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We found a family to baptize!! πŸ‘ - September 26, 2016

Hello family, 
Crazy to hear that y'all had tornados at home! And no power for 24 hours. That's rough! I thought it was bad when we had the hurricane that we had to stay inside for a few hours. But I'm glad to hear y'all are safe! It's crazy to think that autumn is already here. I still feel as if we are at the beginning of summer! Most days it is still in the 90's here. 

I had such an amazing week! Monday was the typical p-day. We went to church and emailed and played volleyball with the other missionaries in the zone. After p-day we had planned to go out and knock doors for the rest of the night but by 6:00 it was a downpour so we ended up staying at the church for the single adult dinner. That is always the best! Everyone there is 80+ and just loves the missionaries! Later that night we went out and tried contacting a few referrals. We have one for a deaf girl. Sister Clay knows sign language so we are excited to teach her. 

Tuesday we had district meeting. After district meeting the Fletcher's took us to Cracker Barrel for lunch! We knocked doors for a few hours and then had dinner with the Anderson's. We had a lesson with Jerry. He is doing great! We taught him all about prayer and the importance of it. Finally we ended the night with a lesson with our investigator named Sharetha. So this was quite the adventure finding her apartment. We had met her last Sunday night while street contacting. She gave us her address and told us to come back on Tuesday at 8. Well we pull up to her apartment complex and let's just say it's on the scary side of town. It was dark we couldn't see building numbers so we decide that we would just park the car and walk until we find it. Well after walking in the complex for 20 minutes we make it to the back. It is super dark by this point and the whole time all I can think is I'm going to get shot or mugged. Happy to say, we finally found the apartment. We knock on the door and Sharetha's son Sha'rron answers the door. He just invites us right in. Well it turns out that Sharetha has 4 children all old enough to be baptized. Aaron is the oldest he is 13. Then she has twins Sha'rron and Sharronika they are 11. And then Ariana who is 9. We were able to teach the whole family the restoration and the whole time they were just looking at us with wide eyes and smiles! They had a lot of great questions and participated in the lesson so well! By the end the spirit prompted me to invite them to baptism so I did and guess what? They all said yes!! It was the best thing ever!!! 

On Wednesday we went to the Mandarin district meeting. It was really good! After that we had a trade off with the Mandarin 2nd sisters. I went to their area with Sister Caton. It was a lot of fun. We saw their recent convert and then just knocked some doors. The best part about the whole trade off was I finally got brave enough to hold a lizard!! It's only taken me 16 months to build up the courage to do it! Haha 

Thursday we ended our trade off and I had physical therapy. It was good. Sister Tuivailala came with me because both of our companions had doctors appointments. Sister Tui is seriously the best! Therapy was good. They rubbed out my leg and ankle again for me and then let me run on the treadmill again! I'm happy to report there is no more pain in my ankle. It still gets a little tight in the mornings but I can finally walk and run and it doesn't hurt! After physical therapy we spent a few hours knocking doors. Then we had dinner with Sister Hays. That was so good! She made us sweet potatoes, steak with bacon and then cookies for dessert! After dinner we had Sister Lee come out with us. Next time we are going to try to get President Lee out with us too! We went and saw Jerry again! We had an awesome lesson. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked more about the importance of prayer and we got Jerry to say the closing prayer! That was a first for him! 

Friday was weekly planning. Then we had a trade off with the Mandarin 1st sisters. I stayed in Hendricks and Sister Tuivailala came here! Talk about great trade off! It was the best!! We went and saw Annie who is a member we are working with. It was really good and then we knocked some doors. I had the most embarrassing moment while knocking. So we knock this door and I didn't realize the mail lady was across the street so I hear a "hello" and I thought it was coming through the door so I just yell "hello" back.. yeah, I looked like a complete doodle when I realized that the mail lady was talking to the man across the street who's house she was at... haha hey, it gave Sister Tui and I a good laugh! Later that night we had a "Meet the Mormons" movie night! It was awesome! We had about 50 people come which is a ton! Usually the members don't come to things.  Our investigator Robert came and he loved it and really got some good fellowship. 

Saturday we finished our trade off with the Mandarin sisters. It was sad to end because we were having so much fun! After the trade off we spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Tiwi people because it has been making our car malfunction for the past month. The best part was the solution they gave us was to unplug the Tiwi until they can get us a new one! They said it would take about 4 weeks. Until then I don't have to have my car yell at me every 5 minutes to check my speed! Happy day! So after we got the car all sorted out we decided we needed to go up and try seeing Mike because he had not answered our calls or text in a few days. Well, he wasn't home but we had an awesome miracle happen. We met this lady named Jenny who we offered a card to and she invited us into her home and we had a lesson and taught the entire restoration to her and invited her to baptism and set a date for the 16th of October! It was the best! After that we went to dinner at one of the young women's homes. Her name is Brielle, she is so sweet! She is 12 and her parents are currently taking the lessons getting ready for baptism. But Brielle is less active so we are helping her with personal progress. She was so cute though. She made us some cheap noodle thing for dinner and then we just spent the rest of the time doing personal progress! She is such an example to her family! To end the night we went to the church and watched the women's broadcast of conference! I loved every single talk! It was so good! I can't wait for this weekend to watch more conference! I really liked Sister Oscarson's talk and, of course, I loved President Uchtdorf's talk! 

Sunday was probably the craziest day all week! So Sharetha and her children all said they were coming to church so we are waiting for them and finally church is about to start so we decide we better sit down. We were so bummed because she said she was coming. Well we checked the phone one last time and we had a text from her saying she is on her way. About 20 minutes later I look back and there they were! All 5 of them!! Of course the only open seat by this point is the front row.. so all 7 of us walk to the front and sit down. They loved it!! After sacrament the ward was so good at jumping in and introducing themselves and making them feel welcome. The kids loved primary and young men's! Sharetha really enjoyed everything as well. The kids said their favorite part was the treats! Haha typical kids. After church we had dinner with Sister Pommell. She was so sweet to feed us. We ran out of food during the week and no one was signed up to feed us on Sunday so when we called and asked her and she gladly fed us! After dinner we knocked doors and then went to a lesson at Sharetha's. It was the best! We get there and Sha'rron makes us sit on the floor in a circle and then he was insistent that we have a kneeling prayer because he learned about prayer in Primary. After that we all just sat on the floor in a circle and read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. It was the most precious thing ever! I didn't want the lesson to end! I just love this family so much! At the end of the lesson I invited them to baptism again and we were able to set a date for October 16th! The ward is so excited that we have found a family and they are all so eager to come out with us! It's been great!

I have such a testimony that if you do what you are suppose to and just work hard Heavenly Father will pour out the blessings! That basically sums up my week! Time is quickly coming to an end on my mission but I'm determined to make every moment count! I am actually starting to enjoy knocking doors. We have had so many miracles and blessing come to our area and I know it is because we are diligently doing our golden hours each day! We have not missed a day since being companions! I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I miss and love y'all so much! 

Sister Webb 


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