Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pictures of the Week! - September 29, 2015

My chicken sushi.. Haha! Don't judge me! I hate sushi! Haha
My lovely district! This is a typical picture of the district!
Everyone's faces fit their personality perfectly! Haha
Another district picture
Our teeth brushing picture when we had a sleep over with the sisters!
I saw this horse I had to get a picture with
This picture of the horse is priceless... My face and then if you look close the horse is peeing! Hahahaha I laughed so hard about this one so I hope y'all do as well!

My favorite companion Sister Rigby was at the fireside on Sunday and, of course, we had to take our picture together in case we never see each other after this transfer. She is actually coming to Mandarin and now I am leaving. Sad day!  Also, don't judge me that I am wearing the same outfit in basically all of these. It is my skirt from Sister Johnson and I love it so much. I wear it like every day! Haha


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