Monday, September 7, 2015

Thanks for Everything!! - September 7, 2015

Dear family,
I'm not even sure how to start this email to y'all. I guess I will start by saying thank you! Thank you all so so so much for all of the prayers, flowers, and multiple packages I received this week! It always seems like when your having a bad week and don't think anything could get worse it always does.. Haha but, I'm happy to say I'm still hanging in there and things are looking up each and every day! I'm so grateful that I have such a loving family. I truly felt all of your love and support during this very hard week! 
On Tuesday we had our interviews with President Craig. Well we were suppose to have them at 8 so at 7:30 we walk to the front of our apartment complex and wait for the other sisters to come pick us up.. By 7:45 they are still not there.. We try calling them and texting them. No answer... By 8 we get a text from president asking us where we are.. Haha nothing like being late to our interview with the president! Haha finally we find out that the sister's interviews were not until 10 so we had been standing on the street corner for nothing. Haha we then had to call President Craig's wife and have her come pick us up! Awkward! Haha but interviews went really well! It was so nice just to sit down and talk one in one with President Craig! 

After interviews we went and did some service for the Kenny's in our ward. We painted their office for them. It was a lot of fun! Later that night we had our ward correlation.  I always love those. Our ward mission leader is the best and always gives us that motivation and boost that is needed to keep going. Well after ward correlation we had a text from President Craig... All it said was, "please have Sister Webb call me".  I was a little worried. I called him back and he started the conversation by saying, "Sister Webb, I received a phone call earlier today..." Instantly I felt sick and my heart stopped.. These are the dreaded words that you never want to hear as a missionary! He goes on to say, "The call was from your friend Richard Heiner." By this point I am so confused as to why Richard would be calling my mission president. He then tells me about Chase and I was just in shock.. He had to tell me twice before the words sunk in. I still can't believe it. I was just emailing Chase the other day.. I even had a letter all ready to send him... Let's just say I bawled my eyes out the entire night. Thank goodness for such a loving companion! She just sat there with me and gave me the biggest hug. She prayed for us because I was crying so much to even control myself. Haha and then the next day she just was so sweet. She made my bed, made me breakfast, and then took me for ice cream! Yep, I have one loving companion!! 

So, my friendship with Chase was such a sweet one. It all started when Richard asked me if I could water his garden and look after his roommate Chase while he was on vacation.. Haha we then started cracking jokes about how Chase was an old lady and I was his home health care nurse! Haha kinda strange I know! Anyways, we became inseparable after that. We text constantly and always sent old people pictures to each other. Haha I spent most of my evenings after leaving mom's house going to Chase's work and just sitting there talking to him. A few of my favorite memories with him are the time that Richard and I convinced Chase that the house was on fire and he ran outside in his giant brown fuzzy robe! Haha another was the time that the three of us went to Idaho to spend the weekend at his parents house. Not to mention last Halloween when we dressed up as the big bad wolf and little red riding hood! Chase always knew how to make people laugh. I will miss his big loud laugh that could be heard miles away! He gave me great advice once that I have been trying to follow all week. The told me that when I am sad I can cry for a day and sulk around for a day but after that it's time to put my big girl pants on and move on. I've been trying that all week. 

I will just finish talking about Chase by sharing his sweet testimony and advice he gave me while on my mission. He said, 
"Don't let anything or anybody get you down. Just remember the book you have in your hand, and no matter what anybody says to you, or thinks of it, doesn't make it not true. If that book is true, then the First Vision is true, and Joseph Smith is the Prophet of The Restoration, and truth trickles down from there. Don't get tied up in frivolous questions or engaging in conversations that don't matter. These two things are great time wasters, even if you feel like wasting time. I will be honest, I hated knocking doors. People were so rude. It was hot. Suits. Suits. Suits. I wanted to call home and just cry. People constantly let you down. District meetings went long, even when I was in charge. I wanted a day off. Like off, off.  P Day was the busiest day. I missed movies, and music, and my friends. I missed a Muppet TV special.  I would very often look at the sky and mutter, "This had BETTER be worth it."  It is. Not was, is. I still receive blessings from missionary work. Don't worry, you will catch up on all the music, movies, your friends, and tinder. If they aren't already bankrupt. I haven't checked. 
"A worth of a soul is great in the eyes of God" I once read. Even if you are out there for one soul it is worth it. Convert someone to the truth. Even if that soul is just your own. Just you.
Ok. I think I'm done. It probably took you a half an hour to read this. I bet you laughed so hard you cried, and then cried so hard you laughed. You cry a lot.
Keep up the good work in Mongolia. Haha.
Love ya!
-- Chase
Sent from one of my 12 iPhones "

On Thursday we ate dinner with the Risenmay family. They are a family in my ward that just moved here from Utah. I'm so glad that you got the picture they text you because I totally forgot your cell phone number and had to guess! Haha 

On Friday we had our weekly planning and during the middle of it I got such a great surprise. The UPS man dropped a giant bouquet of flowers off for me! Thank y'all so much! They were beautiful! To top it off I got a package from y'all and from Rachael's family on Saturday! Thanks for the letters they helped so much! 

On Sunday I was able to get a blessing from Brother Wink who is the ward mission leader. It was such a sweet blessing and gave me all the comfort I needed. And after the blessing a miracle took place. My foot has still been killing me all week but in the blessing it said that I would be healed from all the physical pains I have been feeling on my mission. I woke up this morning and my foot has been feeling so much better it is almost back to normal! Which is crazy because before the blessing I couldn't even walk! I have such a testimony of the priesthood and the power of blessings! I am so thankful that Brother Wink was able to give me a blessing! 

Last night we were able to have an amazing lesson with our neighbor Gene. I think I told you about her in my last email. Her husband has dementia and she works full time and tries to take care of him. Well last week she told us how she couldn't come to church because of her husband and how he would just get confused. Well on Monday we saw them and she stopped us and told us how last night when she was showering the thought occurred to her that her daughter is coming into town at the end of the month and then she can come to church with us! Yay! Last night we had an awesome lesson with her on the gospel of Jesus Christ. She then told us how she has been thinking lots about the Plan of Salvation and she has been having dreams about the children she had that were miscarriages as well as her dead uncle that raised her. We told her that it wasn't a coincidence that she dreamed about them. They are waiting for her on the other side! It was such a powerful lesson! She is so excited to read the Book of Mormon and learn more and come to church!! 

We also got some exciting news that two of our investigators, Lenore and Nate.  They want to be baptized! They are brother and sister and we just barely taught them last Sunday for the first time. We just have to make sure their parents are ok with it! So exciting though!! 

That is basically all that is going on around here. I hope y'all have an amazing week! Thanks again for all the love I have felt from each of you this week! 
I love you all! 
Sister Webb   


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