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It's raining miracles in Hendricks! 🌧🌧 - September 19, 2016

Hello family!
Sister Clay and I have started to transform Hendricks into the promise land! It has been such a good week! This week we were able to find 7 new investigators. We did 7/7 golden hours. And accomplished 7/9 on our key indicators! This is 100 times better then our last week when we reached 1/9 on key indicators and 5/7 golden hours and like 2 new investigators. This place is on fire!!

Let me just tell y'all about all the great things that have happened here this week! Monday we didn't do to much. Had dinner with the Murray's and they fed us seafood rice casserole.. It was interesting.
After that we just knocked doors the rest of the night.

On Tuesday we had such an awesome day! We taught 5 lessons, had 3 different members come out with us. And we set a baptism date with Jerry! We had a drop lesson with Deanna and Zelma. It was kinda awkward. We followed up with them on how they were going to quit smoking and Deanna had a melt down and basically refused to sit in the same room as us. So it made it for an easy drop lesson. We just excused ourselves and went out finding for some elect people! We went to this less actives house with Sister Cano and it was awesome! So this member had been going to a Baptist church and wanted to know the difference between our church and the Baptist church. We were able to teach her the restoration and read the intro to the Book of Mormon with her and by the end she said she wants to get back to going to church! Reactivation here we come! 

We also had a member present with our investigator named Jerry and we were able to set a date for October 16th with him! The miracle with that lesson was the fact that his wife sat in on the lesson as well! So Jerry's wife basically has hated us since day one and hates when we call or stop by but she sat through the whole lesson and we invited them to come to dinner on Saturday night with us and a member and they both said yes!

Wednesday we had zone meeting. It went really well! I gave a training on how to help our investigators to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and how important it is that we have a knowledge of the scriptures and the importance of memorizing/ponderizing them. It went great! Sister clay and I also had the privilege of doing to role plays in front of the whole zone... Talk about intimidating! We stressed about it all week and role played it once the night before but let me tell y'all, that was the best role play I have ever done! President Lee also gave us the best compliment I have received my whole mission.  Here are his words, "Sisters, that was amazing! Y'all did so well that could have been on the district!" Yeah, basically Sister Clay and I are awesome! 

After our zone meeting we had a trade off. I stayed in Hendricks with Sister Gilbert. She is a brand new missionary. It was fun! We had a lesson with Mike that night and a member came out with us. It was good. We read from the Book of Mormon with him about baptism and then invited him to baptism. He said it was too soon for that but he would be willing to continue learning and meeting with us and coming to church!

Thursday we spent most of the day finding. We did like a 3 hour golden hour and then tried some less actives who we had no clue who were. It was good. We tried this one member who didn't live there any more but a lady named Kenya lived there and she was very open to letting us teach her. She is currently looking for a church for her and her daughter! And she set a return appointment! Can you say new gator!! We also had dinner with a less active family and then went to class at the church where Justin came. He is currently dating a less active member who lives in Mandarin first so he has been super nice and happy! We had an awesome lesson with him after class where we talked about baptism and prayer. He even committed to pray every day this week! And he is inviting us and his new girlfriend over for dinner and a lesson soon!

Friday we had weekly planning. I also had a physical therapy appointment! Here is some happy news! I ran for the first time in months with out my ankle hurting!! I was able to run for 15 minutes straight! Happy day!! So at therapy they had me run on this anti gravity treadmill. It was awesome! So they have you put on these little shorts that have a zipper around the waist and then then zip you into the treadmill and it fills up with air so it takes away all of your body weight. We set it so I was running at 70 percent of my body weight and it was so good! I'm excited able to get back to running so i can hopefully lose some weight..  

After therapy we had a lesson with Kenya! She is so awesome! She believed everything we taught her and was so excited to learn more! We then contacted a referral named Angie who requested a Bible. We were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon and set a return appointment! We are going back tonight! It was awesome! We ended the night by going out with the young women's president to see some of the less active young women! It was great! We were able to set up a time with 3 of them to come each week and do personal progress and teach the new member lessons to them! We are basically going to reactivate all of Hendricks!

Saturday was just as good as the rest of the week! We went out again with Sister Ortega, who is the young women's president. And then we had Brother and Sister Hays take us, Jerry and his wife Mary out to dinner! It was the best! We had an another awesome lesson with them and Mary even committed to read from the Book of Mormon and pray about it! Miracles are definitely taking place here in Hendricks!

That was basically all that has been going on here! It's been such a fun week! I am loving every minute of being companions with Sister Clay! We laugh and joke all the time! Thanks for the package mom! I loved everything in it! I was super excited about the razors because mine was getting pretty old and I was to cheap too buy a new one! Y'all are the best! I hope y'all have a good week! I love and miss y'all!

Sister Webb


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