Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's almost Christmas! - December 7, 2015

Hello family!!

Well I hope you all are doing good!  This week has been good.

Monday- Pretty standard day.. had dinner with a member and went and saw some recent converts..

Tuesday- Had zone meeting in Gainesville. That was good. After that sister Clemens stayed in Gainesville with 1 of the sister training leaders than Sister McGregor and I came with the other sister training leader. It was a good trade off. We went and saw a less-active lady named Grace. Had dinner with the Holmes and shared the new Christmas video with them. Tried a lot of potentials. Found a new gator (investigator) named Van. Went and saw a referral from the Spanish elders haha, which was super funny. This guys name is Nicolas and we knocked on his door and its this really big man with no shirt on and we tried to invite him to our class on Wednesday but he just kept saying that he would be at his mums house doing his washing and that his mum doesn't want him staying out late. We think he was a few cookies short of the cookie jar.......

Thursday- Had interviews with president, that was really good. I love him, he's the best! We mainly talked about things I could improve on and I came to the conclusion that I need to start exercising. So we discussed that for a long time and talked a lot about the atonement and how I can use that to help. I have started feeling guilty that I am out here teaching about the word of wisdom and then I don't exercise and keep my body health so I am repenting and have decided to exercise morning and night. I have also decided to get rid of all of my junk food and eat health. It may kill me! After interviews we met with a lady named Brenda who seems to believe that our church is the same as hers and when we point out all the differences she still seems to think its the same.. So frustrating!!  Had dinner at a members home.. Than had a lesson with Tony who is our bap date and we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had to reset his bap date because he has to be at church 3 times before he can be baptized. So we reset it for the 19th. then played volleyball.

Friday- Weekly planning. Saw Tony and JQ, taught the word of wisdom and committed him to coming to church. Than we were in second Ward.  Went on splits.  Sister Clemens went with a member and we went and taught a new gator whose name is Alexis. Man! That was the hardest lesson that I have ever had to teach. She didn't agree with anything.  But she commended us for being out and sharing the word. Haha it was so bad and so awkward. We just didn't know what to say to answer her questions but she was awesome. Really nice lady.

Saturday- Had a meeting with the Ward mission leader. Went to the baptism of a little girl in the Ward than we went back to their house and had lunch. It was great! Heaps of kids there!!! Played tag with them. Haha! All the kids love me! Had a lesson with Patrick who was a potential. He is great! He knows a lot about Mormons and had great questions! It was good. Had dinner. Went to a less-active lady's home and tried to teach her son who really didn't want to have a lesson.  Frustrating little boy. Then went to church so Sister Clemens could practice singing for church Christmas program. Another funny thing that happened on Saturday was we were driving to lunch after the baptism with the Tompkins and the funniest thing happened. Brother Tompkins is driving and trying to teach us Japanese when we drive past this shirtless young man who was ripped! I must have made some noise while trying to get a better look so Brother Tompkins being the kind man he is drove around the block a second time for me! I made a video so I will send it.

Sunday- Went to church and guess what? Tony didn't show up so we are going to have to push his baptism date back again! So annoying! Tried a lot of potentials. Than we went to the Tompkins and had dinner there. Man I love that family so much!!!! (Also you need to reply to him!!!!!!!!!!!)  We played ping pong! We have a lot of videos from it. Haha! So funny, their boys are just hilarious! I felt like I was at home the whole time I was there. We watched the Christmas devotional with them and it was really good! I hope y'all got a chance to see it because it was good! After the devotional we went home and I decided that I needed to exercise so Sister McGregor and I exercised in the living room to some Mormon messages. We made a video to send to you so you could see!

Today-  I am still on my health kick and for breakfast I decided it would be great to drink a detox drink for breakfast... Bad idea! It has destroyed my insides! Haha oh, so y'all will get a good kick out of this.. So I only made it a little over six months with out dying my hair. I bought dye today and plan to dye it tonight. Sister McGregor bought some too so we will be doing it together! I'm sure y'all had bets on how long I would last! Haha But that's my week so far! Oh and today I bought a Christmas sweater for the mission Christmas party. Than Sister Mcgregor and I bought matching pjs so we will send you a photo next week! Also next week I won't be emailing you until Tuesday because of transfers! Pray I will stay in Ocala!!!!!!

Love you all!
Sister Webb
PS. This email is half written by me and half by Sister McGregor.
Sorry! I've become lazy! Next weeks email will be better! Just remember it will be coming on Tuesday!

Forgot a funny story...
So I basically forgot my favorite story of the week! So it happened one night when we were in second ward and we were going to see a less-active.  It was about 8:45 at night. We drive up to this house and I thought it was kinda creepy because they still had cob web/Halloween decorations up. Anyways, we get up to the porch and we notice a purple light coming from inside. We knock and it is dead silent and then like 30 seconds later we just hear this deep loud dog bark! It scared me so bad I jumped so high! Instantly Sister Clemens just says, "We need to leave!"  I'm basically about to pee my pants because by this point I am so scared but the funny part is all three of us just calmly walked back to the car and just left like nothing had happened! Haha it was funny even if you don't think so! Lesson learned! Always follow the spirit! Glad I have a good companion who is good at that!
Love y'all!


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