glad I only have one more summer of this. The humidity has also picked back up. Sister Olsen has never experienced humidity and it is quite funny watching her deal with it!  Haha

Transfers are next week. We will have our transfer call on Saturday night and then next Wednesday we will be transferring. Please pray that I can stay in Ocala one more transfer! It's going to be a stretch because I have now been here for 6 months but I just need one more transfer here!! Anyways, I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I will let you know in my next email if I will be moving or not!
Love you and miss you all so so much!!

Sister Webb

PS... Guess what?!!? I've made it 10 months now!!!!! Only 8 more to go!! Not that I'm counting or anything! Haha

Pics & Videos - March 14, 2016

We took some pictures on trade offs next to a graffiti wall!
Here is my plan to get skinny and hot again! Green smoothies! Sister Olsen is not a fan of them! Haha
Temple trip pictures!!
More temple photos I took! It is so pretty!!
I was so excited to go to the temple!!
Me and President and Sister Craig at the temple
Sister Favor and Sister Rigby and me at the temple
Sister Tui and I
We like to take selfies
My companion thinks it is funny when i do things I shouldn't, like read from Barbie magazines, at night.. So she takes photos and sends them to me!
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