Monday, March 21, 2016

Pics & Videos - March 7, 2016

Here are some pictures of when I saw Gene and Sister Johnson! Man I love these old ladies! :)
This is a beautiful video of me playing the piano! Yes, that is right, I learned how to play the piano. Of course I can only play simplified hymns. And they can have no sharps or flats or I can't do it. Anyways, I played this song for y'all maybe next week I will sing and play.
So this is the picture we took just showing how amazing we are! We got
9/9 on our goals!!! That deserves something because you can only get that if you baptize!!
The video is of a role play we did.. Haha we were practicing our door approaches and I just died laughing with this role play so I thought y'all might get a laugh as well!
Airis's baptism!!!
The shoes I bought myself from Walmart.. They were only 6 dollars so I couldn't pass them up!!
Sister Olsen and I standing all awkward in front of some horse statues at the hospital. We went there with the Voyles and Sister Voyles insisted on taking our photo. Haha
This is another photo Sister Voyles insisted on taking. She told us that we just looked so cute so she needed to take our picture before class! Haha


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