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October is just around the corner! - September 21, 2015

Dearest family,
I hope all is going well at home. From the letters and emails I receive it sure sounds like things are good. I had such a good week! First off before I say anything else I was reading dads email and he mentioned the dog... I thought the dog died! What is this! I swear y'all told me when I was a week into my mission that the dog got sick and died! I have been going my whole mission believing this rubbish! Haha anyways enough of that! Back to my week! 

The weather has finally started to cool down!! Yay!! Instead of it being in the 100's it is now in the high 70's! I think Sister Sorensen and I have a curse. It rains every day that we don't have the car and when I say rains I mean pours!! Then when we do have the car it is always perfectly sunny! Haha I don't know what is better walking in the rain when it is only in the 70's or having to walk in the 100 degree heat and sweat! You are wet either way! Haha I think I am starting to turn into a true Floridian.. When it drops into the 70's I get cold and have had to start wearing my sweaters! Haha at home I would still be in shorts and a tee shirt hoping it would cool down! Enough about boring weather here in Florida let me tell you what's been happening this week. 

On Tuesday we got to go downtown and do some service with our district. It was a lot of fun! We did it at a food warehouse where they make bags of food for homeless people and hand them out on the weekends. It was located right next to the Jaguar stadium which was really cool to see!! The best part besides doing service to help the homeless was they gave us free tee shirts!! Who doesn't love free things! Haha 

So on Wednesday nothing really happened. It poured rain most of the day, we had no car, and no one wanted us to come by.. Lame! Our dinner appointment was at six so around 4:00 we start walking to our appointment and decide that we will just knock the doors in their neighborhood. Well they live like 5 minutes from us.. Haha so we start knocking doors and around 4:15 Sister Matzke comes driving down the street and looks at us like we are crazy because we are in their neighborhood 2 hours before dinner.. We keep knocking doors and we make it around the neighborhood in about an hour so now it is 5:15 and we have knocked all the doors. Just then Brother Matzke comes home from work and again makes fun of us for being in their neighborhood an hour early. Well by the time we had circled the block and talked to one more of their neighbors we see Sister Matzke standing in the driveway motioning us to come... These were her exact words to us, "Get inside now, you two are beginning to look like creeps! I think y'all are on your 3rd time around the block!" Haha What can I say, I've always been good at being a creep! Haha I got some awesome stalking skills! Haha 

On Thursday we were able to go up to the hospital and see Bill. We had a nice lesson with him, Gene and their daughter Barbara. Bill is finally doing a little better. They have now moved him to a rehab center and they are hoping that he will be able to come back home by next week. I sure hope he can! He is seriously the cutest neighbor ever! Gene is doing really well. She has been dealing with all of this stress by reading in the Book of Mormon every night before she goes to bed and turning to the Lord! It has been so great! She is loving the Book of Mormon and is already in Alma!! She has only been reading for about 2 1/2 weeks! She is awesome!! Sister Johnson was able to come to the hospital with us to visit and she has just been so awesome at fellowship for Gene. They have become good friends and text all the time. 

Here is the funny story of the night. So we were coming home from the hospital that night and it was dark and raining and as we are coming into our complex something lands on Sister Johnson's windshield. Before I could say anything she turns on the wipers and the black spot gets thrown into the road and ran over by the tires I'm sure! As all of this is happening I am trying to say that it was a frog! Haha Yes, a frog landed on the windshield and she killed it with the wipers! Haha this was not the first frog I saw killed. Last week Sister Sorensen and I were walking and there was this super cute little baby frog and she stepped on it.. Apparently I just hang around all the frog killers! Haha

Friday was once again another great day!! After we had our weekly planning we had an appointment with our favorite lady ever! Sister Roberta!! I know I have told you about her before, she is the old lady who reminds me a lot of Grandma Webb! My favorite quote by her is "never throw anything away!" Haha To start this visit off we had no car so we had to call her to come and get us.. Haha kinda awkward. "Hi Sister Roberta, we want to come visit you but is there anyway you could come give us a ride? We don't have a car and I know how you feel about us walking.." Haha of course she came and got us because she thinks it is extremely dangerous that we walk! Haha We get to her house and she tells us that today we will be learning how to make Christmas Angels and we can use them as ornaments for our tree or make a few that have pins on the backs so we can wear them! Haha it was quite an experience! I made about 5 angels total. 4 ornaments and one pin! Haha these are gems!! 

Here is the funny moment of our visit with Roberta. She asks us if we are thirsty and we say we are good. Well she still gets up to get us water. She then asks me if I want some flavoring in it. I say sure and choose peach mango flavor. I'm pretty sure she squeezed half the bottle into my cup because it was like drinking straight syrup! Haha before I proceed to tell this funny story I must remind you that Sister Roberta is the lady that gave us pumpkin bread that was two years old that we accidentally left in the car and our car smelt of fish for a few days. Back to my story. She asks us how the pumpkin bread was and we lied and told her how amazing it was and how we ate all of it.. Bad idea!!! She then is amazed with the fact that we ate it all so quickly! She then says "I just thawed a loaf I will get you some!" By this point I am panicking because I am so worried what this 2 year old pumpkin bread is really going to taste like because ours smelt fishy! Not to mention the only thing I have to drink it down with is my syrupy water! Haha luckily the bread didn't taste as bad as I thought! What an adventure though! You always have a good laugh when you visit Sister Roberta! 

Later that night Sister Sorensen and I decided that we wanted to decorate our apartment for Halloween! Let me tell you! It looks awesome! Don't worry though, we made an awesome video to show you how great our apartment looks! Their are no words and the background music is "homeless" haha but it is funny! I hope y'all enjoy it! 

On Saturday we did some service for Brother Albert! We cleaned his house for him. We cleaned out his mother-in-laws bedroom. That was interesting. The whole time we felt like we were cleaning out some dead old lady's room. I must say, his mother-in-law has some dang good style! Haha all the clothes we cleaned up were super cute and I wanted over half of them! Haha I'm not sure if I just have old lady style or if she just has really good taste in clothes! Same as her jewelry! Haha I told Brother Albert if she ends up not wanting any of her clothes I will take them! I then cleaned his bathroom and kitchen while Sister Sorensen finished up the bedroom. After that we had a nice lunch with him out on his patio! And of course as a thank you he gave me some Oreos! Mmmm! 

That night we had stake conference! It was really good! We had Elder McArthur from the 70's come speak to us! Oh I almost forgot to mention the best part of the day! Sister Sorensen has matching dresses so we decided to be cute and wear her matching dresses, we then did our hair the same and wore similar shoes and our pearl necklaces and earrings! Haha we were adorable!! :) 

On Sunday we had stake conference again! It was just as good as the Saturday night session! They talked a lot about families and the importance of eternal families and teaching our children! One of my favorite things said was by Sister Craig! She talked about how parents are always teaching their children but we as children should be teaching our parents and preparing them for missions! I just love her! So sweet mom and dad, be prepared for some lessons to get you ready for a mission! :) 

My favorite talk was given by Elder McArthur. Earlier that morning I was reading in 1 Nephi 18 and was just having so many ah-ha moments. Well then Elder McArthur starts his talk off by talking about 1 Nephi 18! What? Crazy!!! He referred to verse 2 where Nephi says he built the ship after the manner which the Lord had shown unto me. He also said how they had built the ship out of timbers of curious workmanship. Relating this to our own lives we need to be building our ships out of these curious workmanships or planks! Everything we do needs to be built after the manner of the Lord, not man! That way when we face troubled seas, or trials in our lives, we will be prepared to sail through them. He went on to mention some of the planks that we need to build our ships with! . Everyone we come in contact with should know and recognized us as true disciples of Jesus Christ. So what are some planks or boards of curious workmanship that we can help us become true disciples of Jesus Christ? I thought of a few. We must gain a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Temple attendance is another big one! In the chapter it talks about how Nephi went to high places to speak with the Lord and he went to the mount oft. Well the temple is our high place or our mount where we can go to receive personal revelation from the Lord! Also another plank, The Book of Mormon! This book contains the fulness of the gospel and if we build our lives around its teachings we will be able to withstand those troubled seas! Families are another important plank! Our families should be the type of family that the Lord wants us to be, not what the world wants us to be! We need to build our homes on Jesus Christ and to keep that place safe and sacred! We need to be doing everything we can to keep Satan and his crafty ways out of our homes! We must build a boat that will sail us back into the presence of our Heavenly Father! It was such a good stake conference! 

After the conference we had made lunch for us and Sister Johnson so we went back to her place and ate. We had a great lesson with her on temples and she told us how she has the desire to go to the temple! Aww, such a happy moment! She wants to go to the temple in December! I just love seeing people find the happiness the gospel can bring them! 

Later that night we ate dinner at the Warners house! It was amazing! Not to mention they sent us home with cupcakes and brownies! Score!! Haha their daughter makes duct tape wallets and I couldn't resist so I am having her make me one! It's going to be awesome!! I may have had her make a few extras as well because they were just so stinkin cool! Haha 

That about sums up my week! Lots of rain and lots of laughs! I'm sad that the month is already over and transfers are next week! So just as a reminder to y'all, my P-day will be on Tuesday next week not Monday! I will let you know then if I am being transferred or not! I sure hope not! Gene is so close to baptism and I want to see her get baptized! Anyways. You probably don't want to send any more packages or letters unless you send them early this week. 

Oh one last thing, so I had to buy new shoes today.. Talk about how ridiculous it is to find appropriate missionary shoes in your size! Only kids shoes fit me! Haha after searching at Walmart and Target I finally found a pair that will work! I have now gone through two pairs of the shoes I brought with me.. My first pair I ended up walking a hole in the bottom and all the rain and getting wet made them stink, otherwise I would still be wearing them. I started wearing the shoes with the memory foam. They are nice but when it rains they soak up all the water and are hard to dry out and they smell really bad as well.. Maybe I just have a stinky feet problem! Haha 

I forgot to tell you one last embarrassing story of my week. So I never told Sister Johnson that I took one of the skirts she gave away. So I am wearing it on Thursday because it is like my favorite skirt even though it is like a 3x and I am nowhere near that size.. I just safety pin it to fit! Haha Sister Johnson finally notices after a month that it is her skirt... Talk about awkward! Haha oh well I love it so I'm still going to wear it! Haha 

Anyways, I love y'all and miss y'all like crazy! Thanks for all the letters, emails and package this week! I'll talk to y'all on Tuesday! 

Sister Webb :) 


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