Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pics - August 8, 2016

So...I tried to cross some monkey bars.. I really struggled! And yes, it is so stinkin hot that I sweat that much! Haha
Same thing just a different face
Trade off with Sister Bryans
Trade off selfie
The yummy cake I got at the French pantry.
Same thing, it was so good I know y'all are jealous!
Us and the YSA sisters! We will definitely miss Sister Hannah! We are just praying that she will be able to come back out!
My shrimp Alfredo that I gave up on eating and just ate the yummy dessert!
P.S. Don't judge my hair in any of these photos... I may have decided not to do my hair for a few days until I realized I looked like poo!  Haha


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