Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pics & Videos - February 1, 2016

Here are some photos we took last Monday night. We like to have photo sessions which usually just turn into us making stupid faces and laughing so hard we cry. I hope you enjoy all of these!
Farewell Photos - So here are some photos of members and people we work with.
This is Anita Blackmon she is the best ever! She is actually planning to go on a mission real soon. She comes out to lessons with us a lot!
This is Michelle Rodriguez. She is one of the young women in the ward. She also comes out with us all the time! She is the best ever!
This is a picture of us and some of the young women in the ward
This is the Acosta family. They are members in the ward who always feed us! We love them so much!
This is Tonnie and JQ and their cute kids. Tonnie is still working towards baptism. They just have the cutest family ever!! :)
So... I'm having a baby!!! She'll be here Wednesday! I've now become a mom on my mission because I will be training a new missionary! Also, it's my 9 month mark this month!! Time is flying!!! :)
District Photos - So here is a picture we took at district meeting this last week it will be e last photo of all of us together. The second one basically describes mine and Sister McGregor's relationship and how we act all the time! Man I'm going to miss her!
So this past week was Australia Day! Obviously we celebrated hard core!
Tattoos! - We put some tats on to celebrate Australia Day!
A story by videos


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