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Weekly email- August 15, 2016

Hello family!
Here's the latest on what's been happening here in Jacksonville. It's still super hot but luckily it has started to rain almost every day.  That makes it cool down from about 100 to about 96. Haha but hey, I am not complaining because 96 feels amazing! The other day it cooled down to around 85 and there was a slight breeze and I was so cold I got goose bumps! Haha Your probably saying to yourself right now that nothing to exciting must have happened to me this week if I am just talking about the weather but actually lots happened this week so here we go.. 

So, sad news first. Basically I've been sick almost all week so that's been miserable. I don't know what is wrong but anytime I eat anything I get super sick so I've put myself on a new diet called try to eat as little as possible. It might actually help me to loose some weight! Haha 

Second, we had to drop our investigator named Mustafa. There was to much of a language barrier and he could not understand half of what we were trying to teach him and he was unwilling to commit to come to church. That's about all the sad news that I got.

Ok, now on to the good stuff. So let me tell you about all of our investigators we are working with. So first we have Rachel. She is so cute, she doesn't know how to read so we are slowly teaching her how to read by helping her read the kids Book of Mormon. It has been great! My favorite is going to her house and she has this cat named Jaggy Poo.. Haha just the way she calls him is the best! 

Next we have Jerry. Ok he is one of my favorites! He is in his 60's and he is like tooth pick skinny. He has hair that is longer then mine usually it is in a ponytail every time we see him but when we went over on Friday night he opened the door and I almost didn't recognize him because he had his hair down, he was in jeans and a dragon tee shirt and then had a hat on. Haha he is the cutest old man. He loves motorcycles and is this biker man but he is just a sweet heart! I'm not sure what I've told you about him in the past. We have been working with him for about 2 months now. His daughter is a recent convert and lives in Colorado so that is how he had heard about the church. He is so excited to be baptized and is preparing to be baptized on October 7th! 

The next awesome miracle we had was the Spanish elders gave us a referral and when we went to try it she was sleeping but the sister said she was interested in listening. The sister's name was Holly. So we taught Holly the whole restoration and the whole time we taught it she just had the biggest smile on her face and kept saying wow and her mouth was open for about half the lesson!  She said yes to baptism as well!!

Our final miracle took place over the weekend. So the ward had a back to school bash and rented a giant blow up water slide and then played volleyball and barbecued. We invited our investigator DeAnna and she came with her 2 kids. They loved it and later that night we went over and taught them about the restoration. It was great! They were suppose to be going back to their dad's that night but something came up and they were able to make it to church. Well after church there was a baptism and we invited them to stay so they did. The kids loved it and just kept leaning over to DeAnna and telling her they want to be baptized! This brought Deanna to tears! She has been investigating for over a year now and is working towards baptism on September 3rd. She is now praying that the kid's dad will let them be baptized with her! 

The final event of the week was we did a trade off with the Mandarin 2nd sisters. It was a good trade off. I went to their area but they didn't have the car and their bikes were broken so we ended up walking everywhere. It wasn't too bad but I just forgot how little you get done when walking... Not to mention my ankle never got better so walking basically kills me!  But I survived and it was such a good trade off! 

Here is some good/ exciting news for y'all! Well, it might not be to exciting for y'all but it sure is for me. So with my ankle they have been trying to get my records transferred from Ocala and Gainesville since I got here which has been 3 months now... Well, with no success the mission nurse has now decided that it will just be easier to go and be seen again by a new doctor and have them re-prescribe physical therapy for me. So, I will be going to the doctor this Friday to once again get my ankle taken care of and hopefully get out of pain!  But I guess if not I only have 3 more months. I mean I've been dealing with the pain since January what's a few more months going to do. Haha but I am excited to at least be starting physical therapy again! 

I think that is all that happened this week that I can think of. I hit my 15 month mark a few days ago!! Only 3 more months!!!! I can't wait!! Anyways, I love and miss y'all so much!

Sister Webb


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