Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Halloween - October 31, 2016

Hello family! 
Happy Halloween!! Time is going by faster and faster can y'all believe I only have 30 days left? Crazy right? So I guess I will give you a run down of this week. 

So Monday we had p-day. After our p-day we went to campus and did a 3-hour golden hour. Let's just say I'm getting more use to talking to people my own age. I'm trying to be the good senior companion and talk with everyone. So I kept asking Sister Anderson who we should talk to and she would point out someone and we would approach them. Well at one point she points at this super attractive muscular man and was like we should talk to him. My response to her was, "I can't talk to him.. he has muscles!" This week my goal is to strip myself of pride and talk with everyone. We will see how that goes! 

On Tuesday we had the craziest thing happen. So we had an experience that just showed me that Heavenly Father loves me! So I was kinda just struggling and kept feeling like I should talk to President but didn't want to be a bother. Well, on Tuesday morning we got a call from President who invited us over to have studies with him and then to do some service. Our service we did for him was to mark his scriptures. How great is that?? And then afterwards President and his wife took us out to lunch! They are the best! :) 

On Wednesday we had district meeting! I just love my district! We nicknamed ourselves Miracle Mandarin! After district meeting we had a lesson with a less-active and then we went to the university campus to do another golden hour. So lately golden hours have just caused me a lot of stress. So I prayed that I could open my mouth and talk to people and that we would be able to find a new investigator so we did our golden hour and guess what?! We talked to so many people and we found a new investigator!! Her name is Kimmy! 

Thursday we did service with the Mandarin sisters. It was a lot of fun. After that we did a golden hour for a while and then had a lesson with a recent convert named Nate and then went to institute and ended the night by doing another golden hour on campus. 

Friday we had weekly planning and that was long and painful! After that we did a golden hour on campus and then we went and had a lesson with Ashley Bumpus who is our baptism date! 

Saturday we had ward correlation and then went to the dog park and did service. We found this baby turtle there! Oh my, it was so cute and then we realized it was dead! Haha 

Sunday we had a good day. We went to church, I'm still adjusting the being in the singles branch. YSA is quite the adjustment. We had dinner with the Mandarin 1st sisters and then went and had a lesson with Ashley Bumpus again. 

Well, that about sums up my week! Today we had zone p-day and carved pumpkins and later tonight we have to be in by 7. Sister Anderson is going to dye my hair! Get excited for pictures next week! 
Happy Halloween! Love and miss y'all! 

Sister Webb 


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