Saturday, June 24, 2017

8 more days!

I don't even know what to say... So many emotions are running through me right now. I'm so happy that in 8 days I will be able to see y'all again but at the same time saying goodbye to the best 18 months is the hardest thing ever. As the days get shorter it's harder to contain my excitement but it is also harder to stay focused and not have a complete meltdown. Thankfully I seriously have the sweetest companion who puts up with me. I don't know what I will do without each other. I think she is more worried about that then I am though. Poor thing! 

This week is mostly a blur.. so I'm just going to go through it real quick! So Tuesday we ate dinner with a member. Well, actually it was with the members parents. But it was good! After dinner they gave us a ride in their Tesla!! Yes, y'all heard me right! It was the most amazing thing ever! It was so beautiful! The car, backed itself out of the garage with out us even being in it! Crazy right! And then we went from 0 mph to 70 in like 4 seconds!! It was so fast!! It felt like I was on a roller coaster!! 

Thursday I went to the temple!! It was such a wonderful day!! The best part was that Sister Olsen got to be there with me because she has hit her half way mark!! After the temple we had a lesson with Catie and then went to institute. I love institute! 

Friday was weekly planning. It was long and painful! I'm so glad this Friday is the last one. Later that night all our plans fell through so we went to campus and we had a 2 hour golden hour.. the highlight of the night was we saw a live armadillo!! Crazy right?! I've never seen one before! We named him Andy the armadillo! 

Saturday we had a good day. We went to lunch with a member. He took us out for Thai food! It was really yummy! Afterwards we did a golden hour and we got to knock some doors! It was the best thing ever!! My companion was to scared to try it but I loved every minute of it! I'm going to miss that once I get home! Later that night we had a "Meet the Mormons" movie night at the church and that was fun! This week was super rough for me so by Saturday I broke down and I finally got a blessing. It was super comforting and I cried the whole time. I just love blessings! 

Sunday was so good! We had church and Catie came!! After church we had a chili cook off for a linger longer! Mmm. Sister Anderson and I got to be the judges. It was so much fun!! 
Well, that sums up the week! I'm so excited to come home next week! It's so crazy!! 8 more days!! 
Don't worry mom, we do have a place to eat Thanksgiving and we are so excited! 

Love and miss y'all! 
See y'all in 8 days! 

Sister Webb 


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