Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Videos & Pics - August 22, 2016

Cockroach videos
Our zone and zone conference
Sister Ruesch and I
3) Sister Tui and I! I just love her!
My trade off with Sister Hibbard
Our trade off selfie
My trade off with Sister Mansfield
This is a photo of LJ. She is almost 9 years old and her family is less active but over the past 3 months we went each week and taught LJ the lessons and Sunday she got baptized!! It was so cute! She is such an example to her family and hopefully she can help them get strong in the gospel!
I just got my blood work done.. The lady stuck me in the right arm and either missed or didn't want to admit it so she said the blood wasn't coming out fast enough. It wasn't coming out at all... So she had to pull it out because my arm was turning blue from it and then stuck me in the left arm to get the blood. When the elders saw my arm they told me that just because it was p-day I still need to lay off the drugs.. Haha oh elders they think they are so funny!


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