Monday, March 21, 2016

I've realized I'm such a blonde! - February 22, 2016

I've never had a happier week on my mission!!! I was so happy to receive all of the pictures of little Ivy!!! I can't wait to play with her in 9 months! Now if someone else could just get pregnant so there can be a baby when I get home... Haha she is sooo cute!!

Ok so, this week... So lots of stupid funny things happened to us this week.. On Tuesday we decided to take a nap during lunch and then we were going to bike to our next appointment. Well after our nap I decided that I needed to add some air to my tires.. Well let's just say the blonde came out in me and I had no clue what I was doing..  This sounds so stupid but I could not for the life of me figure out how to get air in my tires. I ended up deflating my back tire trying..Haha so then we ended up just walking to the appointment.

On Wednesday we had another moment with our bikes. So we come home from an appointment for lunch and we literally had just walked in the door when Sister Olsen starts to scream! There was a lizard on her bike!! Well y'all know me and I don't do lizards too well so we panic and are trying to figure out how to get it out of the house without it running into our bedroom or something. Well first off I tell Sister Olsen she is on her own.. Haha but then I feel bad and decide to help.Let's just say it took both of us to get the lizard out. We made a video for y'all so you could get a laugh at how dumb we are.

So Thursday... We had zone conference. We had to drive for 1 1/2 hours just to get there. At this conference they put these little black boxes in our car called a Tiwi. This thing is the worst thing ever. It tracks everything. We now have a card that we have to scan the box with so it will register and log us in as the driver. And then it monitors your speed and how fast you brake and go over bumps.. And if you do something wrong it will flag out and then they send it to president.  And if you get flagged more then once you loose your driving privileges. Anyways, zone conference was really good. We talked a lot about faith, and testimonies. It was really good!

We also had some really good lessons this week with Airis and Brian!  Airis is getting baptized on the 5 of March!!! I am so so so excited!! It's going to be the best! We are already making plans for it!!

Friday we did service for this investigator that we have been doing weekly service for. Well, instead of scooping her dog poop this time she asked us to pick up her dirty laundry and put in in garbage bags so she could wash it... Let's just say it was so gross and we filled 4 garbage bags! After that she asked us if we can build this clothing organizer for her closet.. Well, we had to build it like 4 different times because we kept messing up.. Finally we gave up and told her we would finish it next time because we got almost done and realized that we had done it wrong again! Haha finally she asked if we could build this bench for her.. Yeah, by this point I just said we had to leave and we would do it a different day. Haha if only I wouldn't have been so lazy at home and did stuff for myself rather then make people do it for me I wouldn't go through all these embarrassing moments on my mission! Haha 

So Saturday we had lunch at Sister Thompson's house with Airis and Brian. It was really good. We have almost taught them all of the lessons! Brian is not going to be baptized on March 5th because he is just not ready for that but Airis is!!! Mom, I need you to send me that CTR ring I asked for!! It can just be a cheap 10 dollar one but I want to get it for her baptism!! She is a size 8 .

Saturday night we had dinner with the Tompkins. I love them! It was so good!

Finally, on Sunday we went to church and after church they were having a fireside and it was put on by a group called the Redhead Express!  Y'all need to check them out! This is the second time I've met them and dang! They are talented! After the fireside we had to crack down and get to work because we still had a lot of goals to reach, but I'm happy to say we taught 23 lessons this week despite being gone a full day. Anyways, that's our week! I hope you like the videos!

Have a good week! Miss you all and keep sending cute baby pictures to me!! :) 
Sister Webb


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