Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chinese Buffet Pictures - August 31, 2015

Here are some pictures from my week of adventures.
Here is the yummy plate of food I ate at the Chinese Buffett...
Octopus, crawfish, sushi, seaweed salad, and frog legs.
The cute little crawfish I ate!
Sister Sorensen and I so excited to eat all our food!

Bethany, me, and Sister Sorensen showing off our exciting treats! Haha
Octopus selfie!!!
Here is where the pictures get good. Get ready for a good laugh! I was unsure about eating that octopus.. Haha
The crawfish.. I was told that you have to slurp out the insides..
This was my face in response to that..

This is what I looked like after I slurped out the insides...
Hahaha sister Sorensen's faces are just as good as mine! Haha

More crawfish eating fun!
Me, sister Sorensen and Bethany! Crazy food night was a success!!
There is this wall by our house that looks like a nice brick wall but it turns out it is actually just made out of foam... Someone made a hole in it this week and it made me laugh! The quality of things here can sometimes be a little deceiving.. Haha it's kinda a bad picture but i thought it was funny!


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