Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A bunch of nasty food and a trade off! -August 8, 2016

Hello my wonderful family!
This week has been a wonderful week! I just love weeks where you can work so hard and enjoy the work! So here is the update on the week!

So Monday was p-day as usual. After p-day we ate dinner with a member.  I'm still not sure how I feel about eating with members. So we get there and she forgot to cook the rice so we went with out rice, then she forgot to cook the broccoli so we went with out that. She made some canned tomatoes and black eyed peas for us. It was an interesting combination but it was good. Then she fed us a giant hunk of tuna... I was dying. I ate about half and had to take the rest home! Members should really start learning to eat better food! I know I'm picky but seriously who eats tomatoes, black eyed peas and tuna for a meal? Haha

On Tuesday we had district meeting and then interviews! They were great! I seriously just love our mission president and his wife so much! They are so inspired and so kind! So in between district meeting and interviews the district decided the wanted to go out to lunch.  Well, I am trying to eat healthy so I brought my green smoothie and ate that while everyone else had some yummy Mexican! By later that night I was looking so forward to dinner because I was starving from only having my smoothie. Well, we get to dinner and the members are feeding us cow liver!! Who even eats that? The members who fed us told us how this is such a sentimental meal because it's what they ate on their first date.. They set the table so nice and the whole time I am just somehow praying that it won't be as bad as I am hoping. Well I take my first bite and instantly gag. I managed to get 3 bites down before I just couldn't do it and had to stop! I was trying my hardest to get it down by mixing it with the other food provided but that was instant mashed potatoes and yucky! I just couldn't do it!! Let's just say my favorite part was when they tried to feed the liver to their grandson who is 8 and he took one bite spit it out all over his plate and then said, "This is not steak! This taste like it came out of a cows butt!" I was dying because I was thinking the same thing! Haha 

Nothing to exciting happened on Wednesday besides we went to lunch with the YSA sisters because one of them got sick and had to go home.  It was a sad day! But we went to this really yummy place called the French pantry. Oh my, it was the best food ever!!! My favorite part was when I asked the cashier what the best dessert was and she just grabbed this huge hunk of cake and rang it up for me.. Guess that she knew I would want it. It was called wedding cake and oh my, this is why I can't loose weight! It was so good!

Thursday was a day full of lessons. So we had a lesson with our investigator named Amanda. She is awesome! We taught her all about receiving personal revelation. 

After that we went to this less active's house and oh boy, so we pull up and sit down on some chairs outside and instantly he lights up a cigarette and says " just to get things straight I ain't stopping! And then keeps smoking. So we start to ask him about himself and he didn't know that he was baptized so we keep teaching him the restoration and invite him to be baptized... Yeah, I invited a member to be baptized. It was the only way I could get a return appointment. Haha 

After his lesson we had an awesome lesson with this man named Patrick. We invited him to baptism and he said yes as well! 

Finally, we had a lesson with Robert. We are going to help him turn his life around so he can be baptized. 

Ok, so next food story because that is all I talk about. We had dinner with another member and they fed us Shrimp Alfredo but it was mostly shrimp... I managed to gag down 3 pieces of shrimp before I had to ask for a To Go bag.  But hey, I'm making improvements because at home I wouldn't have even tried it!

Friday we had trade offs with the Dunn ave sisters. It was great!  Sister Bryans came to Hendricks with me and let me tell you about it.  So we start off by knocking doors for 2 hours straight because well I basically want to torture all of my sisters and make them do the things I hate the most. Haha just kidding. But as we are knocking we knocked into this crazy lady who invites us in and then wouldn't let us leave. She just kept telling us her life story and I kept cutting in and trying to share a message she just wouldn't let us leave and kept talking. She eventually just started yelling at us and then at the end wanted to bless us and I finally just had to get us out of there! 

After that we ate dinner at a members house and their German Shepard attacked poor Sister Bryans and bit her. Yeah, I'm the best sister training leader ever! Haha 

We finally had a lesson with Jerry and he is the best! He is so excited to get baptized!!

That about sums up my week! I ate a lot of nasty foods and I went on an adventurous trade off! I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

Love and miss y'all!
Sister Webb


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