Monday, March 21, 2016

Pics & Videos - March 21, 2016

Please show this picture to Lillian! I got her letter this week and it made my whole week!
I took Sister Olsen for Twistee Treat finally! She loved it!!
Here are our cute photos we took on St Patrick's day! Of course I look like an Easter egg.. Haha
Here our the pictures we took with Tonnie and JQ on St Patrick's day!
So this is the photo I took of the brace I have to wear... I hate it!!
But I must say I can pull it off quite well! Haha
So I've gotten so fat that sometimes I have a hard time zipping up my skirts.. Most days I like to just unzip them when ever I'm at home.  Sister Olsen has developed the same problem! Haha we took some fat photos to show y'all!
We just love biking so much.. Haha here is a picture and a small video for y'all!
This is our district's version of the last supper.. Haha it was our last meal together as a district.. Sad day!


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