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It's fall y'all! - October 3, 2016

Hey family! 
We had quite the week here in Hendricks! We did two trade offs this week, had MLC, and then had General Conference. The best part of the week was we have 6 solid baptism dates for October 16th! 
I'll give y'all a quick update on everyone we are working with. 

We were able to see Sharetha and her family this week. She is our investigator who has 4 kids who are also preparing for baptism. They love it every time we come over! They love the Book of Mormon and are always wanting to read it. They even have been diligent in reading it on their own. We taught them the Word of Wisdom this week. We have had members come to every single lesson with us and they are just being welcomed right into the ward. 

Jenny is our other baptism date. We had a lesson with her earlier this week and the Ward Mission Leader came with us. She is from Haiti and moved here about 2 years ago so her English is still not very good but we got her a French Book of Mormon as well as an English one. At our lesson with her we read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and taught her how she can receive an answer. We asked her when she has felt the spirit before and she told us that her and her husband fast and pray and that is usually when she feels the spirit! She is awesome! She came to general conference yesterday and brought her 9 month old baby Ethan. He is the cutest baby ever! Jenny loved conference and got a lot of fellowship from the different ward members that came. We had a pot luck dinner between sessions and then an ice cream social afterwards. It was great! She is so excited to be baptized. We took her on a church tour yesterday and she loved the baptismal font. She just kept saying how beautiful it was. She told us that her husband is also interested and he should be coming to church next week with her! 

We are also still working with Jerry. We had members come to his lessons this week as well. We finally taught him the Word of Wisdom. It was good. He has been working on living the Word of Wisdom for the past month. His daughter is a member and told him that he couldn't drink or smoke to get baptized so he decided on his own that he would quit because he wanted to be baptized. He's amazing! 

Wednesday we went to Mandarin for MLC. It was really good! They gave some awesome trainings. We have zone meeting this Thursday and I will be giving a training on how to use the teaching record and progress record better and make weekly planning more effective. After MLC we had a trade off with the Jax South sister training leaders. I went to their area. It was a good trade off. 

Friday we had another trade off. This time with the YSA sisters. I stayed in my area this time and Sister Miller came here. It was a blast! We laughed the entire time and kept cracking jokes about how awkward we will be when we go home and have to adjust back to the real world and dating. She is going home at the end of this transfer. It was kinda weird being on a trade off with her because when I first got to Ocala she was my sister training leader. We laughed about the first trade off we went on and how she made us knock doors for 3 hours.. let's just say we didn't have time to knock a single door this trade off. We had back to back lessons all night long! 

We watched General Conference on Saturday and Sunday at different ward members houses! It was fun! I loved conference so much! I am excited to reread all of the different talks when they come out.  
I've finally started panicking about coming home.. I've recently started my weight loss program. I've decided that I must run every morning until the day I go home in hopes to lose about 10lbs. At least maybe then all of my clothes at home will fit! I started this morning. Today was the first time I ran outside with out being on the anti-gravity treadmill at physical therapy. I lasted for about 10 minutes before my ankle started to hurt! But hey, I'll get there! 
Hope y'all have a wonderful week! Miss and love y'all! 


Sister Webb 


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