Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I'm freezing out here!!! - January 25, 2016

Hello family,
So this week was stinkin' cold! Haha it's finally gotten down into the 30's here!! Yes you heard me correctly! I regret complaining about the weather when it was in the 60's because now it is freezing!! There have been a few mornings when there has even been frost of the ground.  What is this?? Florida is suppose to be sunny and hot! Sister McGregor has never seen frost before so earlier this week she tried to convince me that it was just dew on the grass. Haha I had to reassure her that I am from Utah and that I know what frost looks like. It wasn't until this morning when she decided she wanted to walk outside to touch it that she realized I was right! Haha so we took some pictures in the frost for y'all!

Nothing too exciting happened this week. But I will quickly go through the few things that happened. So on Monday we didn't have a car and it was cold so we didn't want to go too far from home so we decided to knock some apartments in our complex. So funny story about this. We got all bundled up in our tights and coats and we start walking down the street when all the sudden this man on a bike starts to get close to us. Well being missionaries you are just use to talking to everyone so we say "Hi! How are you?" He replies by saying "good". Then he randomly pulls out this flash light and says "let me see yous" then he shines it on us and says "mmmm look good.." Ummm... Awkward! Haha once he drove off we just tried not to burst out laughing! Haha 

On Wednesday we got to participate in a world wide missionary broadcast! It was pretty cool! So it was broadcast from Salt Lake and then basically every missionary who was able to watch it at that moment watched it. They said there were missionaries who were watching it at 7 am and some who were watching it at 7 pm. Anyways, it was really good! The theme for the broadcast was on repentance and conversion. I got a lot out of it that I am excited to apply to the investigators I am teaching. 

On Wednesday night we had our first ever Book of Mormon study group. It was really good. We have decided instead of teaching gospel principles every Wednesday night that we are going to start a Book of Mormon study group. This week we just went over the introduction and then the testimonies in the front. Our investigator Ron came and that was awesome! He loves the Book of Mormon and he was even participating in the discussion on Wednesday night! We are going to be teaching him again hopefully tonight and we are planning to try to set a baptism date with him.

Well, that's basically all that has really happened this week. We just walk everywhere in the freezing cold and try to stay warm. We basically ran out of miles for the month so we are either biking or walking until the end of the week when we get more.

So this next week is transfers. We have transfer calls on Saturday.  I've been praying for the past two weeks that I will be able to stay here in Ocala with Sister McGregor. Hopefully we can! They are doing transfers a little differently now, so we get the call on Saturday night and then Sunday is our time to say goodbye to all the members at church. Monday is going to be pday and then Tuesday is just a regular day. Then on Wednesday instead of going to Jacksonville to meet up with our new companion we will just be going straight to the area we are assigned. So by next Monday I will know if I am being transferred or not. I hope y'all have a good week! Love you and miss you all!

Sister Webb


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