Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pictures & Videos - December 7, 2015

What kind of place is this?
I'm learning Japanese and also trying to sneak a video of the hot guy!
Haha this is how visits with the Tompkins always go! Haha
This is how we spend our Sunday nights. At the Tompkins playing ping pong with their boys! Jake was just showing us some moves! Haha
Some awesome dance moves that Jake showed us after the devotional! Haha
This is why I love this family! Never a dull moment with them!
 Our Merry Christmas picture!
Our very sad looking Christmas tree! Haha! Don't judge!
This is the green detox drink I drank for breakfast.. It was nasty!
Also check out my grandma shirt! I bought it and I think it is so ugly that I have not been able to wear it out in public yet! It is a total mom shirt and I shows none of my curves.., but I'm trying to follow mission rules so it will soon become my favorite shirt! Haha
Exercise video! This is what we are now going to do every night!


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