Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pics - October 10, 2016

Trade off with Sister Nay. We were trying to look like models.. haha
 I got a pumpkin shake and it made me feel like it was fall finally!
Sister McGregor ended her mission on Thursday. I got to say goodbye and meet her mum and dad! They are the greatest! 
We were so excited that we had to evacuate and we finally got to use our red emergency backpacks! 
Thursday night we were so tired of being cooped up in the apartment so we decided to take a walk and go tracting until 9... we were suppose to be in at 6.. We are a little rebellious! 
So this picture describes my hurricane experience. I sat in a chair at Elder and Sister Cengiz' house and they offered me treats and food every 5 minutes. I felt like I was on holiday! They made me capture the moment by taking a picture of all the food I was eating. 
These are the photos Elder Cengiz took of us studying to send to President and Sister Lee. 
We survived hurricane Matthew! 
 The Jax West sisters stayed with us as well. It was such a fun week! 
Sunday morning they had the giant semi from Utah at our church full of supplies! 
Another picture of the semi truck! I'm surprised it fit in our church parking lot.
Me, Sister Clay, And Sister Cengiz (our mission nurse) showing off our Sunday church outfits! 
This man's name was Tony. We were assigned by our bishop to go and help clean a less-active members home up but when we all got there the yard was clean. So we saw Tony across the street and went to work helping him. He actually didn't even live at the house he was working at. It was his friend's house. So he was so grateful that we all came to help. Earlier today the man who owned the home called and told us that he was so touched that a bunch of young men and women would come and clean his yard up. He said it touched him so much that he shared the story with his church congregation and told us if we ever want to come by and teach him or a member of his congregation his house was open! Hurricanes bring miracles!
This is a group of the youth in the ward along with our bishop and a few other member who were helping clean up yards! 
Helping Hands selfie! 
Just taking a selfie to show off my lovely church outfit.
I was so excited to be at church and to go do some service!
These last few photos are just of some of the damage that happened here in Hendricks! Mostly just fallen trees there was some flooding down by our house and this poor church lost its steeple.


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