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Ocala here I come! - September 29, 2015

Hello family! 

I'm not sure how long I will be able to email this week because I have been transferred to Ocala!! And I have to pack all my crap today! I seriously have collected so much already! I had to go today to buy a duffle bag to put stuff in because my suitcases were so full! I had to sit on them to zip them closed! It doesn't help that I packed like a crazy and just threw everything in my bags and left hangers on all the clothes.. Haha mom where were you this time when I was packing?? To avoid having any packing melt downs I decided to pack this way.. Haha. Remember the melt downs I had packing for my mission and you and Amanda basically had to pack all my bags for me? Haha Let's just say I am growing up! Haha From what I hear Ocala is total country with lots of farms and horses! Oh boy!! I am pretty excited! It will be very sad to be leaving Mandarin but hopefully my last day I will be able to come back! 

Let me just quickly tell you all about my exciting week! So many things have happened this week and I have so little time to share all my great stories!! I will start with last Monday. Mother, I hope you got that lovely email of me eating sushi! The Winks took us out for sushi and let's just say I decided to be real adventurous and get chicken sushi.. Haha Brother Wink, of course, had me try some of his real sushi though.. It was really fun! After dinner they took us out for ice cream and that ended our night. 

On Tuesday we had our trade offs and I went to the Hendricks area for the day! It was a lot of fun ! We had the craziest thing happen to us during our golden hour of tracting. We ended up doing our golden hour from 8-9, which is the worst time ever because it is dark and no one wants you knocking on their door at this time.. We basically knocked for a half hour straight with no one answering their door or if they did they told us it was too late for us to be out and we needed to go home. We, finally, by this time decided that we would knock one last door. It was awesome, the lady who answered let us right in and she told us she just felt like we were sent there to talk to her. So neat!! 

On Wednesday we had some sisters from Georgia sleep over with us. It was really fun. They were going to the temple on Thursday so they needed a place to stay for the night. Anyways, it was a giant party! We didn't get to bed until around midnight.. I felt like a little rule breaker.. And I sure paid for it in the morning. I was so tired all day! 

On Thursday we had a Relief Society activity where we painted mason jars! They turned out so cute! The best part was that Gene our neighbor was able to make it to the activity! She is so great! We taught her the word of wisdom this past week. She loves everything about the gospel! She reads the Book of Mormon every night before bed as well. The best part about the week was the fact that she finally was able to come to church on Sunday!!! Yay!! She loved it and was even participating in Sunday school and Relief Society! Talk about great!!! Bill is still in rehab and actually had to go back to the hospital last night... We are hoping things will soon look up for him! We miss our cute old man neighbor watching out for us! Haha 

On Friday Sister Beevers took us to dinner at this Italian restaurant! It was so good!! But may have not been the most appropriate place to take missionaries! We had a lovely seat right next to a naked man statue! Well it was a peeing man fountain so even better I guess! Haha the walls were basically just full of inappropriate pictures as well.. Haha it made me laugh! But hey, the food was amazing so I'm not complaining! 

On Saturday we had the strangest thing happen. So we went to an investigators home and we basically just got in this heated discussion on if the Book of Mormon was really true. Well by the end of our discussion they invited us to stay for dinner! Haha crazy right? They made us grilled chicken (their grill is amazing and uses wood pellets so it made the food taste amazing) let me describe my piece of chicken.. Remember that time I would brag about having a piece of ham the size of my dinner plate? Well this piece of chicken was the size of my dinner plate!! We also had potatoes and broccoli to go with it!! Mmmm! I was in heaven!!! After dinner we went over to the church to watch the General Women's Conference! It was amazing!!! So awkward story about that.. We get to the church 15 minutes before the conference started and there are 3 cars in the parking lot including ours and one of them is Sister Johnson waiting for us.. We start panicking because the Relief Society was having an ice cream bar before hand and we thought it was at the church. Well we walk inside and we see the ice cream and the only people there are the Relief Society president and one other lady.. Let's just say we all got our own bench to watch the session! Haha I seriously loved the conference though!! When it first started it made me miss being at home.. I missed sitting next to one of my sisters and then of course my mom always had to sit right next to me! It made me really happy to think that for once we were actually doing the same thing at the same time! I may have cried a little when I realized that! Haha after the conference we just had to go straight home because it ended after nine. 

Sunday was such a good day! Like I said Gene was able to come to church!! It just made me so happy!! We had the most awkward moment on Sunday though.. So we have these firesides every so often called "Why I Believe." They usually ask a few converts to share their testimony and how they came to find the gospel. Well the only way missionaries are invited to come is if we get an investigator to come with us. Sister Sorensen and I invited like 3 different families and investigators to come. They all said they would come too. Well we get to the fireside and we are sitting there and it finally starts and none of our people came! Awkward! Well we already feel bad about being there when president gets up and tells everyone there that they only way the missionaries were there is because of  the fact that they got a non-member to come.. By this point Sister Sorensen and I are not sure if we should do the walk of shame and get up and leave or just sink lower in our chair.. I have never felt so disobedient in my life! I know what they mean when they say "I was sweating like a sinner in church" I was just waiting for president to ask us to leave! Haha after the devotional we ran as fast as we could to the car before anyone saw us! Haha so awkward!!! 

Finally we have made it to yesterday's adventure! So we were able to do some more service yesterday at farm share, the place that feeds the homeless. It was really fun! Our whole zone was able to come! That night we went out with Sister Johnson. Oh my, I seriously am going to miss this lady so so so much! She has become like my grandma and best friend! I am already planning to move back and live with her some day.. Haha anyways, we were planning to go visit our neighbor Bill last night until we got half way to the rehab center to find out they were taking him to the ER.. So we decided that we would go to an old folks home anyways and sing to them. So that is how we spent most of the an old folks home! I seriously love old people so much!! After that we decided that we had time to visit one more person. We went to visit Sister Haines. This was quite the adventure! We sit down with her and have her start sharing about herself when all of the sudden Sister Johnson yells "what is that" and points to her sliding back door. We look and it is this giant frog! Haha well for some reason Sister Haines opens the door and I'm so surprised that we didn't not kill that thing then. But now the frog has managed to get in the house! Haha yes, you heard me right the frog was just chilling on the floor. We are all freaking out and I decide to be brave and try to catch it.. Bad idea!! The second it jumped again I screamed like a little girl and went running around the room! Thank goodness for Sister Johnson. She was the brave one who finally got the frog back outside! Haha what are the odds of this happening though? Haha this is a typically story for Sister Sorensen and I though. Awkward weird things are always happening to us. 

Here is a funny video of Sister Johnson catching the frog.

Ps.. Don't mind the booty! Haha

Well that is basically all that has been happening around here. I have no idea what my address will be yet. I will have to send it to you in an email on Monday. Ocala is very bottom of our mission! I'm pretty excited to go there. My companion is going to be Sister McGreggor. She is from Australia!!! Crazy right? I've only met her for a few moments like my first day here. But everyone says she is great and fully of energy so i am pretty excited! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I'm sad that I will be missing watching conference with y'all! I'm missing my favorite breakfast of the year!! And I don't even get to tease dad! The best part about watching conference here is we are 2 hours later then you! So it doesn't even start til 12. It would be better, I guess, if I could sleep in! Haha anyways, I love y'all and miss you! Mom I am counting the days til Christmas! I can't wait! 2 more months and get to see y'all! 

Have a wonderful week! 
Sister Webb 


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