Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pics & Videos - December 15, 2015

So at the mission Christmas party we got an MTC district photo! I can't believe 7 months ago I was entering the MTC Best district ever!  It was so good to see all of them! Of course they made me stand next to Elder Karen who is the tallest.. Haha
Our last district picture. 
And Sister Clemens drew a photo of our companionship! We are so cute!
So I forgot to tell you a funny story about yesterday. I can't believe I forgot about it! So we have an investigator named Alexis and last time we met with her she basically bible bashed us and it was a scary lesson. Well, now she is determined to help us know the truth and she invited us to hold signs with her on the street the other day.. Let me just tell you how awkward that was. The signs said Jesus loves you, prayer is key, for God so loved the world, and heaven is real. Well not only was I standing on the street waving my sign she has us yell out what our sign says to cars... Umm.... Super awkward!! Haha in the end though it was really fun! I never thought I would do this. In fact I use to say you could not pay me enough to stand on the street and hold sign. But we are going to do it again! Haha she took some photos and videos of it so when I get them from her I will send them home! It was pretty funny!
I've realized we just take a lot of selfies in the car... And most of the time we think we are so funny!
I seriously hate these sticky things in the grass... They always stick to my shoes!! And don't come off!! It took me like 30 minutes to get them all off.. Such a pain. P.S. If you look real close you can see my mosquito bite.. Yes, we still have mosquitos.
These are just some selfies we took in the car last night!
Best Christmas decorations ever! This house was awesome!! This will be my yard some day!! We just sneak into people's yards and take photos..Haha
Ocala 1st ward is the at the best! Breakfast at the country club! We are so classy! This is Brother and Sister Voyles. They are the best!
Look how nice the weather is! We just picked some oranges and grapefruit to eat the other day! It's like 85 degrees outside and we are just soaking up the sun!
We broke the light!
Late night video!
Our Christmas pajamas!!
We think we are so cool

We just like to make retarded faces late at night!
This picture just describes our relationship so well. So, it was around 11 at night and we were just muckin around being stupid in the bathroom taking selfies when iSster McGregor started scrunching my face and we could not stop laughing!
We are just cute
Dumb faces
Mission Christmas party!!
This big picture is of the whole mission! I would send the nicer looking one but I forgot to close my legs... My bad! Haha
Package videos!
Christmas Light videos!
We went to see the lights!
Welcome to Ocala!  We decided to get a picture with the Ocala sign!


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