Monday, March 21, 2016

What a beautiful weekend of white!! :) - March 7, 2016


We had a baptism this week!!!! What a happy day it was on Saturday!  Airis got baptized!! That is seriously the highlight of the whole week besides the fact that we reached all of our goals this week! Let's just say it was a very happy week!

The beginning of the week was actually kinda slow. On Monday we just had p-day and did the usual thing of email and then play volleyball and basketball with the district. That's always way fun! I love our district! After p-day we basically had no plans but to go out and knock some doors. Well we did that for about 3 hours. It was one long night but we always end up meeting some very interesting people when we do this. Sadly most of them are not interested.

On Tuesday we had district meeting. It was also bike inspections.  Sadly even though I had a new bike my bike still failed because I did not have batteries for my lights. But don't worry I am getting some today so I will be a safe biker. I also have a funny story about my bike. So we left our bikes at church over night because we had no way of getting them home until it was our turn with the car. So we come back for them on Wednesday night and decide that we had about 20 minutes until 9 and we should ride our bikes in the parking lot. Well let's just say you definitely get cursed for not doing what you are suppose to. First off we should have knocked some doors or something productive and secondly we had decided to ride with out lights or helmets.. Let's just say I got hit by a car and may have broke my arm.... Naw, I'm just kidding but I did end up popping my bike tire.  Now I have to learn how to fix a flat tire on a bike. This is going to be interesting! Haha 

On Wednesday we just saw a lot of people. We had dinner at Airis's house along with a lesson. It was really good! She made Mexican lasagna! Mmmm!! After our lesson we went to Book of Mormon class because it was our turn to teach. Sadly no one showed up but the ward mission leader so he made us read a chapter with him before we could go home.

Thursday was good. We spent all day visiting people. We met a guy named Tommy. He was a nice man. He was just riding his wheel chair down the street while walking his dog. We stopped and had a lesson with him and told him to give us a call if he was ever interested.  Well, the next day he called and left us a message but it was not your typical message. He sang to us! Haha it was awesome! We ended our night by having a lesson with Tonnie and JQ. We were able to have a really good lesson with them on tithing and fast offerings and we were able to reset a baptism date with Tonnie. He is preparing to be baptized on April 16th!!! JQ also requested days off from work so she will be able to come to church with him. After their lesson we played volleyball at the church with them and the elders who had brought a few investigators. It was a lot of fun!

Friday we woke up bright and early and went to Jacksonville for the day. We actually went to Mandarin!  It was nice to be back, I've missed that place! We had a training meeting because we have now made it a month into training and they like to get us all together to make sure things are going ok. It was really good. After our meeting I stopped by Sister Johnson's house to see her! Oh my, I've missed that lady so much! She took us to dinner and then after dinner she took us to see Gene. It was so nice to see both of them. They showed me pictures of when they went to the temple together! It was such a sweet moment to see both of them standing at the temple! They are both doing great and loving the ward! After all of that we had to drive home. First off, the drive there was awful!! The tracker box we have in our car that monitors your speed is ridiculous! It is normally about 2 hours to Jacksonville. Well it took us 3 hours! Not to mention the tracker thing told me to check my speed about 6 times on the way there. We had cars so angry at us because of how slow we were driving.
Haha on the way home it was just as bad. We left around 6:30 and made it back around 9:30. I've realized I may need glasses.. I could not see like the whole time everything was just blurry and then I could see head lights and stop lights. Haha I didn't tell Sister Olsen about this until we had made it back to Ocala.. Haha also our tire has a leak in it so it kept going flat on the way home and I don't know how to change a tire so we basically had to pray that our tire would hold out the whole ride home. Let's just say I had some tire issues this week! Haha 

Saturday was the best day of the week! Airis got baptized! The baptism was beautiful! She did have to be baptized 3 times.. Haha but like they always say, the 3rd times a charm. So, y'all know my singing skills.. I sang at the baptism! Haha but hey, everyone said it was good. Either they lied to me or it wasn't as bad as I thought!  Sister Olsen and I sang, "When I am Baptized". After the baptism we were suppose to have dinner and a lesson with Tonnie and JQ but they canceled last minute so we ended up tracting and knocking doors for 3 hours. I am trying to teach my companion that she can not wave to everyone unless she is willing to start up a conversation with them.  She usually waves at scary people and then they start talking and she is to scared to talk so then it is me who has to do all the work. 

On Saturday night she waved to this car with two young guys in it. Well they drive through the red light once it turns green and pull over and start talking to us. By the time we got up to them the one just looks put his window and says, mmmm sexy and sexy.. By this point I am just trying not to laugh and smile and say thank you! Then I say, "hey can we give y'all our card?" Well that interested this guy even more and he wanted to know what we did. So I tell him we are missionaries and instantly he is super embarrassed and apologies for hitting on us.  Haha 

The rest of the night I had to tell Sister Olsen she was not allowed to wave at people but that did not stop her. Haha mom, don't let my stories stress you to much. I am braver then I look just because I hid behind the door in the video I sent home. I do save my companion from all the scary people here. I also took it upon myself to get us some pepper spray today so we will be extra safe! No one will be messing with us! Haha 

So Sunday was good. We had church and Airis got confirmed! The spirit was so strong during that! I even got all teary eyed! And to top the day off I even bore my testimony in sacrament meeting!
So ya, this week was really good! I don't have to much more to say.

This coming week is going to be a rough one, Sister Olsen and I have decided to get skinny and hot.. We are going on a diet of green smoothies and salad and we will be exercising every morning! My exercise has gotten really slack again. Here are some funny stories that happened during exercise this week. So my exercise now consists of what I like to call "celestial stretching." Basically I lay on the floor with my eyes closed and pretend to stretch while a conference talk is playing in the background. Earlier this week I must have kinda fell asleep while the talk was going because I woke up enough to hear it say amen so not thinking I just yell out AMEN! After I said it I felt like such a doodle.. I was hoping that Sister Olsen might not have heard me but she did and later that day she asked about it and was like are we suppose to say amen when the talks end in the morning.. Haha I had to admit that I fell asleep and yelled it out in my sleep. 

The other story happened this morning while doing my stretching.. I fell asleep yet again but this time woke myself up because I started snoring. Haha I have made it a rule that I can not lay down to exercise any more! Although I still need to figure out what is wrong with my ankle because sadly my little lump on it is getting worse and it still hurts a lot. But I'll just tuff it out if I have to..

Oh guess what?! I am going to the temple on Thursday!!!!!! I am so so soooooo excited!!!!! So get ready to hear all about that next week!!

Anyways, have a good week! Love you all and miss you all so much!
Sister Webb


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