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Mistaken pregnancy to nearly dead.. What a week! - February 29, 2016

Dearest family,

I am thankful to hear that y'all are still alive. It sounds like most are just barely hanging in there but it seems like for the most part all is well. Y'all definitely had a long crazy week! I hope in the next email I get there will be no trips to hospitals or emergency rooms.. Haha unless there is another baby being born and I know that isn't happening. Haha

So, this week.. I don't even know where to start. So many funny things happened! Ok, last Monday I sent home all of those lizard videos. I am sad to say that I didn't get the dang lizard to ever bite my ear but I did make a complete fool out of myself and now every elder in my district thinks I am a baby. Haha but I guess I kinda am, I just don't like lizards, or bugs or anything like that. Well, after p-day was over we had a very long night ahead of us because we had zero plans besides knocking doors for 3 hours straight. Let's just say we knocked for a good bit but then decided that we were tired of that and we should just walk down the Main Street and try talking to everyone we see. I'm not sure if this was a good idea or a bad idea. No one walks down the street after dark unless they are crazy. We did however end up teaching 3 lessons by doing this. The first was a man who was riding his bike and when he rode past us he stops and asks us what we are doing walking. Well we do the usual and say we are missionaries and we share messages about Jesus Christ. He then tells us he use to meet with missionaries and they helped him completely turn his life around.  So we share a brief message and set up a return appointment with him and then before we leave he proceeds to tell us how beautiful we are..Awkward!! He was like in his 40!!

Anyways, we continue to walk down the street when we all the sudden I hear Sister Olsen say, "is that Rio?" I look to see this black guy biking across 4 lanes of traffic toward us. And yes, it was Rio. I didn't tell y'all about Rio last week. So we met him last week as we were just walking to an appointment. We had just turned a corner when he came out of nowhere and stops us and looks right at me and says, "Did we go to school together?" Umm, no... Then he asks us what we are doing and we tell him we are missionaries and that we share messages about Jesus and the Book of Mormon. He tells us he wants to go to church and also to meet with us again and learn more. Well we had our first lesson with Rio the next day at Burger King. Haha we started talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he didn't even let me finish when he grabbed the book and got up and left. Ok now back to Monday night. So we randomly see Rio crossing 4 lanes of traffic to talk to us. He then asks us when we can meet again to read the book. We tell him we can meet next week and then before he leaves he starts to tell us how beautiful we are.. What is with all these people?? I guess I'm going to have to start dressing more like a grandma.. Haha

Ok, finally, we end our nightly walk by heading home. We usually cut through the college so we start heading towards it and we are almost there when we run into another dude.. So we stop him and ask if we can give him our card and we start talking about the Book of Mormon. It's kinda awkward because I can just see his eyes scanning me as I am trying to talk but he is nodding his head and seems very interested. Well halfway through talking about the Book of Mormon he says, "can I ask y'all a question?" I am thinking he is going to ask some church question about the Book of Mormon. Wrong! He asks us if we have a car.. Instantly I think he is either going to ask for a ride or try to get us get us because we are just two young girls walking down the street at 8:45 at night. So I lie and I say, "yeah our car is parked at the college."  His reply was not what I was expecting... "Oh good cause I see that baby bump.. (He points to me...awkward!!) and I know this street is lit up but honey, these streets are not safe to be walkin' at night."  By this point I'm not sure if I should be offended that I just got called pregnant or to start laughing my head off.. It was just super awkward. We reassure him that we have a car and he puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "good, now take care of that baby, baby.." He finishes by patting my shoulder and smiling at me.. I never told him I was not pregnant. I just said ok I will, smiled and then kept walking toward home. When Sister Olsen and I got out of hearing distance we just burst out laughing and laughed the whole way home! That was definitely a first for me. Never has someone mistaken me for pregnant on my mission.. I guess it was a wake up call that I need to start eating healthy and exercising harder! I'm getting fat and apparently it is starting to show!! So yeah, that was my Monday night. What an adventure right?

On Tuesday we had district meeting. It was actually really good. The two trainings we had were on goals and the condition of our testimony.  It was really good. It made me want to set better goals for myself that will actually be helping my testimony grow. After district meeting we went and visited with Sister Dowling. Her husband just got baptized a few weeks ago and she has been asking us to meet with her so we usually stop by a few times a week. After the lesson with her we walked to our dinner appointment with the Holmes. Sister Holmes was concerned that we are out walking the streets especially the ones that we told her we would be walking tonight. She then insisted that she drive us to our next appointment and then when she dropped us off she said I will be back in an hour. Don't you walk home from here. It's funny because we have walked this street like 100 times.. But we did as she said and taught Ron and she picked us up and took us home. Our lesson with Ron was really good. We talked about the importance of getting in the habit of doing all the little things like prayer and scripture study each day. We started talking a lot on prayer and then we just started throwing scripture verses at each other about prayer.  It was awesome!! He has such a great love for the scriptures and just wants to learn as much as he can from them! It's great! Now we just have to work on helping him progress toward baptism!

Wednesday was a long day. In the morning there were severe weather warnings and tornado warnings from what we were told so we spent the first half of the day inside. Finally by the time we could go outside we had no appointments set so we decided to knock some doors. You seriously meet some very interesting people. We met an old man who did not believe in God and then started telling us all about the universe.  We tried our best to testify to him about Heavenly Father and the plan of salvation. But he was not too interested. After that we had dinner at Wendy's and then went to Book of Mormon class. And I know, this is why I am getting fat... I eat at Wendy's a lot.. But, they have his hamburger there right now that is a limited thing and oh my, it is amazing!! Haha anyways, class was good. The elders were suppose to teach but ended up not being able to so then we had to teach. It was a good discussion though. After class we had another lesson with Ron and then went home.
So I'm getting slack to write already so I'm going to speed things up.

On Thursday nothing really exciting happened that day until in the evening. Sister Pulsipher took us to dinner at Olive Garden and that was amazing. After dinner we had a lesson with Tonnie and JQ. It was really good. We got them to commit to working on goals to help Tonnie progress towards baptism! He is currently praying about being baptized in March 26th. After their lesson we were suppose to play volleyball but the Spanish branch was having family home evening and it ran over so we couldn't play.. It was a bummer. But Airis had come to church so we had a lesson with her! We talked about missionary work. Told her all about what we do each day. She says she wants to come out with us! That would be so much fun!! She is seriously the greatest ever!!! So, we also saw her on  Friday as well and that was fun! Our visits are always fun! We are almost finished teaching her all the lessons. We are finishing the last part on Wed. She is going to be feeding us dinner and having a lesson! Mmmm, I can't wait! Dinner and a lesson is always my favorite! She had her interview with the district leader yesterday as well as with bishop so she is all set to be baptized on Saturday!!! I'm so excited!!!! It's going to be amazing!!!!!

Alright, so this is basically the final story of the week. This is probably the scariest moment I have had on my mission so far. I lost sleep over this one! Ok, Saturday night... We finish up our lesson with Sister Dowling and head home. First off when we get home we have to record all of the miles we drove that day and write them down so we turn on the light in the car to do that. After we do that we get inside and we are getting ready to do our nightly planning when we hear a solid hard knock on our door!!! Instantly my heart starts pounding and my sweet new companion is like "should we answer it?"  Instantly I say no! I ask if she locked the door when we came in and she said I think so.. Not very confident. So, I make her quietly walk to the door to check the peep hole because if she didn't lock it I don't want to die first! Haha She checks says no one is there but she can't see that well through it. My heart is still racing because I am determined someone followed us home and is about to kill us! well, like 30 seconds later there is the knock again! This time I am so scared I just want to cry. I'm trying to act all calm and confident because I didn't want to freak Sister Olsen out. I try to tell her it's probably the elders trying to play a joke on us. She then asks if they know where we live.. Then the realization occurs to me that no one knows where we live but a few members and the sisters and if it was any of them they would have text us first or tried calling. So by this point we are both almost in tears. I decide that I will check the peep hole.  Again no one is there.. Instantly a thought pops into my head that I can't remember if I turned off the car light.. By this point I am dying, I ask Sister Olsen if she turned off the light and she said she couldn't remember.  So then we decide that we need to go outside to check to see if the light is off because if it is on our battery is going to die. We have nothing in our apartment to protect us so I find my flashlight and we had just been texting Airis so I have her number all ready to call in case something happens. We are so dumb! Anyways, it took us like 5 minutes to get up the confidence to open the door.  We had the brilliant idea to record this as well.  Haha so we start to go out and I am first when all the sudden we both see a shadow move from around the corner. Instantly we both panic and run back inside because we are determined that it was a person hiding around the corner waiting for us. By this point I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life. I'm such a baby and usually when scary things happen I can call my mommy and she can save me! Well that doesn't work when you are on the other side of the country from her. It seriously took all I could do to not call my mom crying because I was so scared and determined that someone was about to break in to get us. It took a few minutes to calm down enough  to decide we need to call a member to come check the place out. We had just come from the Dowlings so we ask Sister Dowling if her and her husband could come check things out.  They are so sweet and said yes. Meanwhile we are just sitting inside terrified for our lives and every time the phone would vibrate we jumped about a mile high. Finally they text us and say they are here and can't see anything. We thank them and then realized that we need to still see if the light is on in the car. We walk outside enough to see the car and look from a distance and determine that the light was off. Finally when we get back inside we realized that it's basically time for bed. We were so scared that night that we sleep with the phone by my bed and the flash light. We also decided that we needed our name tags because if someone got us that way they would be able to identify our bodies.. Haha we are so stupid!! Let's just say I got no sleep that night. Every little noise I heard I thought was someone trying to get in our house. It doesn't help that I sleep right next to the window in the bedroom so all I can think about is someone getting me through the window. Basically Sister Olsen and I laid there all night in silence because we were both to scared to sleep and didn't want to look like a baby by telling the other one we were scared. We just ran through every worst case thing that could happen to us.

Finally, morning hits and we realize that we survived the night. But the only thing we keep thinking is that whoever was at our door last night knows what time we get home and will probably be waiting for us tonight. Finally it's about time for church So we get out to the car to head to church and I get in and turn it on and realize that the light is on... Haha yeah, like I said we are sooo dumb!! Who ever was knocking on our door last night was probably  just trying to tell us that our lights we on. The best part was when we got home last night.  We had been laughing all day about how dumb we were and then when we get home we try to act all confident walking up to the door but when we hit the corner that we have to turn to get to our door we both start walking slower and we peek around the corner and laugh but then once the door was unlocked we both run inside and slam the door because we were still scared! We are such babies!

Well, that about sums up our week! Nothing too exciting happened at church yesterday. We had to teach Sunday School and let me tell you, I hope that I am never called as a Sunday school teacher. I am the worst at it! I hope y'all have a better week then you did last week! I will keep y'all in my prayers like I do every night!

I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life. I'm grateful for the promptings which I receive everyday. For the comfort that I receive from the Holy Ghost. I know that Heavenly Father is truly watching over and protecting my family while I serve. Just from hearing moms stories I know he is watching over all of you and I know how important it is to follow the promptings from the Holy Ghost. I'm glad y'all were able to recognize and follow the spirit this week! I am loving my mission and I am learning so much from all of the experiences that I am having. My love for my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ has grown so much! I know with out a doubt in my mind that they both love me so very much and they love us all and want us to be as happy as we can in this life and one day live with them again. I know that in order for us to do that we must continually be repenting and exercising the atonement in our lives. I have such a love for the Book of Mormon and I know that this book along with the Bible contain the fullness of Christ's gospel. I love reading from the Book of Mormon and I look forward to it each day. I learn something new every time I read the Book of Mormon.

Now that this is a small novel I will end. I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Thank you to everyone who sent me a letter or a package this week! Mom I really appreciate the package you sent me!
Thanks! :)

Love you all and miss you like crazy! We are almost at 8 more months till I am home!! :) 
Sister Webb


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