Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Officially 9 months baby! - February 15, 2016

Dearest family,

I've officially made it 9 months!!!! It's officially all down hill from here! I'm so excited but at the same time I don't ever want to come home.. I just love it out here!

So this week was a pretty good week. It was a long a new missionary is harder work then I thought. I'm now basically doing all the talking in every lesson and at every door we knock. I am the one who makes all the plans, confirms all the appointments because she is scared to carry the phone, not to mention teaching her things as we go... It's been rough but we are still making it through! I've just never been so tired my whole mission! But hey, we are being blessed so much here in Ocala that it is so worth it!  Let me give you our weekly update.

Monday was p-day, like I said last week. I had to buy a new bike because my current bike was crap.. If you didn't remember it had no brakes. Haha but the new bike is wonderful and I love it! For p-day we just hung out at the church and played volleyball with the elders. The elders then began to play basketball and lightening and Elder Hopkins roped me into playing with them. Let's just say I only got far into the game because Elder Hopkins was behind me and let me beat him every time. Haha it was fun! I love our district so much and I am going to be so sad when I finally have to move to a different area! Anyways, after p-day we went to see Sister Dowling in the ward. Her husband recently got baptized two weeks ago. It's always an adventure going to their house. They live in an RV campground and well it's interesting having lessons. You either have to squeeze in their small camper or if you're lucky they invite you to the club house. This time we had a lesson at the club house which was good! They are so sweet and so excited to get involved in the church! So, I think I am finally getting down the whole eat what you are given and just smile and say thank you. They gave us some orange juice and cookies this time. Which would not have been bad but my cup of orange juice had black floaties in it and the cookies they gave us were not bad besides the fact that their two year old son touched all of them with his dirty hands and licked some and put them back.. Yes, I was dying but I'm happy to say I gagged down 2 cookies and swallowed all of it down with my caca orange juice. My poor companion struggled more then me but hey, she manage to get the orange juice down! I was proud of her! Haha 

On Tuesday we went up to Gainesville for zone meeting. It was really good. We had some really good trainings and I got so much out of all of them that I can use for my investigators! The spirit was so strong during that whole zone meeting. At the end of it we sang Armies of Helaman and I got all teary eyed and may have shed a few tears! Haha I'm pretty sure as a missionary you just cry over the stupidest things because all of your emotions are heightened. 

On Tuesday night we had dinner with Sister Thompson in the ward and she invited our investigator Airis and Bryan over to have dinner as well! It was really good. We taught them the restoration and answered lots of their questions they had about joining the church. Sister Thompson was so sweet, she gave Bryan a set of scripture she had at her house so now he has a quad! How awesome is that!! After their lesson we went over to the Lea's house and had a lesson with their boys. It was fun. They taught us about tithing and then we read out of the children's Book of Mormon with them. I love their boys they are just the best!

On Wednesday we didn't do to much. We ended up doing some service for an investigator in the morning.. That was probably one of the grossest things I have done in a while. We cleaned up her yard and she has 3 Australian Shephards.. Yeah, I've never scooped so much poop in my life!! Haha and then to top that off I had to pick up all the garbage in the yard and dog bones.. Caca I was about to puke the whole time!! But I'm happy to say I survived scooping poop and touching caca bones and dog toys.. After that we spent most of the day just walking around trying to see people because we didn't have the car. 

Later that night we went to the Book of Mormon class because it was our night to teach.  It was good. After class we had a lesson with Ron and answered all of the questions he had about prophets. We taught the restoration and talked a lot about church history. He really does his research and asked so many questions that I didn't even know answers to... Good thing for smart members to help me out! Haha 

Nothing really happened on Thursday we spent the day outside trying to see people.. And then that night we went to church and played volley ball with our investigators and ward members. It was a lot of fun!  That's always a good stress reliever!

On Friday we had weekly planning and then had no set appointments so we decided to knock doors for 3 hours straight.. That was a long three hours. We had no car so we decide to walk to the apartment complex that Ron lives in. That was a bad idea. Mostly Spanish people live there. I had the most awkward embarrassing moments while knocking doors there.. So I knock this door and this lady answers. I start talking in English and realize that she only speaks Spanish.. I then remember Elder Hopkins taught me how to introduce myself as a missionary and say I don't speak Spanish but I know missionaries that do and would they like to meet with them.. Well I got all that out and the lady continues to talk to me in Spanish.. I panicked and then just started talking to her in English really slow. I resorted to just telling her missionaries would come by tomorrow. Well I texted the elders after that to tell them to go by and talk to her when they tell us that she was one of their current investigators.. Haha I looked so stupid! Haha but hey, I finally got to use my Spanish skills!

I think that's basically all that has happened this week. I'm happy to hear everyone at home is doing well! I'm so excited to get lots of pictures this week of the baby!! I expect my email to be flooded with photos!! Also I am joining in on this competition. I guess that Ivy will be born on Sunday the 21st at 10:47pm. Now because I am at a huge disadvantage here because y'all already kinda know how much Ivy weighs I think just for guessing I should get the 20 dollars!! But my time guess can either count for mountain standard time or eastern time...whichever is closest.. Haha and the weight I am guessing will be 5lbs 2oz. I remember mom saying last week she was at 4 1/2lbs so I'm guessing that. You will have to send me everyone else's guesses!

So, my Valentine's was good I guess. It's actually pretty different as a missionary. I'm use to going out on a date, getting flowers, getting kisses. Yeah, nothing.. Well I did end up getting a kiss yesterday but it was from like a 90-year old crazy lady.
Well, have a good week love and miss you all!

Sister Webb


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